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Looking at the forehead, it is essential to pay attention to the wrinkles. What else you should know leading diagnosis based on the face? If on the forehead, slightly above the base of the nose, wrinkles are formed in the shape of the cross, it is not ruled out a serious disease of the spine. In addition, these ripples also indicate a tendency to headaches, caused by degeneration of the cervical vertebrae. When the wrinkles on the forehead are dashed, wavy, such a person can be easily deduced from the equilibrium, they can break the spiritual anguish, is prone to depression because of the unbalanced nervous system. If the forehead is clearly visible filaments, intersecting wrinkles, we have a strong personality, which rarely gets sick.

? The thick skin on the forehead, cut with deep wrinkles - weakened kidneys, increased content of body fluid
? Wrinkles only one side of the forehead - headache
? The vertical and transverse wrinkles on the forehead - eating too much protein and milk
? The presence of brown spots - weak liver, inflammation of the bile ducts


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