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Diet prof. Tombak is a diet of "modest" and tending more towards vegetarianism, since prefer eating more plant products. There is no room for "luxury" and "exquisite" food and "a paradise for the palate." Its primary objective is "to eat there to live, not live in order to eat." The first and main concern is how to combine food and it is a shock for all the years have learned another way of eating.

The second principle is the same way you eat. Prof. Tombak proposes to develop a habit of eating twice a day. The first meal between my 8-and 9-this morning and afternoon between 17 th and 20 th. In the interval between meals is to eat only vegetables and fruit or drink fruit or vegetable juices (freshly prepared) or bottled water (in a cycle of two weeks of drinking - month interval). It is best to drink green tea or herbal tea (chamomile, nettle, lemon balm). Do not drink while eating, if you feel the desire to eat a couple of times we flush the throat. The order of food intake: juice, tea, mineral water - salads - a basic meal (carbohydrates in the morning, evening protein). The food you should eat slowly, chewing thoroughly (1925-1950 chew every morsel of times), since the fragmentation of food depends on the accuracy and speed of digestion of food.

How to combine food

Prof. Tombak foods divided into three groups. A similar distribution also makes Dr. Górnicka.Why? This is due to the quality of enzymes needed for digestion. Each uniform food a different enzyme digests and often mixed diet enzyme alkaline and acid neutralize each other, which in turn leads to niestrawienia any of the food. Therefore, the optimal diet requires eating only one meal in one product, which is completely digested. For example, carbohydrates are digested within 20-30 minutes, and protein within 2-4 hours, and such breaks should be between one and another eat.

CARBOHYDRATE DIET (can be combined)

meat, meat, fish, raw and smoked bacon, offal, game, all the eggs, casseroles, stocks, eggplant, beans, broad beans, soybeans all seeds, all nuts, sunflower seeds, milk-sour products, cottage cheese, cottage cheese, hard cheeses and processed cheeses , milk, yogurt, kefir, gelatin
and products "live"

fish oil, lard, lard, butter, fresh and processed cheeses, oils, margarine, hazelnuts and walnuts, almonds, dark chocolate,

vegetables, dried fruits, juices, vegetables and fruit, vegetables (excluding potatoes), berries, melons, mushrooms, dry wine, milk, flavors and spices, melon and banana is best eaten alone without combining with other products
flour, cereal, rice, cereals, all breads, crackers, potatoes, corn, pasta, noodles, pancakes, sugar, honey, dried fruits, products containing sugar, jam, marmalade, jam candy, cakes, fruit syrups, cocoa powder, beans and legumes (dry) lentils, peanuts
DIET protein (can be combined)

If zasłonimy left table (protein), we obtain a list of foods that make up the carbohydrate diet, and the articles can be mixed in any proportions. If zasłonimy right table (carbohydrates) get food protein food. The interval between the consumption of both food should be not less than 3-4 hours. Probably putting too surprising nuts and fats and proteins. This follows from the fact that nuts are half protein and half the fat and eat some case separately. For example, hazelnuts, and Italian contain more than 50% fat, and earth - more than 45% fat, and protein and carbohydrate in excess of 20%. The same goes for the bacon. Streaky bacon to include meat (protein) and fat to fat. Are we going to eat it with bread, it's our choice. Moderation will not hurt, but if someone in one "sitting" can eat half a loaf of bread and a kilo of bacon, it must reckon with some consequences.

At the beginning of this division seems to be difficult or even impossible to accept. Many people are upset that they have to give up bread, potatoes or grits, if you wanted them to eat meat. So if you want to be healthy, then we have no other choice but to fight this habit.

And here is another version of the product mix:

(All types)
green vegetables milk, starch, sweets, other proteins, acidic fruits, oil, butter, cream, cream
(Bread, potatoes)
green vegetables, vegetable and animal fats all proteins, all fruits, sugars, acids
Green vegetables all proteins, all grain products milk
(Most kinds)
green vegetables, acidic fruits milk, starch, sweets, other proteins, butter, cream, vegetable oil
Eggs green vegetables milk, starch, sweets, other proteins, acidic products, vegetable oil
Milk eat separately from the sour fruit can all proteins, green vegetables, starchy foods
Animal fats All grain crops all proteins
(All types)
always eat separately All Products
(Wheat, rye, oats)
green vegetables acidic fruits, all protein, all the sweets, milk
Legumes green vegetables all proteins, all the sweets, fruits (all types), butter, cream, cream
Semi-acid and non-acid
clabber sour fruit, starch, protein, milk
Fruit Acid nuts, sour milk and other acidic fruits all the sweets, starches (breads, cereals), proteins with the exception of nuts

The whole prof. Tombak took in eleven sections, which are called truths of eleven healthy life.

? Do not eat fast.
? Do not sip during a meal.
? Do not eat often and chew constantly (also applies to chewing gum).
? Do not watch TV while eating.
? Do not lie after eating.
? Do not eat before bedtime and do not snack at night.
? Correctly combine the products you eat.
? Avoid a sedentary lifestyle.
? Reduce to a minimum intake of flour products and sweets.
? Reduce to a minimum intake of refined products and cooked.

Who exactly has read this, understand that it is "apocalypse." Goodbye, crispy rolls with butter and ham. Goodbye schaboszczaku of odsmażanymi potatoes. Farewell sour soup with sausage. This is the price of our health. If anyone believes otherwise, it will inevitably have to enter into greater intimacy with your doctor first, then the second and the next contact, and you, as usual, Apply, antibiotics, aspirin or other chemicals "news" and then start to cut the diseased part by bit. Everyone knows that eating healthy can be divided into either tasty - the choice depends on us.


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