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Treatment with hydrogen peroxide - hydrogen peroxide therapy

Once upon a time I met with the treatment using hydrogen peroxide, but somehow I do not like this method and I left it until today. As usual, I had to describe a great circle, to re-find and see this therapy, after utwierdzeniu by other findings. Talking about the book of Ivan Pavlovich Nieumywakina "Hydrogen peroxide - to guard health."

I have not read the book yet, but I'd like to share with you how I came to the hydrogen peroxide from your own site. It all starts with snoring and inconspicuous, which is zaakcepotowane if only the wife or concubine another (because it usually gentlemen have the ailment), then go over the agenda as the Amiga, because they did not hear his snoring.

Unfortunately, I can sometimes hear it snore and sleep - hard to imagine that I could be something worse. However, my snoring is not permanent and I notice that a growing conditions (a flat in a block in the middle of town). Propagation snoring note, much longer time required for staying overnight. The problem disappears if wybywam somewhere far beyond the city, if staying overnight somewhere in the lower house instead of a large block.

The first clue was that the cause of snoring is hypoxia - I started to look for oxygen in the air. Possible reasons for the small amounts of oxygen are:

- Ubogość area in green

- Low pressure

- Flat on the height - 10 m every 1.5 hPa lose partial pressure in the lungs - the exchange of oxygen loses its effectiveness.

In the first reaction I even wanted to buy the oxygen in the cylinder model of oxygen bars, but somehow I failed to do so. I felt under the skin that this solution is artificial, that you have to look for oxygen in nature.

- Placed a flower in August generating oxygen at night (succulents - aloesy, agave, sensywirie, flowers, Easter and Christmas and other kaktusowate)

- I started doing breathing exercises and staying in the richer in oxygen

- Significantly lowered the temperature of sleep for up to 10 degrees at night (the colder it grows local atmospheric pressure)

All these treatments resulted in progress, but that's not what it is.

The second trail took up after reading an article about the breathing, the breathing process is controlled not so much oxygen as carbon dioxide, CO2, that really is not much we depend on the O2 oxygen inhalation, which on the exhale carbon dioxide CO2, because our body is subject to acidification and permanentnemu This was in August before acidification defend.And what we acidified? note the without which we can not live according to the shortness of time, without which we can not do without the stuff. 5 minutes without oxygen, no water 7 days and 30 days without food.

Oxygen from the air has already done everything I could * so I looked at the water. It turns out that even the deionized water, distilled water which the model should maintain cleanliness and neutral pH is often acidic to PH6. Acidified with carbon dioxide, CO2, of course, that everywhere in the city until the excess AROUND. It turns out that the cleaner water, it has a better ability to dissolve (water is best rozpuszczalniekiem in the world), so even if you purify the water through a filter, distiller, ionic tower, etc, that if we do it in an environment with excess carbon dioxide is strud we will be in vain.

Eventually I got the idea that water odkwaszać by oxygenation just before the drink and the same is acknowledged back to the previous knowledge of the salutary action of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2 hydrogen peroxide). Of course, this is still a prosthesis, but it seems to be very convenient to use, so I'm going wytestować the ultimate solution to move out into the environment less acidified with carbon dioxide CO2.

Also the food without which we can not do without 30 days is important for niezakwaszania body, but has long been here I try to compete with the Optimal Diet Dr. Jan Kwasniewski. So in general a few years ago he saw as the fountain of health in the diet, but with time I realized that much more important is water, and even more important is breathing.

To do in the future:

- Wyprwadzić August from the apartment on the n-th floor (30m above the winter - a permanent 4.5 hPa pressure less than living on the ground floor), which stands for good measure on the plateau, and would like to have a home in the lowlands near the river, because the river is much more oxygen and higher pressure prevail.


I do not know whether we are in big cities, it is better to live above, due to the dense smog snujący on the ground, because despite the fact that the combustion gases rise to the top of the heated air is cooled immediately after falling to the ground and you may find that Apartment 30m above the ground may be more advantageous due to the smaller acidification (flat on the highest concentration of CO2), even if partial pressure is lower.

Sources of hydrogen peroxide - hydrogen peroxide - H2O2:

- Honey - natural honey contains an enzyme produces hydrogen peroxide, which is why it is a healthy drink a spoon of honey dissolved in water - I've heard of such a recommendation by strenerów for athletes.

- Lactobacillus bacteria - all the lactic acid bacteria also produce H2O2, which is why we should pay attention to good eating pickled cucumbers, sauerkraut homely (jnie this zakwaszanaj vinegar and sugar), yogurt, of course, the hand-propagated cultures of bacteria.

- Hydrogen peroxide at a concentration of 3% from the nearest pharmacy - Dr. Ivan recommends up to 10 drops per cup of water

- Perhydrol 30% to buy in pharmaceutical warehouses, shops and hunting (used to etch the bones of wild animals) - due to the very strong oxidizing properties must be very careful not to burn an excess of oxygen.

In the body:

Hydrogen peroxide is spontaneously formed in the body in the process of respiration, because like what your body can do with molecular oxygen O2 as I reach the cell? particle is divided into atomic oxygen, which connects to the ubiquitous water body.

For the production of H2O2 in the body is needed - Vitamin C - ascorbic acid - allows leucocytes to use the effect of respiratory burst, during which it was formed hydrogen peroxide, which in turn creates oxygen free radical OH, by which the immune system deals with intruders.

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Treatment with hydrogen peroxide - hydrogen peroxide therapy

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