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Uric acid


Where in the body takes uric acid? For two reasons. First, the excessive eating, and the second is an excess of protein food (meat, milk, meats, etc.). Uric acid accumulates in tissues such as rust and gradually "eats" the body.

Science, uric acid is 2,6,8-trójhydroksypuryna, white crystals, sparingly soluble in water. It is one of the final products of metabolism of nitrogen compounds in the body. It is found in urine, blood, liver, spleen and brain. The pathological blood will crystallize in the form of thin needles and deposited in the connective tissue in the joints causing gout, and urinary ducts creates stones.

Practically is the reason of such diseases as diseases of the joints, bones, spine pain, chronic rheumatism, arthritis, gout and osteoporosis. Also, various types of skin eczema have close links with uric acid. Uric acid is a poison for the body, from which you need to be free at all costs. The body pays for the neutralization of uric acid reduced the rate of metabolism, since a large proportion of mineral salts, vitamins, micro and macro is committed to this process. This leads to a breach of the sugar economy, the result of which decided on diabetes. After the breach of the sugar economy has undermined the economy of fat replacement, which in turn leads to obesity. Since uric acid has direct contact with blood, its destructive effects are not limited to diseases of the joints, tissues and muscles. Nerve and brain centers also suffer from its toxic action. Elevated blood pressure, headaches, frequent migraines, neurasthenia, insomnia, epilepsy and even - all of these diseases have a common cause - effect on the body of toxic salts of uric acid. Uric acid is responsible for the formation of, inter alia, the following diseases.

Anemia causes of anemia are the same as gout. Lack of red blood cells is probably associated with the habit of eating cooked, refined products, sugar, excessive amounts of animal protein, pasteurized milk. In all of these products occurs in the hard calcium absorbable form, and combining with uric acid forms insoluble salts, which leads to a change in the composition of blood.

Diseases of the nervous Uric acid having direct contact with blood, so its damaging effect is not limited only to diseases of the joints, muscles and tissues. Its poisonous action also affects the brain and cerebral centers. The most common consequence of his actions is high blood pressure, headache, migraine, neurasthenia, insomnia, and even epilepsy.

Many skin diseases, skin diseases, particularly bearing a local nature, is caused by deposition of uric acid in the tissues of our body. Various types of eczema skin are closely linked to the devastating effects of uric acid and its salts.

It is a chronic rheumatic disease has nothing to do with acute arthritis, caused by complications after a cold or flu. He is the younger brother of gout and have a common cause - the accumulation of uric acid. Chronic arthritis is less painful than gout, although rheumatic swellings and tumors are very similar to podagrycznych. The cause of chronic rheumatism is slowing down metabolism, primarily due to an excess of uric acid.

Diabetes and overweight body pays for the neutralization of uric acid reduced the rate of metabolism, since a large proportion of mineral salts, vitamins, macro-and micronutrients are involved in the process of neutralization. This leads to a breach of the economy of sugar (diabetes), and after it comes the turn of the distortion of fat, resulting in the following body fatness, which is expressed by a number of overweight diabetics.

Gout If a small amount of uric acid in the blood begins to increase, it is connecting to certain components of blood creates a gelatinous mass, which in the localization of specific sections of blood vessels. Then the blood flow is disrupted or even stopped. As a rule, clog the smallest blood vessels in the body distant from the heart (hands, feet). Blood flow is disrupted, resulting in feeling cold (cold hands and feet). Gout is a disease of the heart and may be the beginning of total cardiovascular disorders.

Liver and kidney stones Uric acid and the inorganic calcium (nieprzyswajalnym by the body) forms insoluble salts, which crystallize in the liver and kidneys. Initially, the sand is formed, which easily passes through the bends, but over time the sand turns into stones that cause terrible torture in the form of collectivism liver and kidney. Symptom formation sand is feeling pain during urination, which often ignore and wait until the stones which will give itself felt in the form of attack.

Gout most commonly occurs in large joints of the toes, rarely in the hands, reveals a strong breaking or piercing pain. Uric acid, leaving the crystals in the joints, causing severe pain, swelling and redness. The disease starts with pain in the paralyzed small pond, and difficulty in movement, which is particularly acute is felt after a long stillness (sleeping, sitting). During the movement (sitting, walking up the stairs, etc.) can be heard crunching sound. The most frequent target of attack of gout is the hip joint, causing lameness.

If you found even one symptom occurring in your body, do not wait and decide on treatment lemon prof. Pinchbeck.

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Uric acid

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