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Coffee enema, Liver, Bile Herbs 2/5


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Detoxification in chronic deseases (2 / 5)

Coffee enema

It seems that cost-effective and affordable for all mechanism of detoxification are the coffee enema. 30-year experience in this field described by Dr. Gerson, who served in 40-50's achieved very good results in the treatment of cancers, even those advanced, using as the three pillars of coffee enema, bezbiałkową, extremely fresh alkaline diet, and potassium. As a coffee enema, that it was based on observations of prof. OA Meyer and prof. Huebner from Göttingen, who noted in animal studies, that this application makes the bile ducts open and bile can freely flow into the intestine. It should be noted that the bile is the only way to remove fat soluble toxins. At the same time bile produced in the liver is the first in a heavily thickened the gallbladder and then almost completely absorbed in intestine back into circulation. It follows that a very high difficulty removal of fat-soluble toxins. Their half-life in body can be up to 3-4 years. Increasing the flow of bile from We compaction reduces bladder bile and more toxins can be get out of the body. Personally, I do not exclude other mechanisms action of this therapy. The first possible mechanism is the direct absorb toxins through the coffee in the rectum as a result of the phenomenon of dialysis through the lining of the rectum. The second is the action of purely informational coffee. It is known that you can not drink coffee during therapy homeopathic remedy, because it clears the homeopathic information. Not possible that in this case, it deletes the information to toxins, not the same toxin. This mechanism, however, I see at most a complementary to one or both of the above.


Neutralization of toxins in the liver is associated with the processes Oxidation of these toxins, and combine them with different substances organic (eg, glutathione, sulfate, glycine), in order to allow expulsion to the bile or urine.

The oxidation of toxins is a process that generates additional free radicals (their quantity index is formed by combustion of fuel oxygen). Hence a greater need for antioxidant consumption. An additional factor increasing the demand for antioxidants increased in the liver detoxification is the increased wear glutathione and a reduction in its amount in the cell. Glutathione is consumed to be coupled to toxins and irretrievably lost. It must be synthesized from scratch. It is this time a very important molecule in the removal of free radicals. Increased levels of free radicals causes hampered energy production process needed to detoxification processes, including for regeneration of glutathione. In summary, if you must lead an intensive liver detoxification, we must make sure that it was sufficient and that glutathione other mechanisms than antioxidant function smoothly. Himself glutathione hardly goes suplementować, it must be zsyntetyzwoany in the cell. You can wspmagać while its regeneration in antioxidative processes such as acid administration porzez alpha-lipoic acid. The beneficial effect of glutathione in removing the relief free radicals will have, any other vegetable, bioflavonoid antioxidants.

Herbs Bile

Bile Herbs are one of the cheaper methods assist in the removal lipophilic toxins in the bile. Among the herbs mentioned our Polish should be such as Herb skyscraper, buckthorn bark, root Oman, root nun Inflorescence kocanki, lemon balm leaf, birch leaf, nettle, St. John's wort, willow bark, root, angelica, valerian root, Rzewienia root, leaf Bóbrka, peppermint leaf, celandine herb, Yarrow herb. Some of them also have a relaxant effect at stool, the other - a calming effect. Each herb is rich in variety of plant bioflavonoids, which consists of the sum performance of the herbs. Since every person is an individual biochemical and other herb can act up on him favorably. Therefore, the most recommended to consume a herbal mixture. The individual components of each other worse then his action.

At some particular deserves mention here yarrow herb, which is very rich in manganese - a very important mineral antioxidant in the mitochondria. (There are no separate preparations manganese in the market, it only occurs in the preparation of comprehensive other minerals.)

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Coffee enema, Liver, Bile Herbs 2/5

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