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Why do I take cold shower? 4/4 respiratory stimulation


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Why do I take cold shower? 4/4 respiratory stimulation

Remember that all the mechanisms of evolution dopieściła regulators in relation to people living permanently on the move in the open the air, rather than sitting behind a desk or watching TV in stuffy room. In such conditions, subtle adjustment can longer period of disrupting the balance between these 4-have elements. That is why it is so important


How can this be done? There are several ways:

1. If you sit in front of his desk a lot, remember that once time to get up and do some deep breaths

2. Take plenty of fresh air. In the fresh air at once want to breathe. Do not be afraid to make a few deep breaths after leaving the court.

3. Śpijmy where possible by an open window.

4. One of the factors stimulating the breath is cold. That's why it may be advantageous to wash up in the morning in cold water. I admit to you that, personally, every morning I take a cold Shower. That is to say, first hot and then at the end of a short cold. I immediately feel as if the respiratory center is stimulated and begin breathe deeply. Incidentally, this also stimulates the entire autonomic system. Makes us odporniejsi to low temperatures. In addition, This stimulates the production of heat, or calorie burning. Makes metabolic rate increases, and so it is easier to lose pounds. If you quickly produce energy, we can working quickly to do more throughout the day. I would like to noted that it is not about some strong hypothermia because it will threaten to catching colds. For many of you at already the beginning of summer shower will seem difficult to resist. At the beginning it is good to end a hot water bath using only przerywnik cool inside. Certainly, caution must remain in the matter, a person suffering from heart and hypertension.

5. Exercise. It is a natural form of the forcing center Respiratory undertake intensive work. Frequent physical activity is training the respiratory center. Personally, I experienced recently the role of this kind of activation, when after a long winter break I got to bike to a little spring oxygenate the air. For the first time I felt that I could not go to a higher turnover, after some time, the respiratory center to''wake up''breathing became faster, deeper and exercise capacity increased.

6. Also, acupuncture as a method acts on the autonomic system may act to stimulate breathing. Stimulates the inspiratory phase of work stimulation of meridian points kidney, while the exhalation phase is associated with the lung meridian.

I have yet zealous to warn that the excessive breath and excessive alkalinization of the blood may also be disadvantageous, since forcing then kidneys to excrete alkaline ingredients. The first one goes probably magnesium ion, the solid concentration in the blood is the least important can the body.

Just about mushrooms

Speaking about the causes of acidification of the body can not fail to mention one of the most important discoveries in microbiology, which has for 80 years waiting for their recognition by the world science. Well, prof.Enderlein from Szczecin was discovered in the 20's XXwieku that all cells and in the blood of all vertebrates dwell on the two million years species of microbes: Aspergillus Niger and Mucor Racemosus.When proper pH in health status observed in the blood primarily primitive forms of non-pathogenic. Acidification of the environment makes they pass the higher forms of pathogens, which are so cunning that respectively produce citric acid and lactic acid to sustain the suitable for their acidic environment. The rate of transition of one forms the second is counted in hours, so fluctuations in the proportion of various forms can be quite large during the day depending on the pH changes related to nutrition and breath.

Today I will not expand more this point, because it is a topic for completely separate, quite an article ...

tbc ...

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Why do I take cold shower? 4/4 respiratory stimulation

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