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Medicinal fruit and vegetable cocktails prof. Tombak

Drinking cocktails listed below have helped many people eliminate the long-term health problems. As we know, many diseases are associated with a lack of minerals in the body. These components complement the cocktails. The above ratios are calculated to obtain 240 g (glass) of juice blends. Given mixing ratio is the ratio of volume (not weight).

Carrot (160 ml) + cucumber (40 ml) + green pepper (40 ml). The ratio of 4:1:1. Use for rheumatism, pains in the bones and muscles, swelling of limbs.

Carrot (160 ml) + cucumber (40 ml) + salad (40 ml). The ratio of 4:1:1. Use for skin diseases, eczema, eczema, pryszczach, inflammation of eyes, brittle nails.

Carrot (80 ml) + spinach (160 ml). The ratio of 1:2. Use with abdominal pain, cramps, bin, excessive production of gas, constipation, rheumatism, anemia, low and high pressure, headaches (migraine type).

Carrot (80 ml) + green peppers (160 ml). The ratio of 1:2. Apply to clean skin discoloration, especially frequent in the elderly.

Carrot (160 ml) + parsley root (80 ml). The ratio of 2:1. Use for inflammation of the urogenital tract, eye, renal blood vessels.

Tomatoes (54 ml) + apple (108 ml) + pumpkin (54 ml) + Lemon (24 ml). The ratio of 2:4:2:1. Used to purify the body of mucus, promotes the rapid elimination of adipose tissue. In the days of fasting by drinking only 1.5-2.0 liters of juice per day result is stunning.

Cucumber (80 ml) + black currants (80 ml) + apple (40 ml) + grapefruit (40 ml). The ratio of 2:2:1:1. It maintains the freshness and nice appearance of the skin, calms and strengthens the nervous system, improves memory and brain function, improves body immunity. One cup meets the daily requirements for vitamin C.

Frankly, that sounds like some tips removed alive from the "old fairy tale" but I wrote them from the chronicler's duty. With some ingredients may also be big problems, because today I found a clear morning dew, or iodine. Advice of our ancestors, in addition to strange tongue sometimes, they have yet to do himself, that even today we can not explain the complex processes occurring during treatment. You just have to believe it. Please also remember that no illness comes on suddenly and just as suddenly subsided.
Medicinal fruit and vegetable cocktails prof. Tombak

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