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They are Dr. Hedwig council Górnicki from the book of nature Pharmacy - Health Guide. " Please note that Mr Górnicka is a supporter of the "old school" nutrition, and thus the use of milk and combine proteins and carbohydrates. Please keep this in mind and follow your own knowledge, experience and common sense. 
Nutrition during pregnancy 

It was once thought that a pregnant woman should eat for two, or for himself and for having a baby. This is of course fundamentally false view. Just like any other, that should be restricted in calories and protein rations during pregnancy. Numerous studies show that the abnormal nutrition during this period Meuse lead to many abnormalities, including premature birth and increased infant mortality. The quality of food rather than its quantity. 

A woman in pregnancy should primarily eat reasonably, that is so, to provide the body with all the necessary ingredients that are needed her and the child. One of them is primarily protein, an important building block of the developing organism. So meat, especially lean beef, veal and pork, at least once a week, liver, and besides milk, eggs, cottage cheese and all dairy products. Besides butter, the fat in the form of oil, preferably soybean or sunflower oil, as well as cereal, fruit and vegetables. I find it very valuable food ground bee pollen mixed with honey (10 grams of pollen mix in a glass of honey and enjoy the 3-4 teaspoons after eating). It is recommended that the restriction of sweets, animal fats, potatoes, farinaceous foods such as noodles and bread and salt. 

In total, healthy woman with normal pregnancy, should be eaten in moderation, not yielding absolutely wolf appetite, as it often happens, but it frequently. Let's not three times, but five very large meals during the day.Since the majority of pregnant metabolic processes taking place much slower than in other periods of their lives, worth paying attention to promoting good digestion products. The best remedy is adequate diet containing fruit juices, fruits, vegetables, wholemeal bread, bran. During this period you need to avoid any laxatives. And if they are adopted, it is only with the consent of your doctor. 

Calculated that during the nine months a woman should consume an additional 80,000 calories, or 300 calories a day. This gives you 2500 calories per day, slightly more than the normal amount. It is also important to the increased demand for extra calories do not cover fats, sweets, but rather the fruit and vegetables. It should also regularly check the weight.Need to weigh themselves every month, and if there is a tendency to gain weight every two weeks. It is also worth knowing that the first 14 weeks of pregnancy, weight indicator should be in place. From 14 to 20 weeks may be increased by 2.5 kg. From 20 to 30 weeks for a further 5 kg. From 30 to 36 weeks of 2.5 kg, and finally to 40 weeks may be some slight hesitation. 

During pregnancy, you should avoid taking any strong medication. An exception to this rule are medications prescribed by your obstetrician, such as lime-type Calcium Granulatum and Falvit and taken strictly according to his instructions. Unauthorized taking medication by the mother can damage the fetus and birth of a child crippled. Also, herbal laxatives considered safe, are subject to the same rules. 

To tobacco smoke is particularly exposed to the nervous system of the fetus, sometimes leading to severe and, unfortunately, irreversible. In addition, children of mothers smoking are usually anoxic and less well nourished in the womb. Born with lower birth weight, are prone to seizures and syncope, and have less resistance to infection. Children of mothers who drink alcohol during pregnancy can be born with congenital central nervous system, and also with a damaged liver and pancreas. 

The mother will also apply periodic urine testing to timely capture the possible renal failure, hypertension and even poisoning of pregnancy. It is also necessary gymnastics throughout the pregnancy, which has a positive effect on parturition. Breathing exercises improve the absorption of oxygen, which is beneficial to health and contributes to the birth of a healthy child. 
Nutrition nursing mother 

From the moment of conception, throughout pregnancy, mother and child are one. The mother protects and nurtures a child. Breastfeeding is therefore a natural extension and complement of the pregnancy. It is the health of the mother's milk sucked. Therefore, precisely because of its special characteristics, breast milk is sometimes called "white blood. It provides the baby with sufficient quantities of all essential nutrients, building blocks, energy, and vitamins, trace elements, fats, and finally the body immune system, protecting children against diseases. Breast milk is therefore the most valuable food. These features do not have any, even the best cow's milk or powder. 

Diet of a nursing mother has a significant impact on both her health, as well as the health of the child. During this period, its energy demand increases by about 500-800 calories per day. This does not mean that you have to overeat. Adequately meets the needs of an additional meal such as lunch. It is important that a woman who is the principles of rational nutrition. Her diet should be light and varied, incorporating in their daily meals, meat, fish, cheese, eggs, fruits and vegetables and at least a liter of milk a day. Since the amounts of liquids, contrary to some findings, certainly does not depend on the amount of food. The case of drinking, should regulate desire. You can drink a light tea, fruit, water, juice, preferably sweetened enough. 

There is a superstition that during lactation does not eat the food acid. It is a wrong opinion, because both the sauerkraut, as well as the juice from pickled beets, sour fruits and salads do not have harmful properties. You can also eat small amounts of horseradish and lemon. But that it should avoid garlic, which confers pokarmowi odor and avoid having properties wzdymające vegetables such as peas, beans, broad beans, boiled cabbage fat, and in some cases even fresh coarse wholemeal bread, they do not cause colic in infants. Of course, all these vegetables can and should be replaced by others with similar nutritional characteristics. A woman who is should be used with marjoram cumin seasoning, then the food does not cause flatulence and colic in an infant. 

Superstition is also finding that drinking beer increases lactation. It is, after the alcohol, and the woman who is must be absolutely avoided. And in any case not allowed to smoke cigarettes. The child then eats mother's milk, which contains poisonous substances, and inhale the smoke, which becomes a kind of passive smoker. This has a negative effect on the nervous system and general development in the future as an intellectual.Children of mothers smoking at the same time are smaller and less resistant to any infection, so often get sick. 

It happens that in the first days after birth the child reluctant to suckle their mothers breast. We must then show patience and not be put off by the initial difficulties. Suction increases lactation, must therefore przystawiać them to her breast until it succeeds. Feed as often as demanded by the child, or on demand. Popular not so long ago the conviction of the need to determine the rigid observance of hours feeding and night break, it turned out wrong.Paediatricians retreated from that statement. The first period from birth, which is usually the first week, require several feedings a day, including at night, while spontaneously after a few days, will not produce a break of the night. Breast milk completely quenches the thirst and hunger. No need, therefore, give your child any other beverages. The situation is usually the second week in a while stabilizing, and infant needs are limited to 6-8 feedings a day.

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