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What to do with "niejadkiem?

Infants are generally happy to eat and lots. In the second year of life while the child learns the world and voraciously eating recedes into the background. It turns out then that Barry does not want to vegetable soup that had previously willing to eat, and Krzysio not tolerate milk. Meanwhile, parents know that children need to eat soup and cottage cheese, drink milk, eat cold cuts, meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, or everything he needs for normal development.Family begins with feeding your baby. Mom sticks to his mouth with a soup spoon, daddy it entertains, wyczyniając various things, my grandmother tells a story. Everyone is nervous, and the child senses this perfectly. Since then, the meal will associate him with coercion, with something unpleasant. Parents are on the lost items even when they promise to be eaten soup child favorite candy.

For toddler ate with relish and well digested, from early childhood need regular feeding and observe the night break. Indeed, if we feed in the early weeks of infant "on demand", is already in the next run normal biological clock, which fixes the somewhat spontaneous breaks. They are necessary so that the body had enough time to digest food and to be able to attend a natural feeling of hunger. During a break Do not give your child anything to eat, especially sweets, which in turn cause decreased appetite and przyhamowania secretion of digestive juices of the process, as well as bread, especially with the fat, ham or meat. If a child asks to eat rapidly, you can give him at most some fruit or a vegetable, even peeled carrots, and when he has the desire - lightly sweetened fruit compote. Better yet, give a bit before lunch or dinner.

Malec fed with between meals often do not want to eat the right foods or have very little, which causes nervousness caring mother. Parents saw that the child ate little, then give him something to eat and thus the regularity of meals is completely distorted and disrupted, which sometimes leads to a lasting dislike of the child to eat.

It is important to create an appropriate atmosphere during the meal the child. Absolutely not allowed to disturb other procedures such as measuring temperature, excuses, blamed.Should be paid attention to the proper temperature of food, avoid food that is too hot, as well as wystudzonych. Do not forget that nice and colorful dish served stimulates appetite. The child should have their own hats, funny and colorful, inviting to eat, and these dishes should be served with green leaf lettuce and a slice of red tomato.

Niejadków can be divided into two groups. For one of them usually are only children and children fed between meals, the other those who do not like certain specific foods, often also not edible on other household members. A good way to grymaszących only child is the company of other children such as preschool. In other cases - the cessation of feeding between meals. However, in relation to not liking this or that food is needed ... diplomacy. If the child refuses to drink milk or eat soup, milk, you should get him a cocoa bydyń with fruit, yogurt and kefir, sweet or spicy. I do not want to eat cottage cheese, you can try to cook for him some dessert, or add some garlic, parsley and herbs. And most of all the other household members should not express out loud with the children's opinion on this or any other food. In drastic cases, the child definitely does not want to drink milk and eat its products, you should consult your doctor who will prescribe or calcium tablets.

In any case, do not force the child to eat. It must be remembered that, like adults, it is also their favorite foods and such, for which they do not forfeit. Instinctively, he felt what he needs if it is naturally healthy. Desire to eat these foods and not others may mean that his body is missing some of those foods ingredients. Children, after all, seen licking the wall, which indicates a shortage of calcium in the body. We must therefore allow him to eat what he wants and as much as he wants. Nothing will happen if one day eat a little or even quite a przegłodzi.

Chinese Book of Changes in the I-Ching oracle says about us, the Latin: the source of your involvements, nuggets you for fatal exhaustion, are your eating habits, as well as your passion for food unnatural.

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