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Baker's yeast vs brewers

Yeasts have a beneficial effect on the skin for a long time are used as medicines against acne. Included in these vitamins help the liver to oxidize fats and it is not completely oxidized fats clog the sebaceous glands, causing acne. Although yeast effectively combat pimples, should be eliminated from their diet mainly fats and fat cream cheese. The mixture of yeast and rose water is perfect and not by a facial. 

Yeast relieve a person suffering from ulcers. In a situation where concoctions of green beans or squash or irritate a stomach ulcer bleeding?help the yeast. It happened to me to be administered in similar cases to 22 tablets per day of yeast, leading to ulcer healing in a few days, the first pill, take right after getting out of bed, because it is an excellent remedy for acid bile buffer. 

Some patients complain of intestinal gas emerging from eating their yeast.Their cause is primarily to stop intestinal cramps. After long-term adoption of the yeast gases completely disappear. But in people who have yeast infection cause nausea, and which seem to be tasty, they should not take and look at other plants they need alkaline compounds. 

Yeast is an excellent source of B vitamins and trace alkali especially sodium and potassium. 

Before he discovered the existence of vitamins, medicinal properties of yeast appreciated, they were used as a medicine against indigestion, gastric acidity and constipation. 

Yeast baking far exceeding the value of the brewer's yeast should be taken when the stomach is empty. You can slowly crush them directly on the tongue or diluted with water or milk, but nothing more!. This is best done in the morning after getting out of bed and just before bedtime. You can repeat the dose at night. 

We must understand that we are in his body a perfect laboratory, which is the liver. She is the biggest and most important organ of the body. 

Perform more than four functions. Its primary role is to release blood from toxic substances. As long as the liver is functioning properly, blood is purified and does not threaten human disease. Improper diet causes liver damage and reduce the alkalinity by the destocking of sodium. 
To neutralize the toxins in the liver to the diet should be vegetables rich in sodium. Yeast, which do not cost much, can be called a vegetable rich in sodium for the poor. They are an excellent source of natural vitamins and potent antidote against toxic bile. When the bad eating habits will be corrected, the yeast should play a significant role in regenerating the diet, because they are one of the best food products for therapeutic use. 

Henry G Bieler, "Feeding the best medicine" 

Nutrients products: spices, yeast, baker's, compressed 
In 100 g. 
Energy 121 kcal 
Protein 11.3 g 
Fat 2 g 
Carbohydrates 14.5 g 
Glycemic Index 53 
Tryptophan 0.19 g 
Threonine 0.57 g 
Isoleucine 0.57 g 
Leucine 0.86 g 
Lysine 0.8 g 
Methionine 0.17 g 
Phenylalanine 0.53 g 
Valine 0.74 g 
Kw. fat. 0.26 g saturated 
Kw. fat. monounsaturated 0.34 g 
Kw. fat. polyunsaturated 0.99 g 
Dietary Fiber 7.4 g 
Water 70.6 g 
Calcium 30 mg 
Iron 5 mg 
Magnesium 61 mg 
Phosphorus 272 mg 
Potassium 592 mg 
Sodium 41 mg 
Zinc 2.79 mg 
Copper 0.09 mg 
Manganese 1.01 mg 
Selenium 8.1 mcg 
Vitamin E 0.81 mg 
Vitamin C 0.1 mg 
Vitamin B1 0.76 mg 
Vitamin B2 1.06 mg 
Vitamin B3 8.27 mg 
4.9 mg Vitamin B5 
Vitamin B6 0.42 mg 
Vitamin B12 0.01 mcg 
Folic Acid 785 mcg_DFE, 650, przyprawy__drozdze_piekarskie__prasowane.html
Baker's yeast vs brewers

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