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Exercises easy and necessary


Prof. Tombak writes - Throughout his life, "working" on the condition of your spine. If we neglect it on a daily basis, we must reckon with the fact that there will be a moment when the pain exceeds the limit of our endurance. Then we take time, and even a lot of time for treatment. Since not been invented yet no cure for the spinal column (except the surgeon's technique), prof. Tombak draws particular attention to prevention. In order to keep our back in the condition it is recommended that the following rights:

Sleep on a hard mattress.
Sleeping on a firm pillow.
Perform appropriate exercises.
Be in constant motion.
Properly nourish the body.


Spine, Back - where it hurts

Prof. Tombak argues that the state of our spine odzwieciedla edge of our ear. If it is clearly outlined, it means that your spine is healthy.If the bank appeared dents, which reflects the weakening of the individual parts of the spine. Starting from the top emerging dents indicate damage to the cervical vertebrae, then the thoracic, lumbar and sacral parts. Dislocated ring constricts blood vessels and nerves, which are related to specific organs of the body. If the nerve is damaged, and the authority which he "leads" is wrong.

For the transfer of whiplash may experience the following symptoms - headaches, irritability, nervousness, insomnia, rhinitis, high blood pressure, constant fatigue, allergies, deafness, eye disease, eczema, pimples, various eczema, throat diseases, colds, thyroid disease.

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