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Tongue is a mirror of the body. On the basis of language, we can correctly determine whether a person is healthy or sick. Even if the symptoms disappeared, and the state language has not changed, we can say with certainty that the disease has been solved. Especially characteristic are the changes on the surface of the tongue in diseases of the digestive system - stomach, liver and intestines. Most people have the language of the Grey white coating, which is a sign of digestive dysfunction.

Wrong way of eating for most people leads to acidosis (acidic blood reactions), which creates favorable conditions in the body for the development of pathogenic parasites (fungi, yeast, etc.). Then the acidity of blood is the cause of many diseases of the digestive system, heart, liver, nervous system, headaches. Occurrence grzybicznego białoszarego raid on the tongue is a clear sign that you should immediately change the mode of life, to carry out cleansing of the body, properly combined foods, eat more articles that give the basic reaction of the blood - vegetables, fruit, freshly prepared juices. Often people treat heart disease years, when heart problems occur due to liver disease. Once cured liver disease whose symptoms can be detected on the base of the tongue, heart przstaje hurt.

? Clear, pink, smooth, no coating - a healthy digestive organs
? White deposits on the third language - gastritis
? White coating on 1 / 3 back of the tongue - inflammation in the digestive tract
? White coating on the entire surface of the tongue - sore mouth
? Yellow coated tongue - irritation of the gall bladder, hemorrhoids
? Brown coated tongue - intestinal disease
? White coated tongue - fungal infection of the oral mucosa
? Smooth pink tongue - anemia, iron deficiency in the body
? Dry tongue, a red belt in the middle - enteritis with abdominal bloating
? Krwawoczerwony, covered with cracks - gastritis
? Strips of foam on both sides of the language - rheumatism
? Redness and swelling on the right side - an inflammation of the liver and bile ducts
? Strawberry, covered with red and white spots - scarlet fever
? Tremor language - inflammation of the brain, nervous
? Baking language - anemia, iron deficiency in the body
? Dry cracked tongue - can diabetes
? Pale underside of tongue - vitamin deficiencies
? Yellow lower side of language - liver disease


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