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Nobody disputes the fact that milk contains a lot of calcium, which is essential for bone development. And if there is less calcium in the nuts, cabbage, carrots, beets? More.And most importantly there is in perfect proportion with other minerals and this in a form easily absorbed by the body. In milk there are animal fats, and as we know animal fat increases the amount of cholesterol and calcium leaches from the body, which is why milk is degreased. Fats found in nuts and seeds (eg sunflower, the most valuable) are absorbed by the body in 80%, while milk fat in only 20%. The Western press has long since been written, that was a trend of giving up drinking whole milk and eats up more and more low-fat. This yielded tangible results - significantly reduced the number of cases related to the circulatory system and digestive tract. This begs the question - why increase the number of cases caused by milk, and then fight for their reduction? As to the sour milk products - kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, and especially the cheese, these products can be consumed, and even necessary. Especially recommended to consume them to old people and children. The point is that the bacteria found in sour milk products already do what the human body does with great difficulty.

In bioenergetics, there is a theory that every food product contains the information on the conditions of their "birth", growth, maturation, etc., in a word, formed in man, "a natural instinct." What's the point of view, this theory represents a cow's milk is not difficult to guess.Yogis are wise not to eat cow meat and cow milk made "sacred." The habit of drinking milk in large quantities, especially in the last 100 years, wandered from America. Americans received an excess of milk converted into powder and "gratified by the countries of the Third World. The whole of this action was accompanied by wide publicity about the benefits of milk. As is well known - a gift horse in the mouth do not look up.

Are all those arguments accept the message in those in whom the milk occupies a leading position in the menu? Probably not. A man with difficulty parting with addiction. But I want to help, especially elderly people, replacing the milk kefir and cottage cheese lean. And all those who continue to drink milk should carefully look at your feelings. Do you drink milk do not feel any symptoms of intestinal flatulence are not, etc. In addition, it must be remembered that the milk because of the specific digestion should always be eaten separately, without combining it with other products.

And now curiosity - a scientific kit matołów successful push by the dairy lobby in defense of (?  ) - "Only a few thousand years ago milk was not well digested by the contemporary inhabitants of Europe - informs journal 'Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences'. As suggested by conducted by researchers from University College London and the German University in Mainz DNA isolated from skeletal from the Neolithic period, none of the adults then living he could not cope with the digestion of the milk sugar - lactose. But when there is a mutation that allows the production of the enzyme lactase and digestion of lactose, spread very quickly, which is an example of evolution. " Eeeh ... mutants, mutants.

I have two articles published by "Xami" and posted on the forum "Time Code" (forum hermetic), which I recommend to read for women and especially young mothers. This is the first of them:

The calves should drink cow's milk, like infants until weaning of their milk, their mothers. Both types of milk prepared for nature and digestive systems. It is a scientifically that the calves fed on pasteurized milk from their own mothers usually within six weeks, therefore, suspect that pasteryw "miracle" sposóbzowane cow's milk is not wholesome, life-sustaining food for calves, not to mention the people, turned out to be right. However, not only adults need to give this secretion denature their children, but even they consume it. Cow's milk contains four times more protein and only about half the carbohydrates than human milk, pasteurization destroys enzymes and cow's milk needed to digest such a large amount of protein. Excess protein in cow's milk is in arrears in the human digestive tract, causing decay, clogging the intestines with sticky sludge, which gets into the bloodstream. With time, this sludge is becoming more and your body tries to expel it through the skin (acne, blemishes) and lungs (runny nose). However, some spread out inside, creating a perfect breeding ground for infection - mucus, causes allergic reactions, stiffness of joints due to calcium deposits. Many cases of chronic asthma, allergies, ear infections and skin diseases were cured after removal from the diet all dairy products.

Cow's milk products are particularly harmful to women. A woman's body should be the source of milk, and not to take it in the form of food. Debilitating effects of pasteurized cow's milk increases the synthetic hormones are injected to increase their efficiency. These chemicals cause real havoc in the endocrine system vulnerable women. The Food and Healing Annemarie Colbin therapist nutritionist so here describes the crash, which lead to the dairy products in the female body: "Consumption of milk and dairy products - cheese, yogurt and ice cream - it seems to be strongly linked to various disorders of the female reproductive system. This is the other ovarian tumors and cysts, vaginal discharges and infections. This relationship is confirmed by countless women I know who claim alleviate these symptoms, or their complete disappearance after stopping consumption of dairy products. fibroid tumors or dissolved, the development of cervical cancer is stopped, followed by self-acting control menstrual cycle ... It seems that in several cases there was a withdrawal of infertility ... "

Many men and women consume dairy products because their doctors tell them because of the high calcium content. This is bad advice. Cow's milk contains 118 mg of calcium in each 100 grams, can not be denied (for comparison, human milk contains 33 mg per 100 grams).But in 100 g of cow's milk contains 97 mg of phosphorus (for comparison, in human milk 18 mg). In the digestive tract and combines with calcium to phosphorus, which actually blocks its absorption. Dr. Frank Oski, Dean of the Faculty of Pediatrics, State University of New York's Medical Center, says - "Only those foods in which the calcium to phosphorus ratio is two to one or more, can be considered a good source of calcium." The ratio in human milk is 2.35 to one, in cow's milk and 1.27 to one. Cow's milk also contains 50 mg of sodium per 100 grams, and human milk is only 16 mg. It follows from this that cows' milk is one of the most common components of modern Western diets, which are sources of excess sodium in our bodies. In addition, cow's milk as a source of calcium can not compete with other far more digestible and wholesome foods. Please compare 118 mg of calcium per 100 grams of cow's milk and its contents in the following foods - almonds (254 mg), broccoli (130 mg), kale (187 mg), sesame seeds (1160 mg), kelp (seaweed species 1093 mg) and sardines (400 mg).

Osteoporosis is caused not so much a shortage of calcium in the diet as the ingredients that rob bones and teeth of calcium. One of them, especially sugar. Sugar, meat, refined starch and alcohol can cause blood constant state of acidosis, and acid is known to dissolve calcium from the bones. With osteoporosis, it is best to cope by eating the above, calcium-rich foods that are not milk products, while reducing or eliminating from your diet, "calcium robbers." It seems that the daily dose of 3 mg of the mineral boron also helps in the absorption and retention of calcium in the body. From the viewpoint of traditional Chinese medicine, milk is a form of "sexual essence." Drinking human sexual essence of another species can only lead to trouble. This applies particularly to women, because the hormones in milk affect the delicate balance of the endocrine system. If you insists on dairy products, goat milk, it chooses that its composition was similar to human milk. The only safe products made - preferably with a raw and unpasteurized - milk cow are - fresh butter, which is digestible fat, and fresh yogurt, pre-processed by the live cultures of lactobacilli, but eating even these articles, do not forget about abstinence.

And the next article, already from our own backyard, exposing the occasion obłudność ad:

Drink milk, you'll be a cripple. Included in the milk ingredients cause damage to many internal organs of man drink milk, you'll be as big as Kayak or Boguslaw Linda - convincing advertising. Button's true. Cow's milk is not a recipe for a career as a child, but on its merits kłopoty.O Polish milk provide most famous children's authors today, social advertising, politicians and of course the dairy companies, the public share is extremely convenient. The girl from the ad is timid, szczerbata and probably for a long time sitting in the back row. When I granted to the class that wants to be a singer, the children burst out laughing. Girl drinks a glass of milk, and after years is a pop star. The message is clear.

The fashion for drinking. Action was launched in September 2002 and continues today. Its organizers - International Advertising Association, held its target for "intensifying the prevention of osteoporosis by creating the fashion for drinking milk." In other words - when you have a warm relationship with the milk in the future will not walk on crutches. The Association promotes the milk for free. Advertising companies are often perceived as a bloodsucker - admits Paul Kowalewski, vice president of the Association. - To change that.Milk, whose consumption falls sharply in Poland, it seemed appropriate to us. The promotional machine is flung television and radio stations, newspapers. And the stars of the first color pages of magazines. Not only Kayah and Boguslaw Linda, but also master the steering wheel and the Polish Krzysztof Holowczyc snowboarder Jagna Marczułajtis. Enjoy the beauty of Jagna in multiplexes, just before the shows "Old fairy tale." - Do not hesitate for a moment - provides a snowboarder. - It was a great and original idea. Besides I like milk. Not only does she. He likes them also world champion in ski jumping, Finn Veli-Matti Lindstroem, who decided to press and television (although not free) promote ... Polish fresh milk. Fashion milk moved from television into the street. In September, Mrs Sylvia Pusz SLD together with volunteers in white kitlach tributing in Poznan bus four thousand cartons of milk, and chocolate. The promotion of the drink from the Polish cows included even some doctors.Roar that children drink enough milk and that it does not work.

For services companies. But not all physicians so they think. One is Dr. Eugene Zbigniew Siwik, an authority in the field of gynecology and obstetrics, the creator of the first in Poland and the School Department of Natural Childbirth. With passion dietitian. - Medicine today take part in one of the greatest frauds of the last century - she says. - It is a service corporations, which does not depend on the health of children, just for the money. Doctors remains silent, because it is safer. Siwik uses strong words. He says that the milk ingredients cause damage to many internal organs of man, irreversible changes in the vasculature, heart and marrow. - Milk, contrary to popular belief, does not strengthen bones, only weakens them. It also contained a protein leaches calcium from the body. Cow's milk is the best recipe for a wheelchair - risk. If you believe that milk is a source of calcium protects against osteoporosis (bone weakening), we must remember that osteoporosis is most prevalent in regions with a high intake of milk, such as in Northern Europe, Canada and the U.S. - also notes Annemarie Colbin, author of " Osteoporosis. " Several years ago, bringing together five thousand members of the international organization Physicians for Responsible Medicine thing has released a statement warning against drinking the milk. The list of contraindications is long.The main reason for opposition to the white elixir is the belief that man, like other mammals, is designed to consume only milk during infancy.

Man is not a cow, four stomachs no - says Mariusz Gawlik, a doctor from Stargard, over the years working on a children's ward laryngologicznym. Little man is not a calf, which needs a different composition of vitamins and minerals than slow-growing human organism. For this reason, drinking cow's milk is a pathology. And the cause of hundreds of diseases. Cow's milk is not well accepted by the human body. This argument does not reject even the ardent of his supporters. Lactose intolerance is a serious and, unfortunately, frequent complication. He also does not tolerate milk - admits even Waldemar Bros, vice president of the Polish Association of Dairy Cooperatives. Doctors from the international organization of LMOs claim that 80% of the milk of humanity simply can not digest. In Poland, where the tradition of drinking milk is a long, trouble absorbing the milk sugar, called lactose, has half of the citizens. The research Dr. Dorota Szostak-Węgierek from the Institute of Food and Nutrition in Warsaw shows that nearly 20% of Polish children have a deficiency of the enzyme consuming lactose. Symptoms of milk intolerance may show up even after years - says nutritionist.

Please do not drink. But it is not only lactose. In 2001 the New Zealand researcher Dr. Corrie Mc-Lachlan announced the results of studies which showed that the milk, and actually contained in the casein (a type of protein), is the cause of heart disease. The conclusions of the researcher is placed in an international web of meaningful service called "No Milk page" (page without milk). For the "miracle" sposóbodwiedzenia service, which included many publications, warning people against drinking milk from a variety of reasons, to encourage today on its website a team of doctors III Department of Children's Diseases, Medical University of Bialystok. Leaves no illusions as Frank Oski, professor of pediatrics from the renowned Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, who for the sake of children's health even wrote a book, "Please, do not drink milk." But the Polish children saw the milk and continue to drink. Woleńska Cathy is a teacher. He was 28 years old and nightmarish childhood memories. - In my house there was a cult of milk - he says. Breakfast ended for Wolenski rather schematically. Vomiting, diarrhea, rash. Parents suspected allergic, so they threw her diet tomatoes and strawberries, but she loved them. Milk allergy was diagnosed with her when she got to college. Too late. She was already asthmatic. - Milk is one of the most dangerous food allergens. It has up to five components that can be tolerated by man fatally - admits Professor Tadeusz Edward Zawisza, an eminent Polish allergists. - But it can also be dangerous contamination of milk, such as penicillin and wheat protein.

Prey bacteria. Polish milk is still clean and natural - provides Waldemar Bros. On the other hand, the cow is not a machine, but a living organism. It happens that the sick, the pobrudzi.Bros. do not want to go back to the memory of the early 90's, when containers of milk powder Polish customs of other countries recognize as radioactive. And the late '90s, when the inspectors came across the European Union in Poland in the dirty river of milk, with staph in the background. Today the Polish milk meets the EU standards in more than 80%. In accordance with the standards for extra-class milk should contain no more than a hundred thousand bacteria. - Even if there are more, and so it disappears under the influence of pasteurization - provides Bros. But Thomas Nocuń, an internist, has warned that milk pasteurization process turns into a soup full of dead, toxic bacteria that poison the body. And another cause allergies. Allergist and professor Zawisza treat people allergic to milk for decades.

The number of patients each year increases. For some, the euphoria of milk fatal. As for being treated by an allergist diplomat, which offered a cake at the party, which consisted in part of milk. Strangled to ... Untreated milk allergy does not always end in death, but may end with a serious illness. With eye diseases inclusive. - Chronic food allergies, including allergies to milk, may indirectly lead to ocular disease, inflammation of the cornea of the eye, including - admits Dr. Anna Ambroziak the Ophthalmology Hospital in Warsaw. Zawisza professor notes that the problem would be milder if Poland was not an agricultural country, where milk is considered to be the basis for food. We are the sixth largest milk producer in Europe (7 billion liters per year). Drink a little milk in Africa, almost no drinking in China and Japan. - Just in Kyoto is alive four hundred persons who have completed one hundred and four years of age. It is over two times more than in the entire United States - says Eugene Zbigniew Siwik. - These people are długowieczni, because I do not know the taste of milk.

Health at heart. Most Americans drink milk, and Finns. And there are recorded cases of the most heart patients and diabetes. In Poland, the milk has become a political commodity.Slogan "A glass of milk for each student," the government of Leszek Miller decided to get public support. I zagościło milk in schools for good. - Providing school children milk sentences them to disease and suffering - provides Eugene Zbigniew Siwik. - We are like a bank that in the future, many of them will zawałowcami. A rebellious doctor Nocuń Thomas adds that it's hard to believe in the noble intentions of the originators of the "Drink milk". - Created a great advertising machine, which fuel the boom is only for the dairy companies - he says. Milk producers also contribute to government programs. Polish producers can apply for a grant from the Fund for the Promotion of Dairy. This is due to the favor of government, formally, concern for the welfare of children and adolescents. Such a policy, based on the belief that without a glass of milk a day Polish child will grow up idiot and invalid, to foster research. And so, the Institute of Food and Nutrition found that Polish jedenastolatka menu caters to half the daily requirement for calcium. Which means that most jedenastolatków will in future suffer from osteoporosis. And this risk is now nine million Poles.

Researchers from the organization Physicians for Responsible Medicine, argue that there is a relationship between insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (otherwise known as juvenile) and an allergy to milk, and specifically in the albumin (protein group that is soluble in water).And again - the highest percentage of people with juvenile diabetes observed in Finland, where children are told milk in any form. Adam Karbiszowi from Krakow or were told. Karbisz owns a printing company. He has 34 years and spent most of the holiday colonies. - The food was potato pancakes, ground, and milk - he says. - Educators were friendly and fanatical. Not allowed to leave the table, if a glass of milk was not empty. For many years I have been ill alternately tonsillitis and ear infections. Karbisz longer ride on the colonies, because a friend of the family doctor guessed the cause of child health problems. - He was courageous in their views, then had serious problems keeping a job.

The doctor, who is the enemy of milk, becomes an enemy of the people - says the man. But the doctor Karbisza was not a great explorer. The pioneer of the science of nutrition Dr Max Bircher-Benner about the dangers of milk trumpeted by the end of the nineteenth century (today in Zurich, there is a famous clinic in his name.) He claimed that the milk should be added to most diets. Exceptions are, according to him, easily digestible for human acidic dairy products (yogurt, cheese) and milk, straight from the cow fed with grass. Ewa Wachowicz, a professional technologist feeding, once Miss Polonia, now producer of television programs and the mother of a small Oli, buys milk from women almost exclusively from the village. - Only such a securities - says. - In the life of a child podałabym not saying UHT product. The composition of milk, heated to such high temperatures is questionable.Protein cuts and did not know to this day, this may have an impact on health. I do not suppose he was positive.

Soup of the bacteria. Everyone would like to have your own cow on the block and milk it as needed - says Waldemar Bros. - But this is impossible. We have to adapt to the requirements of civilization and heat the milk to have long expired. True, also kill the good flora, but the costs of civilization. Some researchers, however, believes that milk and so need to drink because he has a lot of important values. - There are many products richer in vitamins and minerals - offers Bachurska Barbara, a pediatrician from Katowice. - It is a myth the belief that milk contains a lot of precious calcium. Much more is it to slice cheese.

It's crazy! Stopped to listen to nature - says Eugene Zbigniew Siwik. - We have created an industry that is slowly but surely killing us. Siwik said that in his views, even in Poland is no longer alone. - Those who care about children's health, will speak louder. They will talk about the insidious "white death", which in the name of virtue is unintelligible to the heavens - provides. - I'm thinking of a contraction. Over whether or not instituted a process of Kayah and Linda, accusing them of spreading false and damaging views. At least on this, or not try to prosecute those who persuaded the beautiful and famous people to the disastrous consequences of advertising? For opponents of milk are looked upon as criminals or madmen. - They are probably abnormal? - Jagna Marczułajtis wonders. - But if the milk was unhealthy, it would not have it in stores! (Hehehe, and it is the argument of intelligent offspring of monkeys. Note. Mine). When you come to speak Polish doctors consider to be their iconoclastic views. It's mad. Milk is sacred after all. Niepodważalnż like chicken soup, pork chop and carp for Christmas Eve. They know about the adult and children's knowledge.Especially those who dream of a career and who have been drinking milk namówione by big stars.

If you do not believe in what you read, then buy yourself a donut (with the jam, because the brick heartburn), pour yourself a large milk (straight from the store ...), sweeten with sugar still i. .. on Cheers. For several dozen years read it all again and you'll realize, but it gets too late.The entire statement can be summarized as a pediatrician - 
"Cow's milk is very healthy ... but only for calves."


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