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Horsetail - Equisetum arvense


(Latin name - Equisetum arvense)


General News

The plant popular throughout the country. It grows on sandy soils, mostly on wasteland. Difficult to eradicate, because any small section of the branched rhizomes in the ground grows a new plant. Name of plant stems probably from the fact that when rubbed her fingers hear crunching, crunching. There are several different varieties of horsetail for medicinal purposes but only use horsetail.

Collection and Maintenance

Stems green cuts over the summer, 10-15 cm above the ground. The cure should choose healthy shoots. Drying should take place in shady and airy, in drying at a temperature no higher than 35 - 4O ° C. Dried horsetail herb should be stored in dry areas.


Raw material

As for medical uses green shoots. They are collected from July to August, since then most of the compounds containing silicon. Herb Horsetail contains mostly silica and a lot of soluble form, easily assimilable, in addition flavonoids - izokwercytrynę, ekwizetrynę, saponins, tannins, organic acids and mineral salts. Silicon relatively easily dissolved in water, penetrates the intestinal wall into the bloodstream, partially accumulates in the connective tissue of skin, red blood cells and the pancreas. The remaining part is activated in different regeneration processes: he takes part in zabliźnianiu the wounds, after injuries, plays an active role in the process of calcification of outbreaks of tuberculosis - particularly in the lungs. For this reason, has long been used in folk medicine to treat tuberculosis. Horsetail considered folk medicine as a valuable drug in chronic bronchitis, as well as recommending it to rinse the mouth and throat inflammation, hair care, in cases of baldness.


Contraindications and side effects

Do not use the reduced glomerular filtration rate in renal glomerulonephritis.

Due to the antywitaminy B1, after prolonged use of preparations of horsetail, may be a shortage wit.B1 the characteristic symptoms of avitaminosis B1 (Beri-Beri). To supplement the resources of this vitamin should be taken 1 tablet daily. wit. B1, 3 mg (0.003)


Medicinal Properties

Silicon contained in the plant plays a very important role as a component of bone and urinary incontinence, performing the role of protective colloid, preventing the precipitation of crystalline components in the urinary tract. Allows you to keep a balance between krystaloidami colloids. Is a diuretic and it is even stronger than many well-known pharmaceutical of diuretics. The active compounds contained in the squeak increase urine output, and with it the harmful products of metabolism. Thanks to the creak of silicon compounds is of great importance in the regeneration processes, affects the metabolism of collagen and consequently on the healing of wounds and bone reconstruction. Part of the silica accumulates in the pancreas, skin and red blood cells, while the rest is called. The active form. Silica in the mucous membranes and blood vessels, especially capillaries, prevents their excessive brittleness, cracking, reduces their permeability contributing in an indirect way to reduce the swelling associated with cardiovascular disorders. Plays a key role in protecting blood vessels against atherosclerosis progression. Prevents cracking of blood vessels in the brain (stroke). Horsetail slows the aging process. The active compounds of plant condition the hair and nails are important in immunological processes. Horsetail herb is particularly valuable for the elderly and nursing women, as it improves bone mineralization. It is preferred to use it in cases of prolonged menstrual bleeding, as well as minor bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract. It has a regulatory effect metabolism. It is used in kidney and bladder as cystitis, pyelitis, kidney stones and bleeding from the urinary tract (blood in urine) and bleeding from the lungs. Sometimes used as an auxiliary drug in the treatment of diabetes. Externally, horsetail is recommended in conjunctivitis (burning, and abscesses of eyelids), as a hair rinse for their excessive brittleness and splitting ends, dandruff, and as a compress for sores, it is difficult to heal wounds, burns and bruises.





Pour two tablespoons 2 cups water, bring just to boiling for 20 minutes, set aside for the night. Morning strain. Drink 2-3 times a day after a glass of fluid between meals. Used as a mild diuretic and regulates metabolism, the alternative in rheumatic disease and gout. In excessive monthly bleeding women drink four times a day, 2/3-1 cup of brew. In tuberculosis, and bleeding from the airways must be made with 4 tablespoons of decoction of herbs in 3 cups of water and drink it in portions during the day. Repeat for several weeks as an adjuvant.


Decoction for external use

Apply in the form of wraps and baths to promote healing of wounds. Pour over 10 teaspoons of coarsely powdered herb with 1 liter of boiling water, boil for 30 minutes over low heat and strain. Soak in the broth with sterile gauze dressings and do it compresses 2-3 x plot to use the bath 200 g of herb per 1 bath.


Decoction with strawberries

Horsetail herb 2 Tbsp and 1 tablespoon of the herb strawberries - prepare and follow as above.


Herbs in baldness

Mix 50 g of the herb horsetail and nettle root, and after 25g burdock roots and marigold flowers. Pour 3-4 tablespoons of herbs liter of warm water and slowly cook for 5-10 minutes. Let stand for 10 minutes and strain. Decoction to wash the scalp, gently massaging. But do not rub with a towel wrap for 30 minutes. Before the surgery, wash your hair with soap sulfuric acid or dziegciowym. Use every 2-3 days and where improvements once a week. In addition, an organic formulation administered orally calcium.


Herbal mixture hairloss

Mix equal parts of herb horsetail, burdock root, goldenrod herb, herb and herb Tri-Color violet uczepu trigeminal or birch leaves. Pour 2 tablespoons herbs 2 1 / 2 cup warm water and let stand for 1 hour to swell. Heat slowly to boiling, let stand for 15 minutes. and strain. Drink 2-3 glasses 3 times a day between meals. In addition to use wit. E 2 x 400j, Beta Carotene (provitamin A) 10 000 - 25 000j/dobę.

Horsetail - Equisetum arvense

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