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Quit smoking is difficult

Quit smoking is difficult. It turns out that quitting smoking malnutrition is even harder. If you count the dead of cancer of the stomach, duodenum, colon, rectum or liver, it turns out that malnutrition kills more and more people than lung cancer, "assigned" to smokers.Please do not be understood as a defense of the tobacco industry. I want to show the hypocrisy of people denouncing the smoking habit, and not seeing anything wrong in the food addictions. As usual, the problem is not in good health, but in the fight for customers, and because cigarette manufacturers are in the vast minority with respect to the "feeding" so the result is as it is - smoking is "beeee" and nutrition in MacDonaldzie "cacy", no and of course, "Mars is good for everything." Another problem is that you eat. On some packages is given a list of what is inside and does not care about the health of the client, but because this is a legal requirement. Is it fair? Yet, you can skip this and that. How do you know that August in the so-feeding.fastfood'ach not eat ground cartilage (and even the bones), leather and other "waste"? Exemplary purity of the room and blood is just a smokescreen, because the kitchen after all, no one will not let. Think about it before you take out the mouth Big Mac and sipping a bottle maroon him hemlock.
Quit smoking is difficult

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