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What makes us poisons?

Cancer - Malignant - The Curse of malnutrition

Would you like to have cancer? Of course, that nobody wants, but if we do everything possible to protect against it? Does not every case we apply a substance commonly recognized as carcinogenic? Is the great taste of fried or smoked salmon kurczaczka has already compensated for the suffering to us later? Prevention of cancer through diet is possible while maintaining the two fundamental principles:

? Food should not contain carcinogens, which cause the formation of such cancers. 
? The diet should be substances that protect the body against cancer.



Nobody disputes the fact that milk contains a lot of calcium, which is essential for bone development. And if there is less calcium in the nuts, cabbage, carrots, beets? More.And most importantly there is in perfect proportion with other minerals and this in a form easily absorbed by the body. In milk there are animal fats, and as we know animal fat increases the amount of cholesterol and calcium leaches from the body, which is why milk is degreased. Fats found in nuts and seeds (eg sunflower, the most valuable) are absorbed by the body in 80%, while milk fat in only 20%. The Western press has long since been written, that was a trend of giving up drinking whole milk and eats up more and more low-fat. This yielded tangible results - significantly reduced the number of cases related to the circulatory system and digestive tract. This begs the question - why increase the number of cases caused by milk, and then fight for their reduction? As to the sour milk products - kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, and especially the cheese, these products can be consumed, and even necessary. Especially recommended to consume them to old people and children. The point is that the bacteria found in sour milk products already do what the human body does with great difficulty.


We all know the problem. From maleńkości we are dependent on milk from the breast milk first, then milk cows, sheep or goats. From the little we are simply forced to drink it. For the ad to include actors and singers (usefully ignorant). We are witnessing a fight at the highest levels of the "glass of milk for the student." Is it worth to crush a copy? Is not that a mistake for which no one wants to admit, and which contributes to the upbringing of a sick society?Please refer to the opinion of prof. Tombak and please be prepared for a shock.

Uric acid


Where in the body takes uric acid? For two reasons. First, the excessive eating, and the second is an excess of protein food (meat, milk, meats, etc.). Uric acid accumulates in tissues such as rust and gradually "eats" the body.

Science, uric acid is 2,6,8-trójhydroksypuryna, white crystals, sparingly soluble in water. It is one of the final products of metabolism of nitrogen compounds in the body. It is found in urine, blood, liver, spleen and brain. The pathological blood will crystallize in the form of thin needles and deposited in the connective tissue in the joints causing gout, and urinary ducts creates stones.



The treatments require a simple lemon, with the best that the fruit had a thin crust. Fresh lemon juice very rapidly decomposes on exposure to air and light, and therefore every time you prepare a fresh batch of juice. Among the people who can not tolerate acid is a widespread view that a large amount of lemon juice can cause stomach upsets. Fears are unfounded and the one who thinks so is completely ignorant of the physiology of digestion process. Lemon juice has a sour taste at the time of preparation. As soon as is consumed, the enzymes in the mouth affect the taste of sweet. Nevertheless, the stomach occurs, citric acid and ascorbic acid (vitamin C), but these two acids compared with hydrochloric acid contained in the stomach is so weak that in no case may harm the gastric mucosa. On the contrary - people who suffer from cold or suffer from stomach ulcers beneficial effect of treatment with lemon juice. It is rich in vitamin C, trace elements and hormones. Superbly cleanses the body of an insoluble salt and slime. Who wants to look young, you should drink the juice of one lemon every day.
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