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Body cleansing - Detoxification

Purification of bones and joints

Purification of conduct for the next three days, using them 15 g bay leaf. After 7 days of treatment must be repeated. During treatment,urine will change color from green to bright red, and this is normal.During treatment, do not consume protein products (meat, eggs,milk, cheese, cottage cheese, etc.).

Living Set
5 g of finely crushed bay leaf and toss it into 300 ml boiling water,then cook over low heat for 5 minutes. Broth after cooking pour into a thermos flask and let stand for 5 hours. Then strain the broth, pour into a dish and drink small sips every 15-20 minutes during 12 hours.WARNING! Drinking tea all at once may result in severe bleeding.

Liver Cleansing

Some signs of liver pollution 
The appearance of freckles on your body, spotting brown and warts, brown spots at the roots of hair. 
Cold and clammy skin of the body and hands, yellow-colored underside of language. 
Inability to do with his right foot step, the same length as the left. 

Causes of abnormal liver function 
Excessive consumption - food and fluids, sugar, sugar products, fruit and alcohol, fats, vegetable oil and fat meat, meals cooked and refined, fresh bread and pasta. 
Habit of eating before bedtime or at night. 

Restoration of the normal bacterial flora

Bowel cleansing treatment and restore the normal bacterial flora runfor 2 weeks.

Every evening two hours after dinner, eat a clove of garlic. Garlicshould be eaten without bread, and chew well.

During the consumption of garlic may intensify the heartbeat in people with impaired blood circulation and it is natural. Strongabsorption causes a burning sensation of juice in the existingwounds, where the nest parasites. After eating garlic, you can rinseyour mouth, brush your teeth, and eat an apple before going to sleep, or drink tea with lemon or honey. The smell of garlic can removechewing lemon or orange zest or finely chopped parsley. If someoneis not able to eat garlic, it is recommended to slice a garlic clove in half, each half "wrapped" in a bit of bread and swallow like a pill.

Colon cleansing

The large intestine is called the "fuse health." The notion that only "sewage pipe" is a mistake. The large intestine meets one of the najważmiejszych roles in our body. It is absorbed in the water, vitamins, micro and macro, have not been absorbed in the small intestine and valuable to the body's digestive juices. The debris from which the body's no longer "pull" can not, fecal masses are formed.
It is also responsible for the quality of our defense system. The large intestine, whose walls are covered with debris niestrawionego rotten food, mucus and faecal stones did not fulfill its role, on the contrary - only poisons the body by toxins produced by bacterial putrefaction. In this case we suffer from diseases whose origin is difficult to guess. There is also no question of completely curing the disease, because therapeutic substances are not absorbed.Without purification, at the very beginning, colon cleansing other organs does not make sense.

Detoxification of the body

The whole article was developed based on the books of prof. Michał Tombak ("Road to Health", "How to live long and healthy" and "Do you live 150 years?"). The author writes:

To get rid of the true causes of many diseases, one must first move out from the body, everything in the landfill as gathered through the years. Complete cleansing of the body we are not only necessary, but vitally necessary, because only the pure body, free from the "inner dirt, can operate smoothly and properly. Each stage of purification will bring in tangible results.
After cleansing your colon will stop harass flatulence, constipation, heartburn. After clearing the liver improves digestion, memory, appears to glow in their eyes, glossy hair, stop being a bother, you get energy and strength. Purification of kidney causes the decline of bags under the eyes, normalize blood pressure and aches and pains disappear in the lower abdomen. Purification of the joints will dissolve in them are salt. If the joints were smooth, and physically hurt, especially when changing weather, it will now be smooth and elastic. Purification of lymph and blood vessels protect us from infections, heart attack, stroke, varicose veins and many ailments, which sometimes make life unbearable.

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