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Blood Lipid Fractions 1/3 Chylomicrons


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*** *** Blood Lipid Fractions Part 1/3:

In today's issue will address the various factions blood cholesterol, and some conditions related to its transport.

Fats are compounds insoluble in water. Therefore, in To move through the blood of these compounds have developed special complicated transport mechanisms. The complexity of this system very impedes its understanding. I will try to introduce you basic information on the subject.

Major fatty compounds, which are transported by This blood triglycerides, phospholipids, cholesterol and free fatty Fatty. These compounds are not soluble in water, so are transported in the form of fat droplets maluteńkich in combined with special proteins transportującymi. These proteins apolipoproteinami call. Depending on the type and composition of the transporter protein contained distinguish several types of fats circulating in the blood fat beads scientifically called lipid fractions. Some of them are well-known: - VLDL - LDL - HDL However, for a full description should be mentioned again: - Chylomicrons - IDL - Remnants of chylomicrons.

Determination of cholesterol in one or another faction in the manner approximate tells us about the content of the whole lipid fraction. For example, cholesterol accounts for about half the mass of LDL particles. If marked LDL cholesterol is 200 mg% is the amount of the entire LDL approximately 400 mg%.


The particles are formed chylomicrons in the intestine. These are the largest particles among all these. Can achieve even 1um size, ie 1 / 8 the size of red blood cells. Its main function is to transport fuel or triglycerides from the intestine into the muscles and kidneys, heart, brain and other organs. The process of creating such a particle is quite long, because fat consumed must first be broken down in the gut to the glycerol and fatty acids transported to the endothelial cells intestinal tract, it is submitted back to triglyceride particles triglycerides are loaded into chylomicron particles, it then is expelled outside the cell. Chylomicrons enter the blood through the digestive absorptive, ie leaving the liver. The lifetime of such particles is very short, because approximately 0.5-1 hours. At that time it transmits the fuel for the body's tissues. When most stock triglyceride will have been transferred to the tissues, chylomicron particle reduce its size more than 2-fold and then called the remnant chylomicron (remnant - the remains of something). Chylomicron remnants are fully captured by the liver. Other quantities triglycerides, phospholipids and cholesterol, enters the liver cell. Their fate depends on the needs of the organism. Generally, the primary role of the liver completely resolution-mailing to the majority of lipid in the body.

As noted, chylomikron live very shortly. It follows that, fat burning rate is determined not to provide fat cells, but the rate of formation of chylomicrons in the intestine. Fat is absorbed slowly and continuously combusted.

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Blood Lipid Fractions 1/3 Chylomicrons

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