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Paradigm 10: Bioresonance


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Erroneous paradigms *** 12 *** Modern Medicine
Paradigm 10: Bioresonance

Diagnosis is a very young Bioresonance diagnostic method, developed by the German electronics in the 70's, which is not is a method recognized by the academia. Its base biophysical, however, are a total of simple enough. And in any event easy for the average student's Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Personally, this method is for me the primary source of information about patient's health status and the reasons for his ailments.

The basis for the physical test is the phenomenon of resonance biorezonansowego electromagnetic widely used in electronics and telecommunications. The phenomenon of the polytechnic students learn to beginning of their education, because it is the basis for further studies in this regard. The essence of this phenomenon is absorbed by the system The receiver (eg, a television antenna), a well-defined energy frequency of which is the resonant frequency for a given system.

Also, the human body is a very complex system receiver, where there are structures capable of resonant absorption certain frequencies in the Hz-kHz frequency.

If the patient's body to pass a current of frequency which resonates in the patient's body, the energy of this current is absorbed. Current, which then flows is much smaller than in the case current that does not resonate with the patient. This can be seen on the scale ammeter measuring instrument or as a lower pitch generated in the device by the current. In other words - resonant frequency, as they are more strongly absorbed, are characterized a greater electrical resistance.

Different substances have their own electromagnetic spectrum, ie resonant frequencies. To act on the body signal specific to a substance, a sample of the substance should be placed and strengthen the electrode obtained in this way signal or it can be benefit from the ready signal stored in computer memory - the latest digital to analog cards have the ability to produce signals about the frequency of 1 MHz. The main problem is the fact that the analyzed signals are very weak - they are voltage the order of 1 microvolts. This means that the equipment used for measurement must be najgórniejszej shelves, since it can not generate any own noise maskowałyby signal that jurisdiction.

Observing the current decline in the position of the drug on the electrode can be concluded that this drug after entering the body will impact on patient electromagnetically. Given that the effect of Clinical different formulations is known, you can guess what the final result will impact the drug on the body. However, given the novelty of the method have not yet been carried out sufficiently reliable for the medical examination, which would confirmed the validity of this method of patient assessment and selection therapy.

The strength of the resonance can be determined by examining at which reinforcement observed resonance disappears. The higher the level, the more the signal is absorbed. This follows from the fact that the structure receiving power as a result of resonance, can only receive a certain amount of that energy. The surplus flows through the tissue without absorption, which is revealed atrophy of the observed phenomena resonance.

Resonance at a gain 10x is a poor energy absorption, 30x - Medium, 50x - quite strong, 70x - very strong. It should be noted that measured resonance strength is only indicative and must be interpreted individually for each test preparations.

Bioresonance testing can be almost anything, because every vitamin, mineral, amino acid, hormone, metabolite, microbe, allergen, tissue, organ, the toxin ... everything has its own spectrum electromagnetic fields. Test can also include geopathic burden, trends degenerative, neoplastic, benign tumors, acidification, infecting fungi, parasites ... ... and this is not the end of the list.

The only limitation is time and strength of the measuring points on the fingers of the person being tested, because they can withstand a certain amount of compressions electrodes, and can be measured at a given point in ends.

In conclusion, I will add that equipment to perform the test biorezonansowego European Union has been certified EN ISO 13485 and EN ISO 9001 to ensure the safety of their use in medicine.

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 Paradigm 10: Bioresonance

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