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pain sore ache hurt soreness wrench



After 50 g - leaf plantain, speedwell herb forest, Horsetail herb, St. John's knotweed, St. poziewnika, couch grass rhizome, rhizome calamus, coltsfoot leaf, rhizome pięciornika chicken herb, birch leaf, dandelion root. Drink 3 times a day 1 cup 20 minutes before a meal.

ALLERGY rash - itch

After 50 g - serdecznika herb, St. John's Tri-Color Violet, St. John's wort, sweet clover herb, Horsetail herb, St. John's knotweed, inflorescence kocanki, nettle leaf, chamomile baskets, couch grass rhizome, dandelion root. Drink 3 times a day 1 cup 20 minutes before a meal.

Hay fever

After 50 grams - Tri-Color violet herb, St. John's skylight, St. John's Wort, Horsetail herb, St. John's tasznika, the fruit of coriander, nettle leaf, mugwort herb, buckthorn bark, bukwicy weed, couch grass rhizome. Drink 3 times a day 1 cup 20 minutes before a meal.Allergic symptoms are encountered during the flowering trees in the form of nasal catarrh, cough, shortness of breath. Well do a walk by the sea, or at least the evening walks in the fresh air. Often take a bath.

ANTIBIOTICS - after detoxification treatment

After 50 g - couch grass rhizome, burdock root, goldenrod herb, knotweed, elderberry fruit, willow bark, birch leaf. Herbs mix thoroughly. Cook 1 tablespoon of mixture in 1 cup of brew water.Drink 2 times a day after the glass. Before using antibiotic eat a teaspoon of ground flaxseed. During the day (when we take antibiotics), eating overcooked onions 2 with the addition of marjoram ground cumin - it is a shield the liver from damage.

After 50 g - angelica root, dandelion root, lovage root, couch grass rhizome, rhizome pięciornika herb chicken, sweet flag rhizome, fruit of the rose, rowan fruit, flower meadow, bilberry leaf, St. John's Tri-Color violet. Drink 3 times a day after a glass before a meal. It should be noted that all the convalescents after treatment with antibiotics, as well as after previous surgery, and especially affected by anemia should be carried out throughout the week nutritional treatment in this form - for breakfast eat tartare of raw calf's liver with horseradish, about 150 g. The crude dinner saucer shredded cabbage flooded with oil, real garlic and onion seasoning. It is a reliable diet.

By antibiotics many millions of people were rescued from death.They are now even in cases of severe infectious diseases, the only effective weapon, but unfortunately the double-edged. They treat a body at the expense of the whole organism. Even the most prudent dosage human body after receiving a series of antibiotics, especially the strong, looks like a forest after a fire. Remains in the bacterial flora destroyed, disturbed biological balance and reduced resistance to other diseases. It is no wonder that increasing numbers rise to critical voices against all antibiotics, the more so that their effectiveness is weakened, because microorganisms are simply more resistant. So we need to know how to fix the damage that they cause in our body. Vitamins "B" is far too little. Immediately after completion of antibiotic treatment must be assigned to clean the blood and sterile body with mineral salts and substances necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Drink for the entire month above the prescribed herbs.

Father John Grande antibiotics considered to be dangerous. After treatment with antibiotics must detoxify your body, remove toxins from the liver and kidneys, cleanse mucosa from fungal infection, if it occurs, and finally - to restore the proper secretion of digestive juices. Sometimes, after przeholowaniu cure with antibiotics, cleansing the body is longer than the same treatment. Please note that when taking antibiotics every day drink a glass of kefir and take three times daily vitamin B complex. If the itch begins in the lining - you have to give a large amount of onions. If, however, the liver is injured and will not take onions, replace it with a combination of bitter herbs, anti-inflammatory, coating and cleaning the urinary tract.


4 medium potatoes (pick holes) skroić without peeling, 2 tablespoons of flax seed, crushed 1 head garlic. Everything is cooked in 5 cups water for 20 minutes. The resultant brew to do enema.

After 50 g - fruit of the rose, the fruit of the rowan, hawthorn fruit, black currant leaf, nettle leaf, peppermint leaf, dandelion root, yarrow herb, calamus rhizome. Drink 3 times a day 1 cup 30 minutes after a meal. For breakfast, 3 cloves garlic, finely chop and sprinkle on a slice of buttered bread and eat. For dinner, eat with bread, sliced medium onion and olive oil clearing. This menu used for 3 weeks.


In a pot, pour 1 / 2 cup apple cider vinegar and 1 / 2 cup of boiled water. Mix and place over low heat. When the solution is boiling, remove the pot and make inhalation. Inhale slowly a pair of 75 times. If the pain does not disappear entirely, then certainly at least weaken.

Put feet in hot water to a depth of 10 cm. Keeping the feet in hot water, drink a glass of sweet, strong tea (2 teaspoons sugar or honey) or mint with 2 teaspoons of sugar.

Add to each ear wipes fresh juice of beets or onions.

Drink after 1 / 2 cup warmed juice of raw potatoes or after 1 / 4 cup onion juice heated.

Medicinal tincture pat after the occiput after 100 times, alternately right and left hand. Usually the pain subsides.

Look through which the nostrils to breathe easier. If for example, harder to breathe through the left nostril, insert the swab to the right (or plug it with your finger) and left to breathe. After 15-20 minutes the pain should pass.

Firmly within 3-5 minutes, massaging petals poszczypując both ears.

Lemon zest Skroić a 5 zł, clean with a damp white flesh and a party applied to the eyelids. Keep pressing hard 5-7 minutes. Place under the skin starts to tingle and a little "stove". Headache disappears.

Pain caused by deposition of SALT

Rye flour, scalded with boiling water and mix with boiled potatoes in a ratio of 1:1 (until smooth.) Lubricate the affected area with vegetable oil and rub well. The prepared pulp to make a thin "pancake" size of the patient, so that they are completely covered.Lubricate the skin with turpentine and put the cake on the affected area. It should cover the heat and keep the cake as long as you can.Treatment is best done at night.

3 lemons with peel and 150 g of peeled garlic, turn the meat grinder, pour in a day 1 / 2 liter of boiled water, strain, squeeze the mass, pour into a glass container with an airtight closure. Drink every morning before breakfast after 50 h.

Ear pain (inflammation of the ear)

Crushed head of garlic wrapped in gauze and put into a glass filled to 3 / 4 in edible oil. Slightly warm and heat up smear swab around the interior and exterior of the ear.


In the cavity of the tooth (in dziurce) put a wad of cotton wool soaked in onion juice.

FREQUENT nosebleeds

Daily drinking apple cider vinegar 2 teaspoons per cup of warm boiled water.

Staphylococcus aureus

Light a few birch logs (preferably wetted by rain) and sit by this fire.The smoke has to penetrate into the respiratory tract and get into your eyes. Be sure to endure. If the smoke stings the eyes, you can wipe your hands, which przerzucaliśmy wood campfire. The next day staphylococcus should stop worry us. If you are not completely disappear, repeat the procedure.


Iodine mixed with ammonia in a ratio of 1:1. The mix was applied to a thin layer halluksy week for 2 weeks. Then take a break for 2 weeks and repeat treatment. Lubricate the total disappearance.


Place the disc on the sore place a raw potato.


100 g finely chopped parsley root, put it into pot, pour boiling water, cover with lid and simmer for 15 minutes. Cool at room temperature for 20 minutes. Strain, pour into jar and add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, mix again and set aside in a dark place. Wipe your face with liquid in the morning and evening.


After 50 g - cone hops, lemon balm leaf, lavender flowers, primrose flowers, valerian root, St. John's wort, St. John's bukwicy, speedwell herb, calamus rhizome, bark Kalina reef, fennel fruit. Drink 3 times a day 1 cup 20 minutes before a meal. During the attack, rubbed his neck and back between the shoulder blades a cold damp towel, then wipe well suchyn towel. Then rub the temples and forehead amber tincture, then put on his back for several minutes, and the pain will pass.



After 50 g - skylight herb, St. John's sweet clover, St. John's wort, coltsfoot leaf, couch grass rhizome, yarrow herb, mugwort herb, St. John's Tri-Color violet, nettle leaf, Horsetail herb, St. John's speedwell forest. Drink 3 times a day 1 cup 20 minutes before a meal.

Excessive sweating LEG

Odor of sweat is directly proportional to the amount consumed meat and sweets. In the first instance be limited.

Crush the fresh leaves of birch and slip between the fingers. Wear socks and walk for 2-3 hours or more.

Pour into socks finely ground oak bark, socks, put on his feet. The procedure to perform on the night. Morning, wash your feet with warm water and thoroughly dried. Repeat 7 times every other day.

Pour into socks boric acid powder, socks, put on his feet. The procedure to perform on the night. Morning, wash your feet with cold water and thoroughly dried. Repeat 7 times every other day.

90 days, morning and evening substitute legs under a stream of cold water for 5-10 seconds.

NIGHT sweating

Before bed, wipe the skin of apple cider vinegar.


6 egg yolks and 6 tablespoons fresh mix vegetable oil and beat to the consistency of mayonnaise. Soak in a mixture of bandage and sheathe the injured area.

With the help of gauze moistened skin burned apple cider vinegar, which relieves pain and prevents scarring.

On the injured area of finely grated carrots pay.

Stir egg yolk with 1 tablespoon of butter cream. The resulting mixture was similar to mayonnaise, place the gauze dressing and make oparzonego place. The pain persists and will not burn scars.

Immediately rinse the skin under a stream of cold water and sprinkle with plenty of sweet fellowship.

In case of burns the throat should be rinsed 1 tablespoon of oil, which then swallow.

Throat burns when 1 / 2 cup of water mixed with two raw chicken proteins and gargle, then swallow the mixture.

As soon as a well-applied crushed cabbage leaves.

Swelling, edema

2 medium onions week cut into thin slices and sprinkle with 1 tablespoon of sugar. Let stand overnight to let go of onion juice.Morning squeeze juice. Use 2 tablespoons per day.

Drink after 1 / 2 cup of pumpkin juice daily.

4 teaspoons parsley seeds Pour 1 / 2 cup boiling water, let stand for 8-10 hours. Use a spoon to 3-4 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.

Leg swelling

In a bucket of cold water pour a bag (?) Of salt. Dissolve salt in water and soak a towel in the solution. Imprinted on the towel to put a cross in the kidney area. The procedure repeated 10 times. As a result of treatment begins with a strong secretion of urine and swelling disappear.

Skroić zest, white turnip, cut into small pieces and pour over boiling water (to 1 cup of peel - 3 cups boiling water.) Casserole tightly and insert up to 4 hours in the oven, being careful not to bring to a boil.Strain and drink after a cup a day.

A handful of dried beans, roztłuc into powder and pour in 400 ml of red wine. Let stand for 3 days. Take the 2 tablespoons 3 times a day. Shake well before use.

2 tablespoons black currant leaves to brew a cup of boiling water, simmer for 10 minutes. Let stand for 1 hour. Cool and drink. Drink for 1 month.

Hen egg, 25 g of vinegar essence, and 25 g of turpentine mix well and leave for 10 days in a closed glass vessel, occasionally stirring.Lubricate the affected area several times a day mix.


Place the soaked cotton-wool in the ear of the onion juice.


To our face always looked fresh and was not under the eyes wrinkles - you should drink one glass of kefir or curdled milk on an empty stomach.

Whites of the eyes that were clean and white, and eyes were velvety glow should drink the juice daily 50 g of parsley root.

To keep the eyes in proper condition to be every day for about 3 minutes massaging fingers of both hands.


Lubricate the hairy face of the juice of green, przekrojonego walnut.

Walnut shells to burn to ashes. Ash mixed with water to obtain a slurry, which lubricate the hairy places.

40 g seeds of nettles pour 100 grams of rapeseed oil in a glass dish. Let stand for 14 days. Strain, pour into jar and cover well.Lubricate suspension hairy places.


Beat 1 egg yolk with 1 teaspoon honey and 1 teaspoon of apple vinegar. Mix well and rub the affected area.

Prevent wrinkle TO FACE

1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of glycerin, one tablespoon of honey. Mix and apply the mask on your face morning and evening for 10-15 minutes.

Into a glass, put 100 g of honey and grated 1 whole lemon. Mix well and put the mask on face for 10-15 minutes.

In a glass bowl combine honey, 100 g and 100 g of heated spirits.Apply lightly heated on face for 15 minutes. Conceal from her husband, because it is very tasty.

Bunch of parsley, boil in 1 / 2 liter of water for 30 minutes. Cool for 30 minutes at room temperature. Strain, pour into a jar, close lid and leave in a dark place for 2 days. Rub the face of fluid in the morning and evening. Do not wash.

pain sore ache hurt soreness wrench

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