Gram Zdrowia


The skin is the second most important organ in the lungs breathing. To be healthy should seek to maximize skin contact with air, water, and of course within reason, with the sun.

? Face pale - hypotension, anemia, circulatory disorders
? Yellowish skin - disturbance of liver function and gallbladder

? Red skin - high blood pressure, circulatory problems
? Smooth leather, silk - a tendency to rheumatism, gout, kidney and urinary system
? Skin dry, rough skin - prone to skin diseases
? Skin cold, clammy - prone to liver disease
? Wrinkled, senile facial skin - pancreatic diseases, diabetes
? Your skin brown - adrenal gland disorders
? Greenish facial skin - and oncological diseases
? Unpleasant smell of leather - poorly balanced, improper nutrition
? Dry skin, flaky - excess pathways in the body
? On the face and nose mesh of blood vessels - the excessive consumption of meat, excess uric acid, liver disease, overeating
? Red spots - Excessive intake of animal protein, and fried foods
? Blackheads - improper nutrition, excessive consumption of meat, starch, fatty foods, pollution pathways of the body, an excess of toxins
? Pimples - improper diet, the prevalence of food containing flour and sugar, a toxic colon condition
? White blackheads (kaszaki) - damage to the oral mucosa
? White spots on the skin - deficiency of vitamin B12 in the body, a sign of diabetes or thyroid disorders (medical consultation required)


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Według lekarzy jedynym sposobem utrzymania zdrowia jest jedzenie tego, na co się nie ma chęci, picie tego, czego się nie lubi i robienie tego, czego by się wolało nie robić. Mark Twain

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