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Flax oil - Polish Gold 1/4 Omega-3


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Flax oil - Polish Gold 1/4 Omega-3

We all know the ancient legend of the Polish king, who so wanted to have a lot of gold, believed that the buyer, who told him that seed is the plant from which the gold it will grow. Gold, indeed not grown, but the value of this plant was much higher than gold.

Today, after thousands of years, we know the end of this legend.Knowledge biochemistry allows us to answer the question - why is this plant is so much worth?

Flax, of course.

The value of flax fiber is known since time immemorial. Value Flaxseed as a means of improving digestion as well. Little But who knows what is the unique value of oil produced linen?

And it is based on extremely high, comparable with the other oils, fatty acid content of omega-3. Linseed oil they have more than 50%. Other products, if you are close to 10%, then they have it already very much. You can not replace it so NOTHING.

Families of the fatty acids

Fatty acids found in all fats, you can divided into two main groups: saturated and unsaturated. Fatty acids and divided into three main groups: omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9. The body can not convert fatty acids from one group of another. It can only convert them to other acids in the same group. It follows hence the need to provide all four groups of fatty fatty acids in the correct proportions, with particular emphasis on the proportion of omega-3 to omega-6.

Before we characterize the individual groups, let us recall a few details of their chemical structure. Formally, in chemistry applicable standard of counting carbon atoms starting at the end molecules containing a carboxyl group, however, properties biological and biochemical polyunsaturated fatty acids require count
carbons from the end opposite. Hence the designation of the omega - a This last letter of the Greek alphabet and is the last carbon atom in molecule. Double bonds are repeated so that every bond is the third successive double. Recent double bond coals can be 3 before the end of the molecule (the omega-3), 6 coals before end (omega-6) or 9 carbons from the end (ie in the middle of the molecule - Omega-9). The notation used below the record of C18: 3 indicates that the acid Fatty consists of 18 carbon atoms and has 3 double bonds. If this is the acid from omega-3, it will be accommodated at carbons 3, 6 and 9 from the end of the molecule, and if this be acid family omega-6, it will be when the coals 6, 9 and 12 from the end of the molecule.

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Flax oil - Polish Gold 1/4 Omega-3


0 #1 Didio 2010-12-16 15:37
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Jedyny zarejestrowany w Polsce i na świecie nutraceutyk * kwasów omega z nasion lnu w postaci ~100% estrów etylowych. Specjalna formuła oraz kompozycja trzech nienasyconych kwasów tłuszczowych (NNKT): Omega 3 (kwasu alfa-linolenowe go), Omega 6 (kwasu linolowego) oraz Omega 9 (kwasu oleinowego) czyni produkt jednym z najbardziej skutecznych na rynku. LeenLife E jest najlepiej przyswajalnym środkiem zawierającym Omega 3 (czterokrotnie lepsza przyswajalność od olei i kapsułek).

LeenLife E to jedyny taki produkt z estrów etylowych na świecie. Wynaleziony przez polskich naukowców na Uniwersytecie Wrocławskim. Innowacyjna formuła jest chroniona patentem.

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  • Flax oil - Polish Gold 1/4 Omega-3

    LeenLife E - Omega 3 w najczystszej postaci... Jedyny zarejestrowany w Polsce i na świecie nutraceutyk ...



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