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sauerkraut season

We just sauerkraut season, so let's say in the end as it is the truth from the fermentation of cabbage and sauerkraut.

For most of us do not have much tribution that is pickled cabbage, or sauerkraut - more important - most of us believe that it is two names for the same product. But what do you expect the usual bread zjadaczach OWN if the site can be read as kurjozalne things like this signed by the UW?

I was thinking that the villagers would be able to learn a lot from Ms. University of Warsaw. Why are the villagers? - Because it is they who occupy the vast majority of the pickling cabbage, cabbage fermentation and selling it at the fair.

Currently we can acquire only sauerkraut (with a few exceptions) - this is souring poniważ is much simpler than silage. Just shred the cabbage, whip it good with a pestle, then season with vinegar and sugar - yes, yes - sauerkraut is seasoned with vinegar and sugar - no one handlel will not be entertained in a long process of fermentation of cabbage, which usually lasts for 2 weeks before the hearing, the lactic acid bacteria of raw cabbage. Souring of using vinegar gives it another advantage over the sauerkraut - much more effective in terms of repeatability of taste - they each time customers get their favorite flavor, and not, as in the case of sauerkraut, where during the 2-week fermentation process may be different things influence the final flavor.

Differences between kapustami:
Sauerkraut Brine
process two weeks of lactic acid - in the cabbage you'll find plenty of beneficial lactic acid bacteria, which some have tried in vain to find in yogurts Actimel and other Flavour with vinegar and sugar - the lack of fermentation - the lack of beneficial bacteria - the only acetic acid kills red blood cells
yellow color - the longer you ferment the more yellow white - the color of fermented cabbage is the same as raw cabbage - just shredded

bacteria produce lactic acid, which is very acidic, so often płukały housewives cook sprouts before meals, but not of all - so often in the mountains, we can gorge on a delicious soup of smoked ribs.

sauerkraut taste changes over time (such as aging wine) - because it is a lively dish, taste it all the time will vary

not as sour as the ensiled - actually taste the taste zależyt nly person kwaszącej. if you buy at the market is the taste every time is the same. Cabbage does not usually require flushing prior to cook.

(Exactly as in the case of mixed wines - taste is always the same, we would not ever buy - today or in 10 years).
specific smell the smell of lactic acid - unfortunately, hard to describe
smell of vinegar

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On the part of OWN
sauerkraut or pickled?
I am writing a thesis on consumer fermented cabbage. I want to know which name is correct: sauerkraut or sauerkraut. Which name used before? What is the origin of these words? Many thanks for the reply.
Both the name of sauerkraut and sauerkraut are correct. The term is historically pickled participle of the verb kisić | kisieć and sauerkraut comes from the pickle. Historically, the earlier is the verb pickle (Proto-Slavonic kvasiti) 'cause fermentation', and verbs kisić | kisieć are zachodniosłowiańską innovation. In the Polish language are attested from the fifteenth century, linked by a common origin and follows the relationship of meaning: pickle cause that something kiśnie, Kisi up.

- Chris Dlugosz-Kurczabowa, Warsaw University
sauerkraut season

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