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The hair is an expression of our being. If the hair becomes unruly, not going in my hair, quickly superfat are too dry, brittle, it means that the body is something wrong. Usually, hair problems arise with insufficient filtration capacity of the liver, lack of vitamins, macro and micronutrients. Below the external signs of possible diseases they cause. In the case of an emergency such as a sudden darkening of the hair or posiwienia as soon as possible, contact your doctor

? Hair loss - hyperthyroidism
? Slow hair growth - the weakening of the nervous system
? Splitting hair - Correct nutrition, disturbance of kidney function
? The appearance of dead hair - Anemia
? Posiwienie most of the hair - poor kidney function, the shift of the cervical vertebrae
? The sudden darkening of hair - a disease of the gall bladder, circulatory disturbance, the high consumption of salt overload the body
? Onset of baldness or dandruff - over-consumption of fat, sugar, coffee, salt, dairy products


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