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Warnings about the dangers of white sugar are still dying in a flood of ad bars, sweets, chocolates, cookies and cakes. In order to attract children, manufacturers are trying to make ideas - the chips that accumulate several "authorized" to the next, free product, a collection of famous players, and toys in parts for assembly. Older and watch the beautiful faces that eating sweets take nearly a full expression of orgasm, as this ad girl, what about the passion of two teeth grabs "Rafaello" (I wonder why I do not advertise Polish sausages?  .) Sugar has long been known as "white death" is used in principle by everyone, even by those whom the doctors categorically forbid it. Recent scientific studies say that the sugar is completely foreign to the body substance, which actually is not absorbed by the body, and only leads to the disappearance of blood vessels and mutation or degeneration of cells, which in the simplest way leads to cancer. Excessive intake of sugar, a fundamental error committed in raising a child. Manufacturing of the child 'appetite for sweets is maintained generally until death.

Our "native" is derived from sugar beet. Sugar beet is a natural plant product, except for sugar which is full of vitamins, mineral salts, hormones and ferments. In the process of sugar production in all the "unnecessary" elements are gradually eliminated, until a pure product which are white crystals. In the process of refining sugar is subjected to purification, crystallization and filtration. To obtain a white product is subjected to the action of poisons - calcium chloride. The finished product is sucrose free of all other biological substances that contain sugar in the beginning.

Our body to absorb the sugar must chemically pure product, "machined" using a substance that takes from our body. So they must use calcium, which takes the teeth and bones, and thus close to tooth decay and osteoporosis, the blood sample and nne iron elements, and this leads to diabetes. Sugar raises the level of triglycerides and cholesterol in the body and destroys selenium, an element that protects us against cancer. Excess intake of sugar (and flour products, and protein) is one of the reasons for the general toxicity of the body, eye inflammation, conjunctivitis, cornea and iris. Sugar disorganizing process of digestion of other foods - fruit, vegetables, protein and starch. Eating it in excess have a realistic chance that after some time we will see what we eat.

Some scientists, probably richly paid by the sugar lobby, looking for susceptibility to diabetes in the genes of our ancestors. Is it nice to justify their gluttony and greed in search of error in the honorable simian ancestors? Probably not. This genetic flaw, a "sweet" childhood habit and our insatiable appetite for pork chop with cabbage and potatoes and a small dessert, "which is not what", or poppy seed popitego kilogram raw milk (osłodzonym sugar) or a chemical "rust" like Coca-Cola Appendix

WHAT sweetened?

Into a vessel of about 2-liter pour 750 g of white, refined sugar, 200 g of your favorite honey pour 200 ml of boiled (or structured) water, stir and let stand for 8 days at room temperature.Three times a day mixed with a wooden spoon. Within 8 days under the influence of sugar, honey breaks down into glucose and fructose - sugar-friendly body. Amount of the mixture to sweeten chosen experimentally. Can also be used alone to sweeten the honey, brown sugar (unrefined), low-sugar jams and marmalades. The types of sugar should be changed from time to time.

WHAT NOT sweetened?

Aspartame and under no circumstances give him children. It's the most dangerous chemical compound (commonly added to our food), and which by the incorruptible scientists is one of the strong poisons. Is the main ingredient commonly used sweeteners. The aspartame is composed of three compounds: aspartic acid, phenylalanine and methanol. The most damaging is the latter, since it is distributed in the body to formic acid and formaldehyde - a highly toxic neurotoxin. The maximum safe methanol is 7.8 mg / day, a liter of aspartame-sweetened beverage contains about 56 mg of methanol! What's more, the body absorbs more free methanol, and this occurs when a food product (such as jelly sweetened with aspartame), heated to a temperature higher than 30 ° C. According to food scientists, aspartame may cause the following diseases (or exacerbate its course) - Brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, Alzheimer's disease, memory loss, lymphoma, Parkinson's disease, diabetes, loss of waroku, congenital malformations in the fetus.

Replacing a tea or coffee aspartamowym sweetener, expose yourself to headaches, dizziness, nausea, rashes, weight gain (sic), insomnia, blurred vision, irritability, heart palpitations, difficulty hearing, anxiety attacks, tinnitus, memory impairment and arthralgia.The excess of aspartic acid leads to the death of some neurons in the brain, as it causes the influx of calcium into cells. Thanks to this a lot of free radicals kill those cells. This substance must not take pregnant women, elderly people and children and the chronically ill - on anything, especially with diabetes, because the accelerated development of diabetes-related diseases such as cataracts. Toxic properties similar to monosodium glutamate (which is almost all spices, or zupkach in bags). Another component of aspartame - phenylalanine. Is an amino acid, which also occurs in our brain. In larger amounts, however, it is extremely harmful - even deadly - for PKU.

If you do not understand, it is referred to as advertised drink Coca-Cola light (richly mixed with aspartame), and chewing Tik-Tak, it was only two calories. 


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