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In order to have healthy teeth, you should properly eat and brush your teeth properly. Slowly chew the cud.Do not eat hot and very cold food. Regularly held every six months preventive dental visits. As it turns out, my teeth are healthy teeth resembling ivory color (not to be confused with yellow teeth in smokers.)
The nicer the shape of the teeth and they are evenly colored, this man is healthier. Worn teeth are a sign of unhealthy state of the organism. The primary cause of tooth decay in our time is primarily the consumption of products subjected to heat treatment (cooked well), products containing sugar, consuming large quantities of coffee and soft drinks, ice cream and nutrition products syntetycznych.Nieprawidłowe, starting from childhood, can lead to total decomposition of calcium metabolism in the body, which ultimately will affect the state of the bones and teeth.

? Yellow - disruption of the liver and gallbladder
? Brązowoczarne - interfere with the digestive tract, especially colorectal
? Snow white - abnormal balance of minerals in the body
? Large gaps between the teeth - a general weakening of the body
? Gnashing of teeth - diseases of the nervous system (in children - parasites)
? Sensitivity to cold, sweet and sour - cervical exposure
? Ustający pain when pressure on the tooth - the pain of neurological origin


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