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Affix leeches - swelling of the wrist and hand pain

Once upon a time there was a leech, so this time the ratio of successive przystawień.

8 przystawiłem paździenrika 2010 saw the first two leeches before March 1 and the second on March 27 (7 months starvation.) Do not troubled me no clear symptoms, so the leeches zostły przystawione prophylactically and not to starve them beyond measure.

Leeches were przystawione one after the other (did not drink at a time). The first leech dropped out fairly early, and probably did not drink until the end. Another leech przystawiłem in the same place (not wgryzała a second time.) The second leech drank a lot more than the first - prawdopodobnei benefited from the dilution of the blood through the first and immediately had a rarer blood to drink. Unfortunately, even I could not determine how the leeches to determine the dose of hirudin injection żywicielowi.

Is it always the same maximum dose, but it does not seem reasonable, because in case of failure and drop out drinking it would appear that they have no hirudin, to dilute the blood with another host, so it does not inject the entire najprawodpodbniej hirudin, which produce during digestion from the last drinking.

Reasonable to be injected in proportion to the density of blood, but then would have to know how much of this blood is in the bloodstream. It is likely that inject hirudin and wait to feel it in oxygenated blood, the time needed to circle around the bloodstream could be as much orentować hirudin is reagent be needed for the entire bloodstream.

Last regimen that comes to mind is the continuous injection of a small stream and observing how quickly followed by a process of blood dilution.

Returning to the leeches - the latter which is very hard to drink very quickly drew blood - likely to have trouble moving around in the bottle and decided to return the blood to regain mobility. First he lives without a major revelation.

The next day, after affixing it turned out that my left hand begins to swell. This time it was not such a small swelling and topical as ever. After two days of my hand napuchła so much that I could not bend her wrist - the swelling caused a very big pain, so that I considered went to the emergency room when I woke up with pain at night. Eventually, I took a double lime and 2 painkillers (Acatar or Gripex) and went on to sleep. During the pain, swelling was very hot, and I felt cold inside, like I had frozen bone. On the third day the swelling went down and did not hurt so much, and entering the fourth day after the pain had disappeared completely.

Unfortunately, I do not know what was the reason for such a large amount of swelling and pain. Perhaps this is an issue size of leeches - grew up after the first feeding, but I do not think I have already been at least a two leeches przystawiałem as much and had no such reaction. Causes more swelling I would interpret it as a condition of my body - maybe this time przystawione leech caused dissolution of some deposits in entering the area, but this is not the first time przystawiałem in this place.

November 3 przystawiłem Leech, who recently was przystawiona March 11 (8 months starvation.) Leech has grown as much as the latter from the former entering. Likewise, and this time she reached me, swelling and pain in the hands - not as strong as before, but strong enough that she was not able to write on your keyboard.
Affix leeches - swelling of the wrist and hand pain

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