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Garlic - Allium sativum


(Latin name - Allium sativum)


General News

According to my assessment, garlic is the most comprehensive in action and unappreciated plant. It is a plant of the lily family, a cousin of onions, leeks, chives and shallots, called the "stinking rose". Grown more than 300 of its kinds. Known to us all is the garlic with white scales, but for example, Italian and Mexican garlic is pink or purple husk and a more mellow taste. It is a perennial with onions (head) made up of bulbs (ząbków. with wild species in Poland should mention garlic (Allium ursinum), occurring in beech forests in the mountains and adjacent lowlands, garlic reticular (Allium victorialis), rising above all in the mountains, greenish garlic (Allium oleraceum) appears in the lowlands in the grasses and bushes and winnicowy garlic (Allium vineale) - often a weed field.

It is one of the oldest medicines known to man and used in all cultures from time immemorial. Documented that brings improvements in the treatment of bronchial asthma, tuberculosis, bronchitis, stomach ulcers, athlete's foot athletes, leg ulcers, anemia, insomnia, arthritis, skin ailments, cardiovascular diseases, allergies, improves memory, used in heavy metal poisoning. Has a rejuvenating effect on all bodily functions. It stimulates the lymphatic system to excrete metabolic materials. Do not destroy the normal intestinal flora. Enhance its efficiency Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), which is acting in other articles I wrote.


Health benefits:

  1. It acts as a powerful antioxidant protecting the body against free radicals.
  2. Has properties significantly stimulate the immune system and can be used to fight bacterial and viral infections. It possesses natural antibiotic. Helps to remove parasites from the body removes the yeast Candida Albicans with them, causing loss of cell membrane, which prevents them from breathing process.
  3. Lowers blood pressure in people with hypertension. It regulates blood sugar, it works very beneficial in people with diabetes.
  4. Prevents heart disease.
  5. Assists in fat metabolism and lowers cholesterol.
  6. Relieves the symptoms of intermittent claudication (pain associated with leg ischemia).
  7. Prevents the development of cancer.
  8. Exerts a therapeutic effect on arthritic diseases, bladder, inflammatory bowel diverticulosis.
  9. Prevents excessive fermentation and putrefaction in the intestines.


After eating garlic, essential oil secreting through the lungs exerts its disinfectant, astringent penetrating deep into the alveoli and bronchi. Therefore, it should be used in chronic nieżytach bronchitis, bronchial asthma, in all states, and purulent lung tissue as a drug auxiliary in ropniach lungs.

Delays the formation of degenerative changes in old age.

In lewatywach milk helps eliminate pinworms and roundworms of human adult characters.



Antioxidant effects of garlic due to the presence of the substance to be observant antioxidants like vitamin. A, C, E, organic compounds of metals - manganese, selenium, germanium, iron, sugar compounds, hormonal substances, radioactive uranium. Also contains 0.2% allininy C6H11O3NS glycoside, which under the influence of the enzyme allinazy decomposes to fructose and allicin C6H10OS2 - volatile sulfur compound with a strong characteristic odor and antimicrobial properties. Further its decay leads to a mixture of sulfur following connections: dwuwinylosiarczku, dwuallilosiarczku, propyloallilodwusiarczku and allyl disulfide C6H12S2 a sharp penetrating odor. Finally, decomposes into pyruvic acid and ammonia.

Garlic is an important stimulator of the immune system and the content therein of the above sulfur compounds mobilizes white blood cells to defend the body against infectious agents. Exerts its damaging cancer cells by containing a specific bioflawonoidom (plant associations), and selenium. Reduces the amount of nitrates in the diet, which prevents the formation of nitrosamines, which are very potent carcinogens. Is also known to its direct antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal and particularly in the eradication of yeasts. As a so-called. chelator removes heavy metals like mercury and lead.


Note - This effectively lowers blood sugar, that its use may be dangerous for people prone to hypoglycemia.


Significantly lowers LDL cholesterol and prevents its oxidation under the action of free radicals to form the so-called. lipoprotein A. It also prevents the accumulation of damaged molecules within the inner membrane of blood vessels, preventing even advanced the progress of atherosclerosis. It can also release blocked blood vessels from atherosclerotic plaque. Increases the aspect ratio, good "HDL cholesterol in relation to the,, bad" LDL cholesterol, lowers triglyceride levels. Generally speaking, that protects the arteries and heart. This double action of garlic is impressive. Also lowers blood pressure in people suffering from high blood pressure, inhibit aggregation (clumping) of red blood cells and thus prevents the formation of thrombotic lesions leading to heart attacks and strokes. It is believed that no action aspirynopodobne. It is therefore very good preventive medicine counteracts and inhibits development of atherosclerosis process and blurs its consequences.


Systematic use of garlic:

  • relaxes the blood vessels.
  • prolongs the clotting process, is dissolved or formed clots already formed.
  • It also has an impact on the economy of fat by inhibiting its production by increasing its breakdown and eliminate the digestive tract. Starts the transport of fat from stocks into the blood stream, leading ultimately to its elimination from the body.




In 1971 UNESCO's expedition was one of the Tibetan monasteries, the recipe for elixir of youth - garlic tincture, dating back to IV-V century BC It cleanses the body from odkładającego fat, insoluble calcium leaches acid combined with toxic organic compounds, improves metabolism, cleanses the blood vessels to prevent heart attack, stroke. It has antitumor activity and improves visual acuity, prevents otosklerozie (senile ossification ossicles), and eliminates the change originated, rejuvenates the body. 35 gr. fresh peeled garlic, crush and mix with 200 ml of pure alcohol. Seal and leave in a dark cool place, but not in the refrigerator for a period of 14 days. Then the mass of strain, pour into a dark glass container and leave in the dark for 5 days yet. After this time the liquor is ready for use.


Use the tincture should be starting the morning of 1 drop, 2 drops in the south, in the evening 3 drops, the next morning 4 drops, and so on until you get to 25 drops.


Then take a tincture of 25 drops 3 x plot until it runs out. In order to neutralize the odor of garlic to eat with chopped parsley, apple, lemon zest or orange. NOTE - treatment should be performed no more frequently than once a year.



2-4 cloves garlic, finely chop on, pour a cup of hot milk. Drink daily at bedtime for 3-4 weeks in chronic diseases of the respiratory tract or as a booster treatment.



1-3 cloves fresh garlic, grate the pulp, add parsley or celery, a tablespoon of butter and mix. Lubricate the weight of bread.


Pulp for external use

10 grams of fresh garlic until light. Pay to the affected area. Using garlic porofilaktycznie Eat a large clove of snacking green parsley leaves in order to eliminate odor. Unless you do not like biting taste of garlic every day may ingest an oil extract of garlic capsules at bedtime. Recommended for children a single dose of 350 mg, 500 mg for adults.

For therapeutic purposes, I propose to use in adults 1000-5000 mg / day.

Garlic - Allium sativum

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