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Malignant and Benign

Cancer, writes Professor. Tombak is a "thanks" of the body feeding it for artificial chemistry nafaszerowanym food, after drinking artificially colored and sweetened with sugar or aspartame juice and drink, for love of fried and cooked dishes, as aversion to raw vegetables and fruits for eating too much candy or generally speaking, as disrespectful to your body. Cancer places in the first place in the most debilitated bodies, so the smoker does not necessarily get cancer of the lung and compulsively drinking alcohol for cancer of the stomach. Helping in cancer, it also has bad combination of food (carbohydrates, protein), which is why nietrawienia foods, their rotting debris in the gut and the body's inability to absorb nutrients and building blocks.

Myoma, fibroma Myoma

The jar with a volume of 1 / 2 liter pour partitions walnuts to 3 / 4 of a jar and pour vodka into fullness. Hold for 30 days at room temperature. Drink of 20 g in the morning and evening.

Aloe vera (at least 3-year) is not watered for 5 days. Then it cut 375 g of leaves, which after the removal of spikes in food processor, grind the meat. Then add 625 g of honey and 675 ml sweet red wine. Stir and set aside in a dark and cool place for 5 days. Drink for the first 7 days after the one teaspoon three times a day for 40 minutes before eating. Period of application - 30 days.

CANCER (leukemia, lung, stomach)

2 teaspoons baking powder from dried birch czyra (innotus obliquus) 1 / 2 cup of warm, boiled water at night to keep stretching.Morning, boil water and drink 3 times a day bucket.


Medicinal tincture After 50 g - willow bark, mistletoe herb, birch leaf, violet herb Tri-Color, bilberry leaf, St. John's wort, nettle leaf, couch grass rhizome, root Oman, marshmallow root, pine buds, growth of Icelandic. Drink 3 times a day after a glass before a meal. In addition to drink every day before bedtime with juice 1 cup of raw cabbage. Given a mixture of tried and tested by a number of years, many helped to stem the disease for several years and has extended human life.


Place on a piece of raw meat tumor, slightly spryskanego ammonia.
Malignant and Benign

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