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The whole truth about fluorine

If someone had told you that you regularly consume a substance more toxic than lead, which causes decalcification of bones, cancer and many other diseases and is a major component of psychotropic drugs, perhaps you'd be more than worried. According to some doctors in similar danger faced by millions of people (animals and plants, too) around the world. What is this mysterious substance? 

It's about adding fluoride to drinking water (fluoride [F-]). 

Many people first came in contact with fluoride in the 50s Then I began to add it to toothpaste, which seeks to prevent unpleasant visits to the dentist. Hardly anyone knows that this substance has been used before, but in a completely different purpose. 
The collapse of the truth 

Fluoride significantly strengthens the enamel, but is also highly toxic and can cause a number of somatic diseases and psychiatric disorders. A study published by Dr. John Yiamoyiannisa? Fluor cause of early retirement? have shown that fluoride added to water can cause serious disturbances in the genetic nature. 

Since World War II, however, has not been detailed studies on the harmful effects of fluoride. Many experts strongly protests against adding it to the water. They highlight the fact that the substance was first used on a massive scale by the Nazis. During World War II, hundreds of thousands of innocent people went to the German concentration camps. The Nazi extermination machine required to find an easy way which enables the total control the behavior of prisoners, living in full awareness that they are sentenced to death. 

It was confirmed that it is often given, even very small doses of fluoride affects the brain and make him podtruci people are more docile and susceptible to manipulation (survey conducted recently in Poland by the GIS confirmed that fluoride affects the neurological system). Knowing these specific properties, both German and Russian concentration camp commandants They added fluoride to drinking water. 

Effect of fluoridated water on the psyche he did a great impression on the intelligence officers of the German and Russian. The substance was considered an ideal tool to exercise control over conquered peoples. In view of the imminent victory, the Germans expected, the company IG Farben in Frankfurt, a large manufacturer of chemicals, was commissioned for the mass production of fluorine and other death camps, as criminal goals. 
Mind control 

Immediately after the war, U.S. authorities sent to Germany by Charles Eliot Perkins - chemist, physiologist and pathologist - to examine the methods developed by the Nazis, mind control with the use of fluoride. Investigation Perkins brought shocking results.According to his report? After the Nazis marched into Polish, German General Staffs and Russia exchanged a variety of scientific ideas and military (?). The Bolsheviks saw mass surveillance system by adding drugs to water as ideally suited to implement the plans of the world skomunizowania (?)?. Perkins wrote in his report made no mention of direct involvement in the project, Allied intelligence global control human minds. If, however, a closer look at the activities of the IG Farben, come to light some intriguing ties with the West German company capital. 
Support of the West 

The heyday of I.G. Farben year falls on 20th The company has established a relationship with American corporations such as Ford automobile company, General Electrics, and Standard Oil, owned by the Rockefellers. 

This cooperation continued in the 30s and is not interrupted even war. Interestingly, none of the factory owned by I.G. Farben was not bombed, not suffered from sabotage or destroyed by the war.Researcher and writer Ian E. Stephens argues that people highly placed in government U.S. commanders have issued strict orders bomber squadrons saving buildings. What could be the reason? 

Since the American Great Depression 30s, The Rockefeller Foundation and the Ford family publicly support a policy designed to reduce the birth rate in the U.S.. We also know that many very influential personalities from the business community and industry of the United States before and after the war, a considerable amount of money invested in projects IGFarben. Among them was the family Mellonów. 

In 1913, a special foundation established Mellonowie sponsor projects that have contributed to the development of science and technology. It is funded by a research institute they discovered that fluoride? In an extraordinary way contributes to the protection of teeth?. 
Financial Benefits 

By strange coincidence, the family also assumed Mellonów American Aluminum Company (ALCOA). Fluoride is a highly toxic byproduct of aluminum production (as well as many other industrial processes), and Alcoa has been frequently - and successfully - accused of poisoning cattle, crops and rivers. Safe disposal of waste proved to be expensive, so it was necessary to come up with another way to eliminate extra costs. 

ALCOA and other plants producing fluorine-funded a study which showed that small amounts of this substance is not harmful to health.What's more, it appears that fluoride reduces tooth decay.Discoverer of a revolutionary new method of protecting teeth presented to the public the benefits of fluoride, completely ignoring the effects of the deposition of the poisonous substance in the body.
Studies Selective 

Scientists working for the American Dental Association, on behalf of Alcoa continued promotion of fluoride, even though they knew exactly how they used it to Germans and Russians. Although many researchers and organizations with the demands polemizowało pro-fluoride lobby, the public with open arms, adopted a new means of protecting teeth. 

To the dismay of those professionals who have questioned the therapeutic value assigned fluorowi, the American Dental Association has started an advertising campaign. Support given by the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) bolsters public confidence in the new miracle drug in the 40s several cities in the U.S. began water fluoridation. Promoters have received acceptance of a number of government institutions, which are quite uncritically supported the idea of a national campaign on water fluoridation began in earnest. 
Medical Concerns 

Since the end of the 50s USPHS issued for the promotion of fluoride millions of dollars from the pockets of American taxpayers, and organizations in many other countries soon followed suit.Fluoridation began to be used, among others seeks to Britain and in communist countries. However, most Western European countries refused to fluoridation, and others soon withdrew from it due to poor health outcomes and the overall ineffectiveness of the program. 

There is a widespread belief that fluoride is effective treatment for life, but studies show that the protective effect continues around the age of 20 years. What's more, some doctors and dentists say that there is no evidence of any salutary effect of fluoride on the teeth. 

The U.S. National Institute for Research? Dental to the consternation of his adopted an independent analysis of the study, which comprised almost 40 thousand. children. It showed that virtually no difference between the number of cavities in the teeth of children from regions fluoryzowanych and niefluoryzowanych. 

Why then is used to add fluoride to water? His injury is widely known, and recently released documents confirm that U.S. military command as early as 1944. was aware of the detrimental effects on the human brain. 
Available on prescription 

Since World War II production and trade in psychotropic drugs, sedatives from mild to very strong drug that changes personality, became a branch of industry worth millions of dollars. 

Dozens of sedatives, which are currently on the pharmaceutical market, contains fluoride, which greatly enhances the effect of other substances. as a result of adding fluoride to the increasingly popular sedative - Valium - produced a new and much stronger measure, Rohypnol. Both measures, as well as a number of similar, are manufactured by Roche Products, a company controlled by IGFarben. Stelazinum - a very strong sedative with fluoride - is widely used in nursing homes and psychiatric hospitals throughout the world. Fluoride is also used in medicines such as: Atorvastatin, Deksametazol, Ezetimibe, Nebivolol, Riluzole, sparfloxacin, Triamcinolone. 

The more known facts about water fluoridation, the more anxious seems to be the general public. Hundreds of supporters of fluoridation cite evidence for beneficial effects of fluoride on the teeth, but the association of scientists at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency points to the deliberate concealment of serious risks associated with the use of this substance. According to representatives of agencies, scientists, who have the courage to talk about it are vilified, and even fired from work. 
Turbid water 

For most dentists, fluoridation is a magic bullet, which counteracts the effects of inadequate oral hygiene and dietary problems. For others it is a cynical way to control the behavior of people or an official certificate of consent to profit from toxic waste. Many simply believe that fluoridation is dosing is forced on a massive scale. The fact that the officials responsible for protecting the health of denial of any risk, raises serious suspicions that fluoridation is a form of social control. Keep in mind certain facts of history, for example, about the fact that fluoride has been used for criminal purposes by the most violent regimes of our century. 

In 1996, 10 year-old Kevin Isaacs received £ 1000 compensation from the company Colgate-Palmolive - a renowned manufacturer of toothpaste. In Kevin was fluorosis - fluoride poisoning caused by excessive use of the substance. Boy's teeth become rough and brittle, also appeared on these spots. 
In the past 5 years 300 families from the UK case sued manufacturers of products claiming fluoryzowanych compensation for damage suffered. Despite the mounting evidence, the British Medical Association (BMA), takes the view that adding fluoride to the water and dental products is not harmful. BMA intends to increase pressure on the British Government to persuade more of the water companies to add fluoride to the water. Such a policy at odds with the opinion of experts who pay attention to the harmfulness of this substance. 
Facts about Fluoride 

- Fluoride is more poisonous than lead, whose content in drinking water should not exceed 0.5 parts per million. The level of fluoride in the water in our home is about 1.5 parts per million. 
- A report published by the International University in Florida said:? Solution of potassium fluoride at a concentration of 0.45 ppm is enough to significantly slow down the reactions of sensory and mental?. 
- In Sicily, was the relationship between a very high degree of water fluoryzowaniem a poor state residents. 
- In Poland, the largest concentration of fluoride in drinking water were recorded in the province. Gdansk 
- American Institute for Food and Drug Administration considers fluoride as a drug whose effectiveness and safety of not been sufficiently demonstrated and the difference between the toxic dose and the prophylactic is very small. 
Worse than the lead 

Few people know that fluoride is actually poisonous. Often it is the main component of psychotropic drugs as well? poison to insects. A recently published study showed that fluoride added to water can cause severe genetic disorder, decalcification of bone cancer. It is worse than lead! And in Poland, other countries of the former communist bloc, and such Water in the UK for years fluoresce. Many democratic countries, however, has not introduced this custom. 
Excess fluoride can cause allergies and, in extreme cases can lead to fluorosis manifesting itself among other kropkowatą change the color of teeth. Despite this, fluoride toothpaste as a perfect conqueror caries are very popular. German researchers, the face of ever greater quantities of fluoride dispersed in our environment, found that the additional introduction of this element in the body that was once useful, today brings a lot more harm than good. Fluoride accumulates in bone, it blocks the absorption of magnesium in the body, passing through the placenta in pregnant women does irreparable harm to the fetus. Research conducted at the Silesian Medical Academy has shown that excess fluorine, which is common in large urban areas, not only harmful to the teeth, but also on overall health. In no case should be added as a supplement to enrich drinking water. 
Fluoride is very harmful. So far, apart from the Silesian Medical Academy scientists and dentists did not take up the matter, and fluoride toothpaste are systematically used and advertised. Belgium became the first country in the world, banned the use of fluoride supplements, which for decades was promoted as a necessary supplement for dentists. Minister of Public Health has published that the products with fluoride are toxic and pose a great threat to the physical and mental health. The report of the 1999 UNICEF reported that the governments were not sufficiently informed about how fluoride is poisonous? especially for children, whose young body absorbs more fluoride than an adult human. The usefulness of fluoride has previously been questioned around the world. In recent years, experts have warned against this element. 
Fluoride is very reactive and it penetrates deep into the bones and cells where it is accumulated. The tooth surface becomes much harder, but the tooth itself becomes more brittle. Many studies have shown that fluoride causes joint problems, skeletal deformations, osteoporosis and may even cause bone cancer. Also the brain can not defend themselves from its consequences. Fluoride has a negative effect on the nervous and immune systems and children may cause chronic fatigue, lower IQ, lower learning ability, lethargy and depression. Government of Belgium to the European Commission proposed to prohibit fluoride supplements across the European Union, but the Commission concluded that it was too early! 
Can not be compelled 

Standards for plastic fluorination of drinking water according to the World Health Organization is 0.8? 1.0 milligrams per liter, and it decreases rather than increases. Many European countries (outside the UK) in general moving away from such methods of delivering fluoride. In the '60s the fluoridation of water withdrawn, Sweden and Denmark. In the 70s joined by the Netherlands and Germany. Water does not enrich Austria, France, Belgium, Norway. In some countries, fluoride is added to salt, but leave its use at the discretion of the buyers. 

Some countries say the lack of convincing data on the benefits of fluorination of water and lack of reliable information on the impact of prolonged exposure to fluoride on the human body. Others as an argument to provide resistance ethical? that this attack on freedom of the citizen and forced treatment. There are also environmental and economic arguments (only 0.54 percent of water consumption is consumption purposes, and fluoride in the water is clean industrial waste). 

Investigate your local sanepidzie if the water contains fluoride in your area. Reduce this ubiquitous element. Easy to see that the purchase of toothpaste not containing fluorine is bordered on the miraculous. 

Okay, the toothpaste does not cause side effects in the form of discoloration and a bitter taste in my mouth. It should have jurisdiction not only refreshing and refreshing, but also antiseptic, antifungal, and astringent. Make sure that your toothpaste contains: 

* Cetylopirydyny chloride (reduces build up of plaque and reduce gingivitis) 
* Xanthoxylum or Triphala (components used on vulnerable plaque, anti-bleeding gums) 
Punica granatum * (a component of astringent and antibacterial) 
* Vitex negundo (with an analgesic) 
* Embelia ribes (against oral bacteria such as Escherichia coli), 
* Calcium and fluorine, 
* Sodium monofluorophosphate and sodium fluoride (remineralises uodparniają enamel and teeth to decay) 
* Xylitol (strengthens the enamel, while actively combating tooth decay). 

The teeth can be perfectly cleaned without using the paste brush.Use the least amount of toothpaste? limit your fluoride and save money. 

What is presented in this article may seem controversial.Unfortunately, such is the nature of the world? money and controversy. History has shown repeatedly tried to make fun of the world in a bottle. It is perfect in this place the history of water Radowan (enriched radium), which in pre-war America was a market hit, which made his fortune some William JA Bailey, a fake doctor kicked out of college already? U. He claimed that he patented Radithor cure many diseases by hormonal stimulation.Collaborating physicians offer 17% discount per prescription for each dose of water with radium. To time. Nearly 1 400 Radithoru drank bottles of the famous industrialist, sportsman and playboy Eben McBurney Byers, before accumulated in the bones of their advice has led to numerous fractures, and even bone defects of the skull and jaw. He died in 1932, seen off the title in the Wall Street Journal? Before his jaw dropped, the water of radium work fine?. 
The fluorides 

Fluorides are toxic substances which, with over-exposure can 
induce symptoms of acute poisoning, congestion and swelling of the brain and changes 
degeneration in the liver and kidneys. Fluorides cause that (s destruction of 
human bone and set aside in excessive amounts in the bones lead to fluorosis. 
The first symptoms of excessive exposure to fluorides derived from contaminated 
sa water discolouration of tooth enamel. 

Provincial Sanitary-Epidemiological Station in Łódź ( 

Prevention and treatment of excessive intake of fluorine compounds 
Recommendations for minimizing the possible adverse effects of fluoride preparations: 
1. The use of fluoride by children should be supervised. 
2. Children should be taught early childhood, spitting out the fluoride preparations after surgery. 
3. Amount of preparation applied to the brush or applicator must be adequate. 
4. For example, preparations for professional use in the applicator of the patient should be seated in an upright position with head tilted slightly downwards, also recommended the use of saliva ejector. After the procedure is recommended for 30 seconds, spit out the saliva. Should not be left unattended in a patient during surgery. 
5. Fluoride Preparations should be stored out of reach of children.
Should be encouraged manufacturers to use packaging hard to open by children. 
6. Please educate medical staff and students and organizers about possible health risks stemming from an overdose of these preparations. 


Genotoxicity of fluorine compounds is a contentious issue. It is believed that if fluoride has been doing so it causes chromosomal damage rather than mutations. Sodium fluoride is likely to inhibit the synthesis of DNA or proteins in mammalian cell cultures. It is believed that inhibition of DNA synthesis is a secondary phenomenon, occurring as a result of inhibition of protein synthesis or direct inhibition of DNA polymerase or other enzymes involved in DNA synthesis. 

Joanna Szczepanska, Elizabeth Pawłowska 
Some problems associated with the toxicology of fluoride 

Department of Developmental Dentistry, Medical University of Lodz 

Fluoride? Polish Question 

Fluoride is present in our drinking water, but we can sleep peacefully. In our country, not applicable fluoridation of approximately 15 years, and fluorine? Kranówce? is there completely? naturally?. The information they gave the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate in Warsaw, the average level of fluoride in drinking water in Poland ranges from approximately 0.2-0.5 mg / l. For example, Wroclaw and Lodz is about 0.12? 0.3 mg / l. However, there are Polish regions, where the concentration is much above the norm (according to Polish and EU standards for maximum allowable content is 1.5 mg / l). 
Fluorinated basin 

Water from Gdansk to Kwidzyn is too rich in fluorine. This excess harms people. Fluoride in drinking water in Żuławy, or Kwidzyn Malbork is of natural origin. To exceed the standards of this element in? Kranówce? reported a long time. 

In Gdansk, the water with excess fluoride is in Świbnie (1.6-2.0 mg / l) and in the Pomeranian District Gas Plant (1.6 mg / l), in Northern Shipyard (1.6-2.0 mg / l), the estate Pleniewo (1,6-1,9 mg / l, in the establishment of Grupa Lotos (1.6-2.2 mg / l) in the Gdansk Repair Shipyard capital-city water (1.6 - 2.0 mg / l), in the Public Hospital (1.9-2.1 mg / l) 
Similarly, the case is in the region of Kielce, where the concentration oscillates at 3-3.5 mg / l. 

Resident Żuławy and Kielce, who drinks a lot of tap water (Boiling does not remove fluoride? Only filtration by reverse osmosis) can be contracted fluorosis? disease caused by an overdose of fluoride.GIS also informed that there was neurological changes resulting from excessive intake of fluoride. In humans, the observed increased nervousness and puissance, which was due to changes in thyroid operations. 

Centre recorded a record-fluoride are around on the Oder Bank, where there have fluoride concentrations of up to 12 mg / l. Thus, 8-fold higher than that allowed by Polish and EU standards. Currently, however, the situation has improved and most of the water intakes on the site meets the standards. 

Fluoride in toothpaste and enamel mineralization is a useful substance in this context. Toothpastes contain high concentrations of fluoride, but do not eat paste (zero), so your body does not absorb them in large doses? we are safe, but moderation and caution can not hurt. 

Fluoride occurs in large concentrations in the water we drink brings adverse effects, as already shown. Know which areas contain the largest concentration of Polish. If you eat all you curious? call her? sanepidu?, who will provide you with any information. 

Let us rejoice that we live in a country where someone once said that the state has no right to treat the strength of the people. 

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Information about fluoridation in Poland on the base currency.information from the following centers: 
Chief Sanitary Inspectorate in Warsaw 
National Institute of Public Health - National Institute of Hygiene 
Provincial Sanitary-Epidemiological from selected provinces 

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The whole truth about fluorine

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