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Father's Grande warnings and advice


Lemon - is a blessing, but not for teeth, because the rozlezą so that the flaps even on an ordinary bun. You can never allow this to someone biting a lemon. Horror. Juice, yes, we can add to everything, but it must not affect the tooth enamel, because it dissolves quickly. Do not dispose of lemon tea. Flakes have tea in its composition a microscopic amount of alumina (aluminum), which in itself is not harmful, while under the influence of citric acid, chemizuje and carried in the bloodstream settles in the brain, creating a favorable backdrop for Alzheimer's disease.

Eggs - contrary to everything that is said about them - they are a remedy against atherosclerosis. You can eat 6 eggs a day and reduce their cholesterol levels. But remember - if only to add a teaspoon of sugar, eggs, such as sweetened tea - this level will immediately rise. Simple protein in the egg gives a person great power, and the yolk contains all the trace elements, micronutrients and vitamins. There is nothing better for the nutrition of the body as the yolk, because it is everything you need for life and growth of the developing chick. An egg contains the precious substance - lecithin - preventing atherosclerosis. But it can not be combined with saturated fats, for example - fried in butter and add sugar.

Salt - washing, rinsing and weighing the salt is a crime against nature. Mined salt carries a vast wealth of selenium, iron and cobalt. Meanwhile, industrial production, they are flushed to the river, and thence to the sea, in addition - poisoned half the way lives in rivers. What more does our nutrition industry? Well, bought abroad for hard U.S. dollars iodine, saturated with salt, rinsed it, grinds it and sells worthless white substance from which the iodine - after opening the bag - very quickly evaporates. Look to the salt mine Kłodawy, the least refined, gray, "ugly" in appearance.

The way to a hangover - for breakfast we eat two soft-boiled eggs, drink some big cup of cocoa after a while, drink a glass of juice from the sauerkraut.

Compaction meals - just flour, lightly beaten in milk, cream or water. Never roux.

Sugar - to the west, particularly in the United States, the sugar you have added to Book of dangerous foods, followed by drugs. Also adopted the name "white death." Before all the sugar is digested, the body goes into a 4-fold form of chemical transformations. The first combines with the salts of saturated fat and cholesterol crystals produces huge. Second - is the cause of nephrolithiasis. Today we use sugar without restriction, and this is the most ordinary refined sugar chemistry, which greatly increases the amount of calories, and does not give the expected energy. Turning several times in the body metabolism, produces "the way" a lot of malicious substances. In addition, the company is looking very hard, and saturated fat is associated with them, creating a mass of cholesterol. Saccharin - a very dry mucous membranes. Spoon of honey is enough for a daily dose of energy.
If you can not do without sugar, you do not connect it with fats.

Coffee - lowering the level of magnesium, also lowers blood pressure. Hydrochloric acid was produced by acidic digestive tract, concentrated blood plasma and it's snail-like circulation.Coffee apparently improves mood by increasing blood volume resource (like overdose alcohol increases the amount of blood from 6 to 8 liters), but also addictive, demanding more and more servings. If anyone can not do without the drugs, it may not exceed two cups a day.

Margarine - throw out the liniment from the kitchen immediately! - As a product with a high degree of processing, doing damage in the human body. Just think - what the technological process has to go through the oil naturally as the way you need to add chemicals (including carcinogenicity), artificially produced butyric acid (which is likely to destroy the mucous membranes), stabilizers and dyes (if not orange farbka - margarine would be deathly pale) to get a character strikingly packaged dice.

Vinegar - do not use it! According to Father Grande "God forbid, seven misfortunes."

Roux - it causes damage to the liver and pancreas. Roux, contrary to the principles of functioning digestive culture, is finding the time of famine the First World War, when it had to do something out of nothing and a tablespoon of flour baked in the fat pot of soup was created.

Father's Grande warnings and advice

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