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Southernwood, lad's love, southern wormwood - Artemisia abrotanum (Compositae)


Southernwood, lad's love, southern wormwood - Artemisia abrotanum (Compositae)


Half a bush or shrub which grows up to 1,5 m in height , with a strong odor sinozielone leaves , hairy gray underside , the lower double- pinnate , with równowąskimi sections , the upper one pinnate , 3 - brave and not divided , równowąskie , flower baskets small , nearly spherical, hanging , gathered in leafy clusters , all tubular flowers in a basket , pale yellow , cup failure , the fruit is achene . In Poland it grows in the lowlands on przychaciach , in old gardens , parks, sometimes cultivated . Probably comes from Spain .



In medicine uses herbs ( young green twigs ) - Herb Abrotanii . They are harvested in late spring or early summer spread a thin layer on paper or mesh , material can also be linked in bunches and hang it on a string , they are dried at normal temperature. Herb Artemisia abrotanum ( Watermelon ) - pack of 50 g


The chemical composition

The raw material are : essential oil - about 2 % , tannins, bitter , coumarins ( umbelliferone , izofraksydyna , scopoletin ) , flavonoids (especially rutoside ; , caffeic acid , chlorogenic quarter , abrotyna and minerals .


Operation and use

Extracts of the herb Southernwood have strong cholagogue, anti-inflammatory, anti parasitic, increase farts, antibacterial , increase the secretion of gastric juice, pancreatic and intestinal tract, stimulates appetite , facilitate the assimilation of milk food .

Indications : diseases of the liver, pancreas and gall bladder, digestive disorders , inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.

Infusion: 2 tablespoons herb pour 2 cups boiling water, infuse 20 minutes , then strain drink 3-4 times a plot of 150 ml, pre-school children - about 30 ml of school age - 50-100 ml , 3-4 times Measure

Tincture - tincture Abrotanii : half cups of herb pour 400 ml of vodka , macerate 14 days ; filter. Take 3-4 times a plot of 1 teaspoon, children given half a teaspoon of tincture 3-4 times the plot

With fresh herb also prepares intrakt accordance with the accepted formula.

Southernwood, lad's love, southern wormwood - Artemisia abrotanum (Compositae)

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