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E - Vitamin youth 2/4 cardiac muscle, myocardium, heart

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E - Vitamin youth 2/4

The benefits of the use of vitamin E supplementation

a. Slows aging of blood cells and brain

Scientists believe that vitamin E may help in slowing the aging process of the brain and the associated decline of intellectual capacity, including, and even Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's. The results concerned the 341 participants who were diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer's disease. In order to significantly slow down the disease in patients treated with vitamin E dose 2000j.m. It was found that the protein in the brain do not undergo a characteristic of oxidative changes in senile syndrome. The most frequently used 400j.m. vitamin E. Thus, a request - Vitamin E can help maintain a youthful brain into old age.

Dr. Blank to the laboratory in Berkeley to experience gathered in 1924 volunteers, giving them the day after 600j.m. vitamin E in 10 days. When I received the blood before treatment and I studied the performance light and oxygen, almost all of erythrocytes damaged and destroyed. After 10 days of taking vitamin E - the results were simply astonishing. Downloaded this time, blood, exposed to oxygen and light, even after 16 hours still remained almost healthy. Only slight erythrocyte count was distorted. Dr. Blank has found that Optimal dose of vitamin E, need for blood cells, lest they be deformation and destruction, is a 400-600j.m. day. In special cases, this amount may be insufficient.

b. The muscles in the body, including the cardiac muscle

Vitamin E improves cell respiration of the body and rejuvenates them allowing for example the muscles work better and greater efficiency, including This also applies to the heart muscle. Sufficient level of tocopherols favors the development of muscles and their function is normalized, preventing them weakness, cramps and pester up.

Intermittent claudication. Pain, cramp in my calves after passing a gap usually occurs in men, is the result of production abnormal metabolites, and the muscles are deprived of their needed oxygen. In most cases it is a sign of premature atherosclerosis in peripheral arteries of the legs. Dr. Haeger from Malmo, after many studies concluded that vitamin E has been very effective in dose of 400-500j.m. per day. After several months, patients could continue about 1 km, but fully satisfactory results and blood flow only after 12 or even 18 months.

Multiple sclerosis. Dr. Adela Davis writes that she saw many people who have significantly reversed the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, when you introduce an appropriate diet rich in essential components of therapeutic (Such as lecithin, choline, inositol, B vitamins, essential fatty acids, magnesium, Vitamin E and others).

Heart disease. A study of 100 patients with disease coronary artery showed that the longer 200j.m. vitamin E per day was enough to Do not let heart attacks. Those who did not use vitamin E, 4 times more likely to be decided on heart attacks caused by clotting.

Vitamin E strengthens the heart muscle and its work. Is better from a variety of synthetic drugs, is generally not toxic, does not damage the liver regenerates and it simply does not cause bleeding, prevents clots from forming in the body. In so doing, slightly diuretic, regulates blood pressure. Patients after heart attack applying vitamin E to feel an improvement in health: the pain disappears, the pulse beats regularly, and as a result you can perform different exercises physical, which previously could not be used. In 1993 he published the results of the 8-year observation which were more than 100 thousand people. They found that patients using a minimum of 100 IU daily vitamin E for 2 years (Comparable to a capsule of Vitamin E), the risk of heart disease decreased by 40%.

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E - Vitamin youth 2/4 cardiac muscle, myocardium, heart

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