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Breeding leeches? - How to go about it?


Breeding leeches, despite appearances is not easy. Wielkrotnie I read that there is nothing simpler because leeches have very little need - just like nakrmić every 2 years, and supposedly is a whole philosophy on breeding leeches.

I write the article from 8 months of experience breeding about 10 pieces of medical leeches.

Buy leeches for medicinal purposes, to przystawiać them yourself or family, but I was never strong enough mentally to the so-so in accordance with the legal imperative to kill leeches after surgery (clean barbażyństwo) - fortunately, this procedure applies offices, and at home we can do with their leeches, what we want - I always choose to breed.

House for leeches:

Do not affix leeches have kept in pots, the Alpine resort buy (200ml) - leeches keep in the fridge, I use hibernate and do not come to mind zagryć them in anticipation of the target host;) range of CH Room dares them and they can eat each other.

After affixing its starting to grow leeches in plastic bottles of water Cisowianka. In my opinion, are ideal because of the size of 0.7 liters and a dark green color of the bottle - like the green color of the leech. Before I came across these bottles are tried in the green bottles of beer, but unfortunately it was the shutdown problem - was covered with gauze and elastic oplatałem, but it is rather cumbersome solution when it comes to changing the water, and besides, once I przydażyło that sucker was so strong to squeeze the rubber.

Leko niedokręcony Cisowianki cap is the perfect bottle zammknieciem ensures air supply and no possibility of escape pijawkom. If necessary, for example, transportation time we can easily spin, so the water does not pour, and we can be confident that the bottle will fit the appropriate amount of water and oxygen.


This would also seem that leech need little air, but this is not true - stored in a jar 200ml, even in one day can use up the air, including absolute care must be taken that they do not run out dopłypwu fresh air, even if they hibernate in the fridge and you might think that, then do not consume air. Niesety once happened to me, that urge was beaten leeches hibernate in the fridge - just bought waited for surgery, which two days odwlukł me - do not pay attention that during the sales Nalen has been a lot of water - the same cap - which effectively took the place of air - skukiem this 3 suffocated with leeches - the fourth miracle she survived.


Water should be replaced at least once a week regardless of whether it is transparent or not. Not infrequently I have time that you change the water leeches zabrudziły it - I do not know, of course, the real reason for which we had done so, but it seems to me that leeches refrain from dirty water, which is in part already dirty - as though he needed an appropriate buffer czysatej water to the soil - if there is no buffer, it leeches zabrudzaniem refrain from water and do it immediately after the exchange of water to clean.

Zalecoano me to use leeches to keep low-mineralized waters - such as livestock. Knowing the nature of the leeches and their environment know that their water is very close to the deionized water - that's why I use this water for their breeding leeches - I buy 5l pot deionized water, which, after opening the season with a pinch of sea salt, but the type of salt probably does not matter. Pijawkom water before pouring the water is aerated by a bubble or forceful potrząchniecie Baniak cast on the ground, although I do not know if that makes any sense because leeches probably nei take oxygen from the water, just above the surface.


As the leeches want their spawn to keep it in a room temeperaturze that all biochemical processes taking place as quickly. In the summer, however, it turned out that leeches kept in smaller containers of 200ml were able to die due to overheating of the water, so I stopped leeches kept in pots, and went completely on Cisowiance bottles of 0.7 liters - of water pouring more than half, to no longer heat up on hot days.

Important: In order that we had hot days in July, it turned out that even a bottle Cisowianki did not guarantee sufficient water to protect against heat build-up and a leech to me died from losing to - I bought a fridge tourism, so as to avoid temperatures greater than 25 degrees. Since I keep leeches in the fridge it seems to me that their condition is much better, are more mobile, so it probably will be on permanent storage in the refrigerator Desk.


Najedzone leeches are able to survive in the wild, even two years - at home it depends on the environment which will serve them - if we keep it all the time in the refrigerator, it will probably hibernate most of the time and may survive up to two times longer. When holding at room temperature can leech zgłodnieć already after 3 months - according to the literature is sufficient time to regenerate stocks of leech hirudin and was ready for the next cutting edge.

Breeding leeches? - How to go about it?

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