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Onion - Allium Cepa


(Latin name - Allium cepa)


General News

Onion is a herbaceous plant annuals, two-year and long-term. Is grown everywhere. It blooms from June to August. Grown varieties of onions, in almost all parts of the world. Is also used as a medicinal plant. Herbal raw material is fresh ripe onion. Dried onions are used very rarely. It has a pungent odor and a sweet-spicy taste and irritates the lachrymal glands. Substances contained in onions are similar to the substance of garlic. It contains, in addition to dwuwodoroalliny and organic sulfur compounds, flavonoid glycosides, pectin and glukokininy.



These substances act:

  • antibacterial and przewbiegunkowo,
  • wspomagją remove parasites from the gastrointestinal tract,
  • foster the formation and excretion of bile
  • sbniżają blood pressure,
  • lower blood glucose,
  • have an expectorant effect,
  • have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the digestive tract,
  • stimulate appetite and aid digestion, weaken bowel voltage,
  • strengthen connective tissue, affect the condition of the hair and nails.


Onions are administered internally in various forms like garlic. In folk medicine is used externally against any onions purulent skin diseases and the embedded onion juice inhibits nasal catarrh. The pulp of the fresh onion juice and heal wounds, burns, frostbite, ulcers, injuries, rheumatism, rashes, corns, warts, freckles, acne facial skin.


Juice, preferably with honey, is drunk with a dry cough, bronchitis. The pulp of grated onion and grated apple is recommended in multiple (senile) of the blood brain.


Please note that the abuse may be harmful in cases of severe kidney problems, liver, stomach and heart.


It contains sulfur compounds, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, silicon, valuable collection of vitamins A, B, C, PP, K, and a rich assortment of minerals, strengthen immunity to various infections and diseases. Included in the copper onions is needed for the body to regenerate lung tissue, while the presence of iron and calcium plays an important role in the formation of red blood cells (hemoglobin) and bone tissue. The presence of volatile essential oils that contain sulfur compounds, is responsible for the irritant and antibacterial action. Organic sulfur compounds enhance the collagen structure of nails and hair, while the presence of minute amounts of phosphorus and lecithin contribute specifically to the smooth functioning of the brain cells of the brain. The content of silicon and calcium needed to build and strengthen bones makes onions are particularly recommended as food for young and older people - suffering from osteoporosis. With sulfur, potash, and jodowi onion has detoxifying properties and antyinfekcyjne. Also, the diuretic effect has been confirmed by tests. Contained flavonoid glycosides in onions, glucose and other organic compounds and B vitamins and vitamin E, PP, and small amounts of vitamin C, play in our body's metabolic processes important role. The band of these compounds also works cholagogic and żółciotwórczo, stimulates appetite, has a positive impact on the entire digestive system. Wiatropędnie also works, but not wiatrotwórczo. It is recommended that consumption of onions patients with cirrhosis of the liver, and obese people. Healthiest and best-tolerated by the human body is a raw onion, thoroughly chewed. Not recommended for salads, onion add the vinegar, acetic acid because it hinders digestion. For those who are irritated by the smell of garlic and onions, I suggest chewing ziarnen roasted coffee or, better, green parsley, celery.




Pulp compresses

Fresh onions until light and very fine grind tartce or in food processor. The resulting mass spread on the gas and pay for places of rheumatic pain. Onions cause local reddening of the skin. Note - it is difficult to heal wounds, boils, ropniach, ulcers, etc. to avoid further inflammation of the skin, apply compresses with onions cooked or baked in the oven. It loses in the form of their properties causing congestion of the skin, but retains the full strength of bactericidal activity.


Onion syrup

Well grated onion mixed with honey or syrup in equal parts, heat and squeeze through the fabric. Drink after spoon 3-5 times a day, children with a teaspoon of tea.


The juice of onion

Well sprinkle with chopped onions with sugar and leave in a warm place for several hours, squeeze the juice through the fabric. Drink 2-4 times a day after the spoon.



In the states of flu, pads of gauze or cotton, with grated onion is inserted into the nostrils for 15 minutes in the morning, noon and night.


Recipe for men with male pattern baldness

Explaining the content of the recommendations of the old into the modern language, it should be rubbed with onion juice in place of baldness. Reportedly favors porostowi hair and even beards.


People chorujący the liver, gall bladder should not eat onions raw or heavily browned in fat, because as hard to digest-cause flatulence. In this case, you can eat stewed onions and a little fat or cooked with vegetables.

Onion - Allium Cepa

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