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For what people get sick and die quickly


Trying to trace the process of developing many diseases is not as time consuming as it might seem to us. While the body of every man is different, is an individual, the pattern of diseases in the formation of all is the same. In brief, it says - that every illness, from mild reddening of the skin (eg allergies) to any organ cancer is a disease of the whole organism, not its individual parts. It does not matter what this disease, as it is called, it's important that it is caused by accumulated toxins in the body. These poisons enter the body in two ways:

1 From the outside (along with food, air, water, medicines)
2 form the inside as a result of life processes of the body itself or in the bacteria.
Each food is not absorbed accumulates in the large intestine and is converted into "a convivial table" for the bacteria that produce toxic substances in the body. These substances are absorbed by the walls of the colon and then the blood is distributed to all organs, causing various diseases. Please forgive me, but I give a drastic example. During World War II, German occupiers carry out the following experiments. Since people suffering from chronic constipation downloaded the contents of the colon, serum and injections were preparing healthy people. Depending on the amount of poison followed by mental disorders, breaking blood vessels and brain haemorrhage.

In the early twentieth century, Professor, University Moskieskiego Zepp wrote an interesting job that, like many works of Russian doctors were never published. Based on experience with a professor has determined that a stroke is caused by inflammation of the ear normally, and ear infections that in turn the result of inflammation of the throat. Throat is ill but when the kidneys perform their functions badly. Kidney niedomagają because man is sleeping in a warm bed, warm regards dressed, wearing clothes is not air permeable. Kidney disease leads to disruption of skin respiration and other functions of the skin. Poor kidney function and the skin causes liver disease, and these lead to disorders of the circulatory system and digestive system. Constipation arise that cause autointoxication body. As a result, it comes to expansion and rupture of blood vessels of the brain. When the brain is paralyzed (mikrowylew), changes occur in all systems of the body, which can lead to various psychoses, schizophrenia, dementia, disturbances of hearing, vision, bowel diseases, the formation of gallstones, kidney, rheumatism, etc.

Around this same time, but quite at the other end of the world Nishi Japanese professor noted that in 99% of those who died due to various diseases, were found mikrowylewy blood to the brain, and that in those parts, which direct the movements of the limbs. This led to the conclusion Nishi, explaining the phenomenon of cold hands and feet. People always have cold hands and feet of affected work is the heart, kidneys, blood vessels. They also have weak lungs and liver, and caused all of this is constipation. If food is not completely burned, and the undigested remains of broken down in the large intestine, it produces carbon monoxide which combines with hemoglobin forms a toxic compound. This compound, collecting a year in the body destroys the brain, cardiovascular system and generally the whole body.

Before World War II American doctor Abbott published a paper in which he described the origin of certain diseases, resulting from changes in the spine. [...] The rapid motion, carrying small loads, not very mobile lifestyle, improper body position at work or school, etc. are able to cause minimal dislocation. Dislocated vertebra compressing the nerves and blood vessels, which are associated with specific muscles and body organs. If the nerve is damaged, and the authority, which he directs is wrong.

For the transfer of whiplash may experience the following symptoms - headaches, irritability, nervousness, insomnia, rhinitis, high blood pressure, constant fatigue, allergies, deafness, eye disease, eczema, pimples, various eczema, throat diseases, colds, thyroid disease.

For the transfer of the thoracic vertebrae may experience the following symptoms - asthma, cough, heavy breathing, wheezing, headache hands (from the elbow down), back pain, diseases associated with abnormal functioning of the heart, bronchitis, pneumonia, gallbladder disease, liver disease, low pressure, circulatory disorders, arthritis, diseases of the stomach, heartburn, stomach and duodenal ulcer, gastritis, kidney disease, conditions of continuous fatigue, skin disorders (blackheads, blemishes, pimples, eczema, boils), rheumatism, stomach pains, certain types ofinfertility.

With the movement of lumbar vertebrae may receive the following symptoms - constipation, diarrhea, cramps in legs, bladder disease, dysregulation of the menstrual cycle, painful menstruation, impotence, severe pain in the knees, sciatica, lumbago, lumbar pain, poor blood circulation in the legs, ankle swelling "cold" legs, weakness in legs, cramps in the muscles of the legs, hemorrhoids.

Given what I said above, every person who does not know whether the medicine can be concluded that all diseases are a reflection of inappropriate lifestyle (what and how we eat, how to breathe, sleep, move, think), run from childhood to old age.

Once again, let's examine carefully our system of pathological diseases. In the beginning there are minimal changes in the spine (caused by improper arrangement of the body during sleep, lack of exercise). They lead to interference with the skin (the body is still niedotleniony). This process is exacerbated by wearing warm clothing too, neglect of water and air treatment. Disruption of breathing through the skin weakens the liver and kidneys (stones formed, weakening the ability to filter these bodies), adversely affects the quality and composition of the blood. The poor quality of the blood can lead to venous disease, leg cramps, bad state of teeth, hair and nails, abnormal heart function, eye, ear, and eventually the brain. Weakness of the liver and kidney leads to digestive disorders and these disorders in turn cause disease of the stomach, duodenum (indigestion, heartburn), etc. In addition, it leads to chronic constipation, which causes samozatruwanie the organism. They are accompanied by mental and nervous diseases, headaches, weakness, insomnia, and finally burst the blood vessels of the brain. If you do not even lead to death, that results in paralysis of limbs, because damage to the brain region responsible for the traffic system. Paralyzed, cold limbs further deteriorate the condition of the heart, blood vessels and kidneys. In this situation, there is uninteresting prospect of heart disease, cancer or Alzheimer's disease. At this closes the circle of disease.

Of course, in every human disease by developing a "scenario" which is characteristic only for his body and not always their sequence is as described above. Often, the disease develops at the same time. People suffering from disease or described them familiar with the observations of friends, acquaintances or family, after examining his or their mode of life should agree with me.
For what people get sick and die quickly

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