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Ourself breed a cancer


Brought to me once, a boy, he was twelve years old. For the past two years had a strong paroxysmal attacks of asthma.His face was swollen and pale yellow, stated curvature of the spine, he was obese (the effect of hormone treatment) had relief from even the simplest exercise. Playing football, cycling, swimming - all this remained a dream. He sat before me unhappy, deprived childhood, twelve disabled.The worst thing was that his future life was outlined even worse (bronchial asthma is a chronic disease very difficult to cure). To my question "What does he like to eat?" mother replied that the meat, soups, dairy products and sweets, cakes.

I can never understand parents who, with blind love trying to buy their children ice cream or a delicious candy, sugary soda or candy floss, not understanding that all these products will change in a child in the poison, which in itself will carry for life . So often, when parents talk about hereditary diseases, I want to deny it. Transmitted diseases are not hereditary, inherited lifestyle is wrong, which therefore is the cause of many diseases.

"Is is hardened, grown morning calisthenics?" - No. Unfortunately, most children do not currently know what to say, hardening of the body, morning exercise. Television, computer games and have replaced physical activity, and therefore the majority of children are overweight, visual, and has a very low resistance to any infection. "As he likes to sleep?" - Soft bed, tall pillow, warm quilt, quilt. "Do you often had the flu, a sore throat?" - Yes. "And as a boy defecates?". His mother shrugged her shoulders - "I really do not know." I asked the boy: "Do you have trouble when you do poop?". On his cheeks blush appeared. He replied: "I'm doing, but with difficulty. I have constipation, and stool is in the form of goat droppings." "And how often it hurts your head?". He replied that once a week for sure. "And then what do you do?". - "Nothing, I'm lying or mother gives me a pill." Before me sat a child who is just beginning to live. But right now you could say that such a mode of life it was a potential candidate for cancer.

According to statistics in Western European countries, every fourth child has a respiratory disorder, every tenth - of the digestive system, every fifth - disturbances of vision and hearing, and the third - interference with the nervous system. Almost 80% of children suffer from constipation and headache. Finding a healthy child is virtually impossible. And what can you expect from these children when they grow up?

Nature likes of those who live according to its laws. At birth man is coated with water, then he breathes, draws air. It reaches the first ray of sunshine, and it supports the earth. Dying man says goodbye to the sunshine, breathing stops, descends into the earth. Therefore, always between birth and death is life, which fully depends on the sun, air, water and earth. The sun gives us life energy, the air gives us our body with oxygen, water fills the cells of our bodies and the earth nourishes us. Such are the laws of nature. They are immutable and eternal.

The man did not want to live by the laws of nature, he began to create their artificial conditions, began to be afraid of the sun, poisoned air and water, no longer enjoy the benefits of the land, replacing them with treats in pretty packaging. And what is received in return? Suffering and disease. A man accustomed to the fact that everything should be sweet, tasty, cooked and warm, and therefore takes in the "dilute" condition. Along with the poisoned blood of his body after the spread of the disease, waning health, weakens the heart, brain fades. And no pills do not help, because the body resembles standing swamp, which the human gradually draws. With this situation, there are only two options - either live, actually suffering and waiting to die, or change their lives so that they remain healthy. Old wisdom says - "Doctors cure, but nature heals." And this means that if a patient will create conditions similar to the natural, the body will be able to cope with any illness.

When last I worked with cancer patients, it is a necessary part of healing therapy system was Nishi. It does not do such a stunning impression as complex devices irradiated, irradiation, or shiny nickel wise operating rooms with assistive devices, surgeons during surgery, nevertheless gives good results. Judge for yourself by examining the cases of cancer cured by Nishi system (data Professor Watanabe).

LUNG CANCER (K. Majra, aged 76) In August 1958, was diagnosed with lung cancer and surgery was proposed, on which he disagreed. Repeat test performed at Tokyo hospital confirmed the diagnosis. During two months in hospital he was treated sorcomecyną, but he began to feel weakness throughout the body, gradually lose your appetite. Respiration caused him great difficulty. X-rays, taken at the end of the second month in the hospital showed that the blackout has remained in the lungs and the heart rate increased. The latter was a side effect of treatment sorcomecyną and other pharmaceutical preparations that led to the disruption of blood circulation and lymph. Breathing has become virtually impossible.

The situation was hopeless, even surgery did not promise any chances. In December, the patient was discharged from the hospital. Someone from the family asked him to try the treatment system according to Nishi. During the day, the patient performed the following treatments - treatments applied air, alternating been taking a bath, drank tea from the leaves of palm, very rich in vitamin C (up to 2 liters a day), performed a set of exercises Nishi. After a month he has improved appetite, improved mood, he began to breathe easier. Blackout in the lungs decreased. After one year (November 1959) the patient was completely healthy and have applied for life anticancer Nishi system.

STOMACH CANCER (Jumiki T., age 69) in the hospital after the stringent examination of the diagnosis - cancer of the stomach. Operation was proposed but the patient refused. He decided to enter therapy system according to Nishi. After a month had passed an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach, decreased nausea. After a year, sent a letter, that feels good and highly appreciates the treatment, which freed him from gastric cancer without having to undergo surgery.

COLON CANCER (Iszizuko, age 61) in summer 1958, he began to experience pain while eating. Feces due to the admixture of colored blood was a dark color. Doctors from a hospital in Osaka put the diagnosis - cancer of the colon simple. The patient, however, refused surgery. He turned to another hospital, where two months course of treatment undergone by the system Nishi, followed by a full recovery.

Laryngeal cancer (Masapugu, aged 68) The patient could not speak. Doctors put a hospital in Osaka diagnosis - cancer of the larynx. Treatment was administered isotopes, which did not help. In November 1958, the patient admitted to the hospital for treatment under the system Nishi. He had a bad habit - smoking 40 cigarettes a day and he loved sweets, which ate in large quantities. These habits increase the irritation of the larynx, which developed into cancer. Two months of treatment gave the desired result - the voice returned to normal. His physical condition has significantly improved. The patient was discharged from the hospital to continue treatment on their own. In a letter of 1962, thanked for help in regaining health.

UTERINE CANCER (Gojono Sato, age 49) for five years suffered from severe uterine bleeding. Diagnosis - cancer of the uterus. Admitted to the hospital for 8 months and was treated by the system Nishi. Her physical condition has improved at the end of the second month. There was profuse bleeding during which the dead were recovered pieces of tissue.Was discharged from hospital and at home to continue treatment. Repeated three more times to hemorrhage, removing dead tissue. Conducted the necessary consultations by phone. It feels good, it is quite healthy, as confirmed by research. She said that the doctor who suggested the operation was astounded by the result of research and said - "You are lucky he was probably an error in diagnosis."

These events took place 40 years ago, but today in Japan have successfully used the system Nishi in the treatment of cancer. Beginning in 1990, this system began to be used in many centers of unconventional medicine in Russia. I personally and my colleagues use it, since 1986, with certain modifications (including climate, other species of food products, etc.).Statistics have not been driving because the results of studies dealt with the doctors, but I collected a list of patients who underwent treatment with us. In these letters described the results of self-medication. I present one of them.

UTERINE CANCER (Natalia D., age 49, Year 1986) During the study found cancer of the uterus with metastases to the breast. Your doctor will ask for a rapid agreement on the operation. She looked bad - was dull skin, she was hunched, with paragraphs odor can escape. After the interview, the doctor understood the patient, you may not want to deprive the 44-year reproductive organs and breasts. The operation was delayed for 8 weeks. Natalie continued to work and home duties he took upon himself her husband (it's great when you close a man really understands you.) Twice a day, Natalie was doing air baths, drank tea from the leaves of black currants, raspberries and wild roses. She staggered showers, exercise performed by a complex system of Nishi. Cleared the colon using enemas. She ate only raw fruits, nuts, bran, and rice, cereal with boiled vegetables, drank carrot juice and sugar. After three weeks on her body, red spots appeared, and the vagina was leaked as "a terrible waste." All this testified to the fact that the body began to clean up.

Then Natalie went on a hunger strike. For 7 days, drink water (the glass has added a teaspoon of apple vinegar and 1 teaspoon of honey to complement the deficiencies in minerals and vitamins). Seventh-day hunger strike interrupted. It is known that as long as a man fasts, so long the hunger strike should "go." And so for 7 days only drank juice from a freshly prepared 5 kinds of fruits and vegetables of different colors. Eating fruits and vegetables. Later went on a diet consisting of proper linking products. After 8 weeks, full of anxiety went to the doctor, who previously directed her to surgery. After careful study, not hiding amazement, the doctor said - "I can not believe how you managed it?". When Natasha told what she had done in so short a time, the doctor exclaimed - "I Miss all show." Natalia wrote a letter one year after the conducted treatment. She worked, she feels good, shorter words - reveled in health.

All people can be, for me, to share (but without images) on the "lazy" and "diligent." "Lazy" are waiting for help from others, care about their health made on the shoulders of physicians, etc. biotherapists "hardworking" want to help themselves, they want to know the true causes of their diseases, but do not always know how to do it. Mostly for them, "busy", I write my books.As for the "lazy", I would advise them to consider the old Eastern wisdom, which says - "No one ever does anything without satisfying the above all his own, and not your needs." And that's why you should never give "blindly into the hands of another human being's most valuable, what you have - life and health." Do not waste your time in fruitless anticipation of the "miraculous healing", nobody will take care of you better than you do. Only you can make yourself be healthier. And that's why you need to show the will and persistence, be ruthless to their own laziness, to arm ourselves with knowledge, experience and find your way to health.And as we all know who is looking for, it's always.

Modern medicine in the treatment of cancer, suggests three basic methods - chemotherapy, and surgery rentgenoterapię. As I said, the proposed method is a struggle with the consequences. The most important - is to know the cause and fight with them. At present, the most important cause of failure is considered defenses to counter the cancer. So from the liquidation of this very reason, should be initiated for prevention and fight against cancer. A comprehensive system that I propose has never been tested scientifically. The only "reviewers" are cancer patients who managed to conquer the disease and are now healthy.This system was never published, if the elements were used, it is only by my students and colleagues. The system can be used regardless of the process of treatment and medication.Its advantage is the full mobilization of defenses, "disadvantage" and that, in contrast to pharmaceuticals, requires constant attention from a man of his health. Ill need more time to recover. People with minor health problems will improve quickly. A healthy, well-being will remain for life.

Hippocrates said, - "If there is disease in nature, it means that Nature has a cure for her. You just have to find". Up to bring the conditions of our lives to the laws of nature. To do this:

    • learn gymnastics respiratory

      change your eating habits (proper food combining)

      drink freshly prepared vegetable and fruit juices,

      used water treatment hartujące (spa, sauna), alternating hot and cold shower,

      practice exercise,

      purify the body,

      perform gymnastics antitumor Nishi,

      learn to control the psyche (emotions, desires, thoughts).

It also draws attention to the vital problems of nutrition:

    • it is necessary to exclude all gradually refined and unnatural products (sausages, meats, margarine, canned goods, preserves, vinegar, white flour, soups, various sauces, etc.)

      to minimize the consumption of sugar and products containing sugar substitutes and their diet (sugar substitute honey)

      to minimize the consumption of stimulants (coffee, tea, meat, meat broth, strong alcohol)

      reduce consumption of animal fats, including butter, cheese, fatty meat species,

      reduce to a minimum intake of yeast bread.

Should be included in the diet of cereal, cooked rice (preferably crude), vegetables and fruit - not less than 5 types, both raw and cooked fish, poultry, wheat germ, cottage cheese (fat - 50 grams per day), yellow cheese (1-2 slices per day), eggs (soft-boiled - 3 times a week). In determining the diet should be guided by the following principles - we eat everything that grows on the ground, in ground, on trees (we eat either raw or cooked, and it would be good if the products have been grown in an area where we live). Composing a menu should be considered correct product mix and set it as follows:

    • every meal is a juice, salad and a dish appropriate - before noon carbohydrate products (cereals, potatoes, vegetables and fruit or vegetable products), afternoon protein products (fish, white cheese - products of animal origin)

      best to eat twice a day. If you are hungry - you eat vegetables, fruit, drink tea from the leaves of raspberry, blackberry, birch, black currant (4-6 glasses a day),

      necessary to learn to chew slowly (healthy - 25-30 times, the patients - from 1950 to 1970 times) every bite.

Once again I want to emphasize the need to drink before meals freshly prepared juices and eating salads. The reasons are as follows:

One of the world's most important discoveries of the twentieth century in the field of nutrition was the discovery of the theory of membrane digestion. According to her, in the digestive process involved not only the stomach and small intestine, but also the blood vessels.Therefore, if a person eats any old how, without respecting the physiological principles of nutrition, would inevitably lead to disease. If previously it was thought that the small intestine into the body gets only one "stream" of nutrients that work Ugolewa proved that there are at least five. One of the streams consists of over 30 hormones and hormone-like substances that occur in cells of the gut and its flora, which is of decisive importance not only for digestion, but also to conduct physiological functions of the body. What's more, it turned out that its weight is greater than the mass of cells of all endocrine cells and produce hormones identical to hormones produced by endocrine glands. In addition, the microflora of the small intestine can produce the necessary hormones, vitamins, amino acids. Therefore, each inhibit the development of microflora such as antibiotics, or vice versa - to create favorable conditions for its development as a result of pathological eating refined or cooked food destroys the body's hormonal system.

By the way, I note that if you look in terms of the theory on such a widespread disease such as thyroid disease, it becomes clear that they are the result of digestive disturbances (fast food habit, wrong combination of products and when eating enjoyment - a main reason leading to diseases of the pancreas). Try to change wrong habits in nutrition and disease will disappear. The overwhelming majority of people suffer from obvious pathology, caused by the infringement of healthy microflora. At the same time these disorders begin in infancy when the mother's milk instead of cow's milk the child receives or preserves. As a result, instead of a healthy lactic acid begins to decay, poisoning the body and out with the kids tire of allergies, rhinitis, staphylococci, sick bay, and hundreds of other health problems.

Precisely in order to strengthen the endocrine system and to provide vitamins, minerals, macro-and micro-elements, each meal should start with a freshly prepared juices. After consuming the juice it is essential to eat salad, a minimum of five different vegetables (eg potato, cabbage, beets, carrots, onions). In such a pig with all necessary nutrients for the body of fiber (fiber) or ballast substances - these are the critical components of food necessary for normal gastrointestinal tract and whole organism. Lack of fiber in the diet leads to cholesterol metabolism disorders, hormone, promotes the formation of stones. Bacterial flora are eating fiber, transforming it into an indispensable vitamins and amino acids. They force the colon to work - conducive to the rapid shifting of the food. This is especially valuable for our "pathologically sedentary lifestyle.

Dietary fiber accelerates the excretion of toxins from the body and holds it as needed potassium ions, calcium, sodium, magnesium. It is located in fruits and vegetables.Therefore, pig iron should be placed on our table throughout the year. They are especially needed for older people - you just can not think of a better prevention against diabetes and obesity. I appeal to the elderly - if you've lost your teeth (and you lost it because you ate too much sweet and cooked), then eat vegetables and fruits, rubbing them on plastic tarkach, freshly prepared juice drink - the flesh to make as much fiber was given to the body. If you wyrobicie a habit of starting a food from the juices and salads, gain health. With all the conviction I can say that people are accustomed to eating mostly sandwiches, soups, potatoes with meat, is disturbed mechanism for regulating the demand for food. For this reason, they are constantly hungry and eat everything "like flies", which leads to overweight and continuous poisoning of the body niestrawionymi rotten remnants of food.

Ourself breed a cancer

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