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How to feed a student?

Observations collected by doctors and teachers show that after three hours, often even earlier, especially with the youngest child classes become lethargic, they begin to yawn, they are less attentive and unable to focus attention. This is proof that these children there was a loss of energy, you should make a solid meal. -Being a student at the school, school performance depends not only on their individual characteristics, abilities and aptitudes, but also on proper nutrition.

Child's energy supply needed carbohydrates and fats. Protein needed for building new and reconstruction of old tissues and other physiological functions are found in animal pochodzeniia (milk, meat, fish, eggs, cheese) and plant origin (vegetables, legumes, potatoes). Calcium is necessary for normal growth and development of bone and teeth, and also ensure proper blood clotting is located primarily in milk and dairy products, as well as natc parsley, kale, and sardines szprotach. Iron is in meat, liver, eggs, spinach, rhubarb. The mineral elements in fruits and vegetables. Vitamins, like minerals, regulate the body's life processes. Each fulfills a specific role and why each is important and necessary. All these components must be essential to ensure that the child rationally dividing them among the different meals. And so the first breakfast should contain about 20-25% of these ingredients, lunch, about 50% and dinner is also about 20-25%.

If your child does not provide the appropriate morning meal, it will not be able to focus in the classroom. After returning from school must also be supplemented by food shortages. It can not replace the abundant half-board, which, incidentally, is by no means the healthiest.Sometimes it is a mistake to underestimate the parents of the first meal. Sometimes the child gets up late, because the previous day watching television for too long at the last moment, hungry, rushing to school. It is absolutely unacceptable. The child must lie down to sleep at the right time and get up early enough, it could safely eat breakfast. Its foundation should be milk in various forms, dark and light bread, with butter, cheese, ham, egg, to a fruit and vegetable. It is also highly desirable addition of honey and jam. In no case, however, the first breakfast can not be limited solely to the soup milky.

Between breakfast and lunch, the first child should be sure to eat lunch. If you eat lunch at school, it may be less abundant. Just a sandwich with ham or cheese and a lettuce leaf, to some vegetable or fruit. However, if the child until it dinners at home, the lunch should be solid. Two sandwiches with ham, cheese, tasty paste, leaf lettuce postponed to some kind of vegetable and fruit, plus a cup of yogurt or kefir.

For dinner, your child should eat soup in broth with vegetables and meat, and main dish accompanied with seasonal vegetables such as carrot and apple, sauerkraut with grated apples and carrots, etc. For dinner, in addition to sandwiches - in my opinion - it is good to give something warm such as soup and pig iron. Of course, also between lunch and dinner, you can give your child something to eat: pudding or jelly, biscuits and fruit juice or a piece of yeast cake with a light tea.

And one more thing. Children eat too many sweets, which cause not only tooth decay but also a loss of appetite. Need to limit sweets and replace them with fruit, fruit juice and vegetables.

How to feed a student?

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