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Dr. Matthew Paruzel using leeches to treat

Interviewed by Anna Gorczyca 

Anna Gorczyca: In Kolbuszowa doctor used leeches to treat a patient who may have threatened to amputate the leg. The case came to light, a director and head of the proceeding are outraged by your doctor. 

Dr. Matthew Paruzel: - Well, I'm not surprised. The doctor applied a unique method, and the director probably cares about peace of mind. 

But the Lord is using leeches to treat. 

- But in the beginning, too, were the problems, so far some colleagues looked at me funny. But I think that if it were not leeches, several fingers, which sewed, I would have to amputate. 

The problem with leeches lies in the fact that since the seventeenth century treated them all. It was believed that their medical works by dropping the blood. And it's not true. Leech with saliva lets hirudozwiązki. There are from 160 to 300, while only 60 are identified. In addition to hirudin in the saliva of leeches are very strong antibiotics, a strong anti-inflammatory substances, anesthetics, anti and decaying existing clots. Leeches produce endorphins, hormones commonly called happiness, and dopamine and serotonin. Managed to create an artificial hirudin, but it did not work as actively as that of leeches. Nature proved to be more perfect. 

The world returns to the leech therapy 

- In many countries, leeches are officially used in hospitals as a method of supporting treatment. The first, already in the 70s, the French began to use them. Officially, the Americans have committed them. There putting leeches are reimbursed. Similarly, in Russia, Canada, England and France. Should have been released in Poland, there would be no problem, who should pay for treatment.At the moment we have a situation that the doctor says to you: if you buy a leech, I will put it to you. We look suspiciously at the doctor uses this method of treatment, while leeches legally treat people who have no medical training. 

To be able to use leeches to treat, some procedures have to be met ... 

- Leeches must be from a trusted source. They can be used only once. Utilized them as other medical equipment. 

And how did it happen that you went to the leeches, leeches or how you ended up? 

- A few years ago at an international congress of surgeons, medical artists from India asked me how often we use leeches in replantation of the fingers. I did the big eyes, I thought that I misheard. I began to search for information. It turned out that the French at the beginning of the 70s clinic in Bordeaux, used leeches in replantation of the fingers. Today hirudoterapią deal with major research centers in the world. 

* Matt Paruzel - replantation surgery in the ward of St. Hedwig in Trzebnica. Poland's first sewed fingers in several years of a child.Co-author of the first Polish forearm transplant. Conducts medical research on hirudoterapią, or leech therapy. Hirudoterapii runs courses for doctors 

Source: Gazeta Wyborcza Rzeszów
Dr. Matthew Paruzel using leeches to treat

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