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Breeding leeches - sex change



After 6 misiącach from the first feeding in June lived to see the first male. Recognize the male member, which looks like a white Niteczka length about a few millimeters (1 cm). I note that a member of the stems in 1 / 4 lengths leeches and is closer to the front page, rather than rectal though it might seem to us;)

Leeches reportedly undergoing gender reassignment during his life - at the beginning of bland, póxniej grow their member, which was apparently in the last phase lose - as long as I after 6 months of sowing did ychodować two men leeches. Both were at least able to 10cm s [potynku and about 20cm after pulling up. Unfortunately, both men died leeches, and until then I do not know the reason. Another male will keep the 1.5 liter plastic box for food, so they had more air and water could be present in a horizontal position.

Together or separately?

Leeches are cannibals - if they are hungry to know how to bite (as such zjadanai not seen in its entirety.) I read a recommendation to be followed very carefully so that leeches were equally najedzone - from my experience, even the equally najedzone leeches are able to bite. Therefore, after the first feeding leeches burst into separate bottles. Have not yet had a chance but I intend to combine them in pairs only when at least one will be male and will have at least 10cm. I intend to combine the pair already in containers, not in bottles.

Resuscitation of leeches:

Leeches are przezaskakującymi beings - on one hand and undemanding, but it can easily suffocate, but they can also survive extreme conditions.

The first case of what I was przydażył August leech bite each other - the gnawed remains lying upside down without any sign of what life - laid out on the edge of her sink to wash the jar and I started to live - it turned out that after a few minutes after the lay body of a dead leech pogrubiło the middle of the flesh, and it got very thin on the ends, the next few minutes, it appeared that the leech was able to move his head, and even drink blood from an open wound - so resuscitated after a few days came to him and licked up.

Second case: Smothering of leeches in the fridge - too much water in a jar, and not enough oxygen. Three of the four leeches failed to bring off, but the quarter despite the fact that at the beginning gave no sign of life at the end licked and after kllku days in fresh water.

The third case - bite in August - this time it was more painful than the bite the first time - both leeches did after pogryzieniu thick as balloons in the middle part of the body. Lan disconnected and it seemed to me that both will survive, but one died - I suspect that perhaps because of the temperature (too little water in the bottle). The second leech for a few days the balloon was in the middle of the body, which finally began to drop, after a week gdzieć balloon dropped fairly significantly, but probably did pijawce open wound, which could see a white tissue. This place was a limit to which the leech could fully wield his body - remained part of my tail a little more useless. After about a month wound healed completely and no longer see the white hole, for all the time you see that sucker so jaklby has a problem with strong kurczeniems brought you in the caudal part.
Breeding leeches - sex change

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