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THERE TYPES OF purification Purification of uric acid - OPTION I

Treatment same as cleaning the lymph and blood, but differing amounts of fluid consumed. We do it for 3 days and by this time you should not eat anything but orange or grapeifrutów. During the day you should drink 4 liters of a mixture of juice and make every day a new one.

Composition of the mixture for 1 day:
The juice of 900 g grapeifrutów juice, 900 g orange juice, lemon 200 g, 200 g of distilled water.
Carrying out treatment (each day):

Morning on an empty stomach to drink a table spoon of Epsom salt dissolved in a glass of warm water. Ppo drinking salt solution should dress warmly and every 30 minutes to drink a mixture of fruit juices in an amount of 100 g until it ends (during the day drink a mixture of 4 liters of juice.)

So proceed for 3 days in a row. When you are feeling hungry eat oranges or grapefruit, but nothing more. During the treatment we perspire heavily, but this is normal. They can also occur headaches, nausea and weakness - is a temporary phenomenon, which passes.However, if the headache persists, you should take a walk on fresh air or do intensive massage of the external ear, rubbing her tight big and index finger from bottom to top and back until the pain ceases.When nausea is pogryzać lemon or orange zest. Before bed is a must to drink a brew with herbal laxatives to remove deposited in the colon of toxins. In 4 and 5 day to drink the juice of apples or carrots or a mixture of juice and eat only vegetables and fruits. On the sixth day, we can extend the diet (porridge, eggs, fish).

After the treatment we need to change your eating habits. For 2-3 months should be excluded from the diet products containing white sugar and white flour, jam, candy, all the preparations, preserved, especially those that contain vinegar. Reduce fat intake should be and fried food. In small amounts you should eat butter, cheese, fish, eggs and meat. To opt out entirely from the milk. The dairy drink white, fat cheese (no more than 50 grams per day) and sour milk (not more than 1 glass per day). The basis of food should be salad, cereal, vegetables, fruit and freshly squeezed juices. Foods selected so that (separately carbohydrates, proteins separately) that was digested at the same time - 20-40 minutes trawimy carbohydrates, and proteins 2-4 hours, and hence the principle - you ate bread with butter, meat, eat in an hour, ate meat, eat bread with butter after 4 hours. As a cardinal rule to adopt proper food combining.
Purification of uric acid - OPTION II

For use in diseases - osteoporosis, gout, chronic rheumatism, gallstones and kidney, anemia, gout, certain nerve disease, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, gastric catarrh, liver disease.Conducting treatment with lemon juice for 10 days (prophylactic) or 12 days (therapeutic). In addition to medical treatment, I give prophylactic treatment to be carried out preferably in the early spring or late autumn during the influenza epidemic, angina and colds.

Both treatments have been described in czytance "What we poisons"

How to prepare lemon juice - lemon should be cut into half and squeeze each half. Juice drink with no sugar and no dilution with water (in the prophylactic treatment can be diluted with water and add a teaspoon of honey per cup of juice). Squeezed halves do not dispose of, and finely cut, transferred to a jar, cover them with honey or sprinkle with sugar, and after 10 hours we have the essence that you can drink instead of tea, adding mineral water or boiled. The same treatment healing treating conduct kamienie.Podczas treatment urine turns dark and appear in it could precipitate a brick (these are the salts of gout) and in the first phase of treatment may be a lot of it, reflecting the rapid removal of uric acid. At the end of treatment, urine color is amber and does not contain sediment.

Citric acid is the only acid binds calcium in the body to form a salt, which upon dissolution in the body it supplies calcium and phosphorous, which normalizes metabolism and regenerate the bone tissue. The organism is very difficult, and sometimes do not assimilate calcium from milk, so there is no need for its consumption. This is why the "glass of milk for the student" is the brainchild of chybionym - do not lose money by improving the health of young people, on the contrary - creating a new generation of patients.
Purification of the genitourinary system

? On the first day to 1 / 2 liter jar, pour in 2 tablespoons of uncleaned rice, place in a full cold boiled water and let stand for 24 hours.
? On the second day to take a second pot, pour into the rice, cover with water. From the first wash the rice pot, cover with water again and let stand for 24 hours.
? In this way every day to add the new jar, and the remaining rice and pour rinse water. After five days we'll have five jars of rice dipped.
? On the sixth day to cook the rice, which was number 1 in the jarBoil for 15 minutes and immediately eat nothing biting. You can only add a little butter, cream or vegetable oil, but in no case of salt. After eating rice for 3 hours you should not eat or drink anything. The jar No. 1 again pour in rice, cover with water and place the jar number 5
? So follow by two months, in turn putting the jars.
Purification of thyroid

40 pips from the apples, cut into small pieces and pour 100 ml of water. Put in a dark room for 7 days. Drink 15 minutes before eating after 7 drops dissolved in 20 ml of water. Treatment carried out every 3 months. Instead of apple seeds can be used 21 seeds from grapefruit.
Purification of genital tract

Featured smokers and sufferers of respiratory ailments. Used in the form of compresses.

The black radish
Wash the black radish, no peeling of the skin grate on coarse grater and squeeze juice. Add to juice, 1 tablespoon of honey and drink at night. Remaining after odciśnięciu flesh put on a cotton cloth and spread evenly on the chest (except around the heart), cover with a towel, and cover with peat wrap a warm blanket. If after 30-40 minutes of baking will be strong, remove the poultice. Do not allow skin burns.

The cabbage
Take four leaves of cabbage (size should be such as to cover the lungs from the back and chest), put the pot and boil for exactly 3 minutes after boiling. Then smear the chest and back of lard and put the 2 leaves at the front and rear. Wrap a towel, wear a warm shirt and a warm blanket cover. Compresses to do at night for three nights in a row. After the second kompresie will go down phlegm, cough, and will be profuse sweating (normal). Absolutely spit phlegm.

You can also clean up the pine resin.

1 cup of warm goat's milk over low heat (do not bring to a boil) is dissolved in a piece of pine resin size 1-1.5 cm. Drink a glass of warm at night. Then rub your chest and shoulders and create a warm Amol shirt. Rubbing is not necessary when taking one of the ways described above.
Purification of radionuclides and heavy metals

Everyone is a little "Chernobyl." Heavy metals and radionuclides from the food we eat and drink and breathe in the air. Gladly absorb them being fat in our body. The biggest threat from them is the ability to create in our body cells, known collectively as the degenerated cancer. We cleaned up in three ways.

Pine buds
4 tablespoons of young pine buds, put it into a half-liter jar and pour 1 cup of honey. Set aside in refrigerator. The juice will appear in two days. Drink 3 times a day after a spoon to run out of juice.

Pine or spruce needles
1 / 2 cup shredded needles Pour 1 liter of boiled water and heat 10-15 minutes over a low fire, do not allow to boil. Then drain. Drink tea instead of 7 days, then do 2 month break.

1 / 2 cup linseed pour 1.5 liter of boiling water, cook for 2 hours on low heat, cool and strain. Drink anything during the day. Use for 2 weeks.

OTHER TYPES purification

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