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Almost everyone, especially doctors, are perfectly aware that any antibiotic treatment brings the body more harm than good. The price for a speedy recovery is the total destruction of our flora, which inevitably is the beginning of other diseases and poisoning did not pull out by "our" bacteria, rotting food. Some light on the use of antibiotics for medicine casts a conversation with my friend's doctor about using antibiotics.

Today I was at the doctor for review. He said he imposed a viral infection after several days of bacterial infection and therefore antibiotics were necessary. I had a chance to talk to him about natural therapies. I think that the doctor is very reluctant to treat people with antibiotics.Briefly write you what he said. I asked, why now routinely treated with human antibiotics? Why is my daughter is so often prescribed antibiotics? He answered the question: "Do you accept natural selection among the people?". I was a bit surprised, so he continued the monologue.

He said that until the mid 40's of last century there was indeed no antibiotics (not including bread with cobwebs), and people had to cope without them, using all sorts of methods and preparations. In those days, "Grim Reaper" from the first moments after birth, she took the weakest. Survivors remained the strongest, which helped in the event of natural methods of disease. So everything took care of nature - the weak man were killed, a strong vein. After the invention of antibiotics and introducing them to the indiscriminate use decreased mortality, but the barrier of resistance in humans decreased. Cherlaki stopped dying, they began to proliferate and thus dorobiliśmy cherlawego society. Did you know that the vast majority of children have applied antibiotics in the first hours of life? If only the newborn is suspected such as urinary tract infection, then immediately administered antibiotics (in the meantime, research is done.) This practice is justified by the fact that reliable tests can be done in two days and two days baby would not have kidneys. If the test does not confirm infection, antibiotics are withdrawn. Injury in a child include, but are also the kidneys ...

Each infection is a war to the death (at the level of individual cells). Referring to the dual infection, imagine that your body looks like, like Poland before 1939 - not enough troops, weak arms, shaky economy ... I attack on this country on the one hand Hitler (viruses), and after a few days, Stalin (bacteria). You have a limited ability to defend the body. If you use natural methods of treating it as if to strengthen the indigenous army partisans. With such a strong attack (infection) need to pull the heaviest equipment and seek assistance from outside (antibiotics). Antibiotics are very lame weapon - it's a machine gun that shoots and to the enemy and their own soldiers, but there is no better.

Explanation supposedly good and kind of logic, but somehow wise, after the doctor sees no fundamental reason for this. Each disease is the result of lower body resistance, and resistance is directly proportional to the manner and quality of nutrition. It can not help eating the healthiest and najświeżych products (not to mention the chemical świństwach), if they are not properly connected. Meat and potatoes or bread with ham instead of being strawionymi will lay rotting undigested in our digestive system thereby creating deposits, sludge and toxins. This is a major reason for the rise of disease. First will be frequent colds, then interruptions, colic, and finally reumatyzmy cancer of the body as a thank you for such a diet.And it does not help today's medicine. Unfortunately, modern medicine has so far been powerless against certain diseases and then wading in a stubbornly blind, chemical alley.Even more annoying is that doctors knowingly prescribing antibiotics do not inform the patient of serious side effects of treatment with antibiotics and instruct patients on how to bring the body to "use" healing up after treatment.

Antibiotics used almost "immediately" kill pathogenic bacteria, and by the way we completely destroy the bacterial flora. How do I restore it? There is only one way. Eat before bedtime for two weeks after one ząbku garlic (no bread!) And zapijać a real sour milk, yogurt or kefir to 1 liter per day (including, of course, no sugar and other additives). Reconstruct at least one type of bacteria. Restoration of the entire flora is half a year, and even more. Read this article (?  ) And this also (?  .)


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