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Affix leeches - hirudo medicalis


The common thinking is that leeches are bloodsuckers absolute, which ends any contact once bitten - this is not true. Sometimes it is very hard to persuade the leech bites. Here are some tips on how to proceed with the leeches.

The temperature of food:

Food is usually a breadwinner - usually we do;) Leeches like warm hosts, namely a warm place hosts. Our body temperature varies depending on location. The thicker skin on the site, including the less well supplied with blood and colder. But the output of the temperature is probably like the other side, because the temperature is only a sign of the leeches, they probably have the correct host - in particular, the living), in our case it is rather obvious. Thus, the temperature is only a sign of good blood supply at the site.

Sometimes we can encourage the leech bites by trituration of the site or any other heat.

Temperature leeches:

In cold water leeches turn into hibernation - then cease to prey - that's why larger number of pieces we can hold in one jar in the refrigerator. After exposure of the refrigerator should be given some time to leech to wybudziły of hibernation, so they become more mobile - they are more inclined will przysysać.

The number of leeches:

Depending on the cardiovascular system of the donor number of leeches should be different. The less the better blood supply position is entered by more leeches. Acting as a team much sooner will be able to bring a specific place for better blood circulation. One leech in poorly supplied with blood przystawiona can place a very long time to drink. Not infrequently as if "asleep" - I guess that after przyssaniu to let in hirudin and waits for hirudin will run and place the bite becomes swollen with blood. In my experience, that a leech can suck up to 4 hours. If something like this we are next affixing its przydaży we can try with more leeches.

The more leeches, the faster you should be able to napisć August to fill.

Place leeches entering:

If you affix the broken place Leech (bruise) is very keen przyssie najprawdopdoobniej immediately. But if we want to treat internal diseases, then we have entered on the leech of less blood supply and did not necessarily want to bite right away. We can help yourself by putting leeches into the glass, so you do not have the opportunity to walk around the whole body - it helps and sometimes tempts to leech bite in the site.

Leeches in the wild przysysają in the water, which guarantees them that the skin is cleansed of all chemicals that can leech from przyssania waylay up - we need to remember in order before holding the leech does not rub any skin oils, lotions, etc.

Withdrawal from leeches:

We should always wait until the leech falls off itself. My shortest affixing its one leech ended after 30 minutes - inflammation of the cheek - the bleeding stopped after 12h after stopping leech. The longest przyssanie a 4h on the belly of the liver - a rather poor blood supply place, so very quickly and the bleeding stopped after an hour.

Picking off leeches can cause the teeth to be in the wound, which may lead to the formation of inflammation and problems with wound up ukąszonego place.

Opita leech:

Under Polish law, doctors are zoblikowane to, as it is called nice, utilization of leeches - leeches are killed.

I am your leeches always try to grow - napite keep in plastic bottles of water Cisowiance.

In the film, with Indian przystawiaczami leeches can be noted that leeches are challenged to drink, vomiting of blood, by sprinkling turmeric. Is likely to threaten the lives of hot spices, and leeches, they prefer to throw up just sucked blood to regain mobility and fitness as soon as possible to get a more friendly environment.

Opita leeches lose their agility, mobility - in the natural environment simply by gravity fall to the ground and sluggish crawl in search of water.

Affix leeches - hirudo medicalis

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