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Paradigm 12: Equal stomach paradigm, which is Metabolic Typing


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Erroneous paradigms *** 12 *** Modern Medicine
Paradigm 12: Equal Gizzards paradigm, which is Metabolic Typing

To say that every person is different, is basically a fact obvious. However, some aspects of the differences between people are the medicine ignored. This is obviously an individual differences in rate of overlap of different metabolic pathways, which translates the fact that every person needs a different proportion of all nutrients, according to how quickly they are consumed in body.

A metabolic differences between people are much higher than differences in physical characteristics like height and weight. Had to move the differences in types of physical characteristics, metabolic people would have to be increased between 1 and 5 meters.

I once heard that someone in America ever counted all the diets, which was invented in America and there were approximately 19000thMuch? No. Given that Americans are much more ... Because each of them requires using a different diet as the best match for him.

Where such large differences? Personally, I see them in the main factor, selekcjonował person who in the human population over past several thousand years - in the wars. Types of fast / katabolicy (See below) were more victorious in battle, the types of free / anabolicy have a better chance to survive famine, which spread during and after Most wars. Intermediate types have the lowest chances of survival.

The problem seems to be extremely difficult to resolve, as number of enzymes in the human body is well above 10 000, and each activity may have a slightly higher or slightly lower than the average population activity of this enzyme. It may also react differently the mechanisms that regulate its activity ...

Once the initial distribution of the metabolic types have already been made - they are pioneering thoughts of some people who are passionate about biochemistry.

Today I would like to introduce the three main axes of the distribution of the different metabolic types.

Axis 1: fast - slow oxidizer.

The location of the person on this axis determines the proportion of demand the main nutrients: protein (B), fat (T) and carbohydrates (W). FAST is a type of person with sugar quickly activated combustion in the cell, but in the absence of physical effort is not moving fast enough consumed to produce energy. Effect - in a cell collect different intermediate trail substances burning sugar (glycolysis), resulting in cell is acidified. Such people very willing to take the effort physical, because that would "blow" the excess sugar in the activated cells, making them feel better. These persons, in days without heavy physical activity should limit their intake of carbohydrates. Optimal proportion of the fuel mix B: T: The oscillates with them in the vicinity 1: 2-3: 1 This is a person with this type of metabolism are the most fans so. Dr. Kwasniewski's Optimal Diet, a diet that promoted high-fat.

Type FREE - or vice versa. Sugar is slow to oxidize in the cells. Person This does not like (and mostly never liked), sport, since its activates the metabolism, it is difficult to exercise, and the maximum level will never reach the level of fast oxidizer. Since Sugar is a kind of starter for the combustion process, people must eat more carbohydrates, in general a little activate the production of energy. The transition to fat would release and so slow combustion. Such persons on a high fat diet they feel So worse than on a normal diet and do not completely understand the "Kwasniewski geeks." The optimal ratio of B, T: W for this type is approximately: A: 1: 1-2 with the types of extreme ideas have yet to reduce fat more.

Axis 2: ANABOLISM - Catabolism

The stream of matter of food that goes into the cell is generally separated into two directions: 1. used for the synthesis of protein and fat (anabolism) 2. use for burning (catabolism)

People with a predominantly catabolic are people who even do not know how much they ate, and so does not significantly gain weight. In these individuals the consumption of too large quantities of food will cause excessive run rather it to the combustion and acidification of intracellular than postponing the excess of supply.

People with a predominantly anabolic are people who will eat anything, immediately deposited it in advance. There is little to burn. In these consumption of excessive amounts of food would obviously cause rapid increase of overweight. As the main problem of these people are overweight, they combine, how to lose weight here. Fast oxidizers quite easily lose weight after transition to high-fat diet, because diet to fit your metabolic type and limit the sugar - the main material for the synthesis of fat. It is worse with slow oxidizers - An alternative might be for them, the Atkins diet, which is rich in protein, not too much fat and little carbohydrates. But we must remember that protein in excess acidified, and allergenic, so it may be necessary complement of alkalis (Deacidification). (Also, Kwasniewski's diet if it will be too few vegetables, can be acidifier)

Axis 3: The Domination sympathetic - parasympathetic autonomic nervous system.

Also called the sympathetic nervous system is responsible for sympathetic reactions struggle, tension, stress. The system also called parasympatycznym przywspółczulny is responsible the reactions of rest, relaxation, digestion and calm.

People with a relative sympathetic predominance constitutional:

- They are nervous, hyperactive

- Easily excited

- May have problems falling asleep

- Worse digest

- May be hypersensitive to light in a very sunny day

People with a relative parasympathetic predominance of constitutional:

- Are rather calm, balanced

- Well able to tolerate stress

- Easily regenerate after stress

- Easy to fall asleep

- Well digest

The system can retune vegetative demand temporarily BTW ratio, while, in some of this influence is weaker in other stronger. General effect is that the sympathetic nervous system sugar starts to burn. In the case of fast oxidizers is increasing so fast and so too oxidation. This is a good example in battle or in sport, but not at lack of physical exercise. U-free oxidant effect is to some extent beneficial, as it turns up, and so too slow oxidation. However, too long persistence of the organism during stress is obviously disadvantageous for various other reasons.

So based on these few details visible to the naked eye that there is no one diet for everyone, and everyone really has the same search for your ideal diet. But to make it succeed, you need is even a basic knowledge of various nutrients and metabolism and accurate "listening" in his body. In particular need to watch your body 2-4 hours after meals. If the meal was actually chosen, we should feel good and do not be hungry.

tbc ...

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Paradigm 12: Equal stomach paradigm, which is Metabolic Typing

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