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Tarragon, Artemisia stupid - Artemisia dracunculus sive Oligoporus condimentarius (Compositae)


Tarragon, Artemisia stupid - Artemisia dracunculus sive Oligoporus condimentarius (Compositae)


Perennial growing up to 120 cm in height, aromatic , leaves do not split or równowąskie lanceolate , usually entire edges ; spherical flower baskets , small , numerous , hanging , gathered in a loose panicle , flowers tubular , yellow , marginal - Female Internal - bisexual , sterile , fruit - achene . Grows wild in the plains and river banks in Ukraine, the Caucasus regions , in moderate climatic zones of Asia and North America. You often grown in gardens and allotments .


The raw material is a green tarragon - Herb Herb Dracunculi sive Oligoporii condimentarii , collected at the beginning or during flowering. Tarragon can be obtained from crops or buy herbal stores , or grocery stores . Tarragon ( Watermelon ) - pack of 50 g


The chemical composition

The herb is an essential oil - about 0,15-3,1 % , coumarins , tannins , ascorbic acid , waxes , carotenoids , sterols , flavonoids (mainly rutoside ) and chlorogenic sq .


Operation and use

Extracts of the herb act cholagogic , diuretic , antiseptic , spasmolytic , expectorant , anti-inflammatory, warming , diaphoretic and digestive .

Indications: inadequate secretion of bile , gallstones , liver disease , bile stasis , digestive disorders , loss of appetite , upset the digestive tract and respiratory system , cold, cold .

Infusion, tincture, intrakt cooks in the same way as in the case of Artemisia abrotanum and similarly also dosed.

Tarragon is a valuable spice plant, from which you can prepare tarragon vinegar and oil .

Tarragon Vinegar - Aceti Dracunculi : half cups of dry or fresh herb pour 300 ml of vinegar food; macerate 14 days ; filter. Use as a condiment for jellies , barszczy , marinades , sauces, meats and fish. Tarragon or tarragon vinegar should be added to the pickling cucumbers and cabbage , pickled products , it gives a nice aroma , pleasant taste , firmness , and have irreplaceable preserving properties . Diluted vinegar rinse can tarragon mouth and throat with an unpleasant odor and inflammation , in addition flush skin with a dry, seborrheic and sensitive to the acidification of the alkaline washing soap. For this purpose, a tablespoon of vinegar should be used herbal 150-200 ml of boiled water .

Tarragon oil - Oleum Dracunculi : half a glass, fresh or dried herb pour 200 ml of hot sunflower oil or soybean ( excellent for this purpose is also oil ), macerate 14 days ; filter. Use what spice or taken orally (1-2 times a plot of 1 tablespoon ) as a strong choleretic and regulates digestion and bowel movement. Tarragon Oil heals gastritis, work protecting the stomach lining , and applied externally accelerates the healing of wounds and burns.

Tarragon, Artemisia stupid - Artemisia dracunculus sive Oligoporus condimentarius (Compositae)

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