Gram Zdrowia


The loading rate of the nervous system. Large eyes show the normal functioning of the nervous system. Longitudinal furrow, separating the upper eyelid - the distortion of the balance of minerals in the body, the need for sleep, tension in the body.

Upper eyelid

? Swollen eyelids - heart disorders, cardiovascular disorders

? Lowered eyelids - heart disease, cardiac overload
? Eyelids round, convex - degeneration of the cervical vertebrae
? Episodes tan color (like tiny warts) - the balance of endocrine disorders, abnormal cholesterol balance
? Bifurcated wrinkle on the eyelid - hypotension, exhaustion of the body


Lower Eyelids

? Swollen eyelids (bags) - disturbances of the kidneys, urinary tract blockage
? Swelling in color różowosinym - disturbance of bladder function
? Swelling in the color gray-green - an excess of uric acid
? Eyelid sina - iron deficiency
? Eyelid brown - Anemia
? Twitching eyelid - magnesium deficiency


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