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and if not Oligocene well, so what?

If you are talking about health, it is typically focus on healthy eating, and rarely lean over the water without which we can not survive longer than 7 days versus 30 days after that until we die of hunger.  not to mention the air, without which we will not survive longer than a few minutes.

Ogólne przeświadczenie jest takie, że nie możemy nic zrobić z tymi rzeczami, ale czy na pewno? The general belief is that we can not do anything with these things, but are you sure?

 During the recent hot days has led me to a remark in the drinking water intake.  We should always take care of as much fresh water we drink, so that for example, not bottled Kisla hours in the sun or a red-hot car.  And if we pay attention to the tap water?

Do you know someone who keeps the heated water before you pour it into the kettle?  Are they lowering the water heated?

One of my friends always unscrews for several minutes with cold tap water and drained so until the water becomes cooler than that which flies at the very beginning.  These days it is very easy to grasp, because even under the cold tap warm water flies, which can easily multiply all kinds of bacteria or fungi.

Of course, I also began to drain the water after a colleague reminded me about multiplication of microorganisms.  And with each warm day it turned out that more and more difficult heated drain water, hence I came up with the idea that

tap bath-tub- a) drinking water to pour in the bathroom, because we use the bathroom several times more water than in the kitchen, so the water in the bathroom taps will always be cooler than the kitchen. This is particularly true of residential blocks, which can be hard to drain the hot water from the whole department, if you nei do for us that the neighbors.

Dishwasher b) pour the water after doing the washing up - I never drink water directly from the tap - always pour the 2l jug and leave it for a few hours to chlorine evaporated. In addition, I put the pot on the window so the sun could shine water (bacteria do not like the sun).  The water heats up, of course, but it is not heating the water in the darkness - the first class water purity, and has always been naturally exposed to sunlight.  Returning to the water after washing - it has to somehow store and therefore took up the pitcher - it is a spare, piercing easily allows you to await the next wash. Current dishwashers consume approximately 10l of water - even during the whole cycle, it should be sufficient to drain the heated water.

English-sink c) use of the English model of separable taps - if you're using batteries from a single outlet, and perhaps even for good measure with ball valve, most say that it is very convenient because one skillful movement of one hand, we can set an appropriately strong stream at the appropriate temperature, but the effect of this It is also the warm and cold water from hot water. No physical separation also causes the micro-organisms from the hot pipes can easily pass to the cold water pipes heated, and it is not desirable if you want to use this water to drink. English very reasonable, although most of them do not realize the real reasons, separate streams of water, and is it really that burdensome to clog the sink stopper and pour into it a little bit of water from the hot and cold tap water?

Apparently, saving water is nowomoda, so I can not agree - good drinking water has always been very precious, and every wise man should take care of it forever.

well And who of you remember the icy water from the well with his grandparents in the countryside? No matter what time of year the water in the wells was always icy cold that my teeth were breaking up;) zawse I really liked to drink this water. Always very refreshing after coming from the field.

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and if not Oligocene well, so what?

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