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mouth, lips


The shape and color of the upper lip indicates the state of the blood. Shape and color of the lower lip indicates the status of organs located in the lower abdomen.

? Disproportionately small - disturbances in the excretion of urine, cystitis (passionate obgryzacze nail)
? Thin, pale lips of women - the hormones estrogen deficiency

? Paleness of the lips - a tendency to ulcers
? Yellowish discoloration of the skin around the mouth - diseases of the gallbladder and liver
? Brown discoloration of the skin around the mouth - diseases of the digestive system
? The smell of the mouth - dental caries, diseases of the digestive system, diseases of the nose
? A narrow upper lip - a tendency to diabetes
? A vertical wrinkle on the upper lip - a reduction in the work of the gonads, hormonal disorders, early menopause
? Corners of yellowish-brown - ill liver
? Zajady in corners of mouth - anemia, lack of iron in the body
? Pryszczyki tiny corner of the mouth - diseases of the liver and gallbladder
? The bulge at the bottom of the lower lip - an inflammation of the duodenum, the liver is overloaded
? Very thick lower lip - the possible diseases of the digestive system and liver
? The transverse wrinkle under the lower lip - Hemorrhoids
? Chapped lips - a deficiency of vitamins B12 and minerals, Ca, Mg

mouth, lips

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