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Detoxification of the body

The whole article was developed based on the books of prof. Michał Tombak ("Road to Health", "How to live long and healthy" and "Do you live 150 years?"). The author writes:

To get rid of the true causes of many diseases, one must first move out from the body, everything in the landfill as gathered through the years. Complete cleansing of the body we are not only necessary, but vitally necessary, because only the pure body, free from the "inner dirt, can operate smoothly and properly. Each stage of purification will bring in tangible results.
After cleansing your colon will stop harass flatulence, constipation, heartburn. After clearing the liver improves digestion, memory, appears to glow in their eyes, glossy hair, stop being a bother, you get energy and strength. Purification of kidney causes the decline of bags under the eyes, normalize blood pressure and aches and pains disappear in the lower abdomen. Purification of the joints will dissolve in them are salt. If the joints were smooth, and physically hurt, especially when changing weather, it will now be smooth and elastic. Purification of lymph and blood vessels protect us from infections, heart attack, stroke, varicose veins and many ailments, which sometimes make life unbearable.

Let us move to our methods of treatment of internal organs.

Cleansing the body is composed of seven stages, of which the order should be strictly observed. Please also note, gastric cleansing of the body has no effect if the start of treatment the body will not implement the principles of nutrition by combining foods eaten properly (read the article - "How should we eat").

1. Colon cleansing
2. Restoration of normal intestinal flora.
3. Purification LIVER
4. Purification of bones and joints
5. Purification RENAL
6. Purification of lymph and BLOOD
7. Purification DISHES

When choosing the method of treatment should be guided by his own psyche, health, and clean everyday economics. It should take into account the freshness and availability of products. Should be paid attention to our domestic resource "tools" for the treatment of products (extrusion presses, mixers, juicers lemon, etc.), because without them we do nothing, or we lose part of the ingredients.Select only one way to clean and prepare a plan in which we must save the dates, activities, and for their own use, an estimate of treatment. Prof. Tombak writes:

Hardly anyone knows that an adult in the large intestine is from 8 to 15 kg of stones stool that a man wears a lifetime. Usually after 40 years of age intestine is so filled with stones, that displaces from their seats other organs, complicating the work of the liver, kidneys and lungs. This is an important cause of most diseases. [...] Continue functioning under a layer of "dirt" system provides the colon absorbing body toxins, carcinogens, decay products. They propagate with the blood throughout the body, gradually settling on the walls of blood vessels and joints. [...] Countless are the symptoms and damage organs, diagnosis of disease is unpredictable due to the constantly arising polluted colon. But the summit of all is the obstruction in the last stages of cancer, while clogging up the narrow channel and the man condemned to death due to poisoning of the body.

At the end of two of the professor. Tombak. First, get into the conscious desire to get rid of deposits, which are the cause of many diseases. Second, closely follow all instructions that do not inadvertently harm themselves and achieve greater benefit.
Detoxification of the body

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