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Paradigm 7: Cholesterol


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Erroneous paradigms *** 12 *** Modern Medicine
Paradigm 7: Cholesterol

After the recess is slightly on the borderline areas of medicine back to the more mundane and everyday matters, the topics that are very well described in textbooks for students and numerous publications, but still are being misinterpreted by the medical circles. One of these themes is cholesterol.

Around the cholesterol accumulated many myths and legends that it is essential to verify and determine the appropriate approach to this compound.

1. Nowhere in any serious book or a scientific publication have not read the information that circulates in the blood cholesterol is a cause atherosclerosis.

Major sources say yes, that cholesterol levels are correlated with atherosclerosis. But they forget to add that is correlated poorly. Few of the readers, unfortunately, this information can properly interpret. Specifically, many do not know what's the difference


As a rule, explain this difference as follows: If the weather is cold, you will notice a very strong statistical correlation statistic (ie, comorbidity) between the thickness of ice the lake and the thickness of the clothing on people walking over the lake.But if people take off my clothes from the clothing, the ice is has melted, Why? Since there is no connection between these phenomena cause and effect. Yes it is a common cause of both phenomena - low temperatures and hence the correlation.

The same goes for cholesterol. In itself it is not the cause of atherosclerosis.Atherosclerosis is a much more complex process that bring it only to the level of cholesterol. Poor correlation between cholesterol and atherosclerosis can be a certain approximation interpreted as follows: People without atherosclerosis in the study had cholesterol between 150 and 350mg%, while those with atherosclerosis - between 160 and 360mg%. So what we should honestly tell the person who has such as cholesterol, 300 mg%? Please tell her that it is slightly more likely that it touches atherosclerosis, than if they had such cholesterol 200mg%.

That's all - only slightly more likely.

A little more than the total cholesterol level is correlated with LDL cholesterol, a little stronger, so that the other side is the level of so-called correlated. that is, the good cholesterol HDL. The strongest correlates the level of triglycerides. However, even extremely high triglycerides 000 mg of 20% occurring in certain genetic disorders (the norm is about 150 mg%) did not cause the development of atherosclerosis in these individuals. Why? Because triglycerides, like cholesterol, are not the cause of atherosclerosis.

2. Why cholesterol accumulates in the body? a) first, because its synthesis costs. Under the conditions of human evolution was more hungry than full, so he had to develop mechanisms to save what is dear. The deposition of cholesterol in the arteries is thus in a sense, build-it anyways, for a period of food deprivation. b) the only way to remove cholesterol from the body excretion in the bile mainly as bile salts. Expel the path to be only about 1 g per day of cholesterol.

3. Where does cholesterol in the body? "Harper's Biochemistry" gives clear - from the food and the internal synthesis. With food the body can only absorb about 1 g regardless of the amount consumed. Internal synthesis may be the source of the synthesis of even 3-4g per day of cholesterol. The balance sheet is very simple - after 1000 days, we may have in the arteries, even 1 kilogram of cholesterol.

4. Of which cholesterol is formed in the body? Harper gives the answer very clearly - with SUGAR, under the influence of insulin. The easiest way to slow down cholesterol synthesis is therefore to limit sugar intake, especially simple sugars. At first the fire in odstawkę must always go with the sugar and flour cukierniczki. (A detailed discussion of the economy sugar-and fat will be discussed in subsequent sections of this newsletter.)

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, MD. Piotr Krzysztof Michalak

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Paradigm 7: Cholesterol

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